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How I Write a Book

June 23, 2021 /

Have you ever wondered how an author goes about writing a book? I thought today I’d share my process. Of course there are as many different ways to write a…

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Literary Agents

May 19, 2021 /

I consider myself very fortunate as a writer. I’ve had a literary agent since my first days of writing back in 2009. Of course, I went through a lot of…

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New Amish Romance Release

April 14, 2021 /

I am so happy to share with you my newest release, The Baby Next Door. I want to thank everyone who has ordered or downloaded a copy. The Baby Next…

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A New Look

February 16, 2021 /

I wanted to give my webpage a new look for 2021. It’s taken a few months, but here we are! I’m so excited with the improvements. (Yes, this is a…

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The Amish Christmas Secret, by Vannetta Chapman

New Amish Release

December 23, 2020 /

Howdy friends. If you’re wondering why it’s been a while since you heard from me, I’ve been having major website problems. Ack! I’m hoping you receive this, but it would…

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amish school 1

Amish School

September 15, 2020 /

With school starting back in most areas, I thought I’d share with you a few things I’ve learned about Amish schools. School are still mostly one-room schoolhouses. A local farm…

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Reader Question: The Amish and Genetic Diseases

July 24, 2020 /

We had an awesome discussion during our last post regarding the Amish and their general health. If you missed that, you can read it here. Many of you followed up with…

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VC Book Spotlight, Pebble Creek

September 13, 2014 /

Pebble Creek Series, VC Book Spotlight This week I want to tell you about my Pebble Creek series. My wonderful editor at Harvest House, Kim Moore, asked me to write…

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VC Book Spotlight, Christmas

September 6, 2014 /

Christmas Books, VC Book Spotlight I thought I’d spend the next few weeks introducing some of my writing to you wonderful folks who stop by my blog. If you’ve been…

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SIMPLE Stress Tips

August 29, 2014 /

SIMPLE Ways to Deal With Stress There’s nothing simple about stress. It can rob you of sleep and steal your joy. While stress may be a normal part of life, there…

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