VC Book Spotlight, Pebble Creek

Pebble Creek Series, VC Book Spotlight

This week I want to tell you about my Pebble Creek series. My wonderful editor at Harvest House, Kim Moore, asked me to write an Amish romance. I could set it anywhere, and it could be about anything. I’d written about Pennsylvania and Indiana, so I wanted to try somewhere new–somewhere different! WiscoPC collagensin was both of those things.

My husband and I travelled to the Cashton area and spent a week there. We learned a lot and met many sweet, helpful people–both Amish and Englisch. I learned that the Amish in Wisconsin live very differently from the Amish in Indiana or Pennsylvania! Though their way of living was more old-fashioned, they had the same sweet spirit and attitude as other Amish I had met.

But I couldn’t just write a romance. I needed to dive into Amish life! So the first book is about an Amish schoolteacher (a subject I found fascinating). The second is about an Amish woman who is managing a group of cabins, and the third is about an Amish woman who dreams of opening her own cafe. I loved these stories, and they did so well, that Harvest House agreed to let me write two FREE short stories (one to introduce the series and one to wrap it up). In case you haven’t tried them, the order is–

I do hope you will give them a try. If you’ve already read them, share this post with someone else! And if you’d like free bookmarks of the Pebble Creek series, just use the Connect/Contact button above and put your address in the message line. I’d be happy to mail you some.



ps – Donna’ Bookshelf is currently reviewing all of my books including the Pebble Creek series. Bop on over to her site to enter to win a copy. We even have prize packages.


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