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2019 is shaping up to be another awesome year in my publishing journey.

  • A Perfect Amish Match, book 3 in my Indiana Amish Brides series will release 5-1-19
  • I hope to release a new Amish mystery series by 7-1-19
  • Her Amish Cowboy, book 4 in my Indiana Amish Brides series will release in 10-1-19
  • I’m also turning in a novella to be included in An Amish Picnic that will release in 2020, and of course I’ll continue to work on 5 more Indiana Amish Brides books

So, yeah–there’s plenty of books coming your way.

In other news, I have created boxed sets out of my inspirational romantic suspense books, Jacobs Family Series, and my clean romantic suspense books, Defending America Series. Both of those boxed sets will be going on sale for 99c from Jan. 23-29. I’m also offering autographed copies of some of my releases in my on-line store, VC Boutique for readers. I’ve also paired books with handmade items, and the shipping is always free.

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From the Back Porch

Learning from the Amish, part 1

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Amish farm

One of the first things I learned from the Amish was focus. Now that may sound a little strange, I mean how focused can you be in a house with upwards of 10 children? But when I have visited Amish homes, I am immediately struck by how peaceful it is, and then I realize that’s because there are so few distractions.

  • No cell phone buzzing
  • No computer with emails waiting to be answered
  • No television
  • No radio

Don’t misunderstand me. I have all those things at my house, and to a point I think they’re good things. But when I’ve visited an Amish home, and when I bask in that simplicity, I feel myself start to unwind. Why? Because all of those things calling for my attention are gone. All that’s left are the people I care about, and the things I need to do. I’m able to focus. I’m able to relax.

I live in a small town in the middle of Texas. We do not have an Amish population here. And I love where I live and the people who are my neighbors. But the Amish lifestyle reminds me that I I can choose to silence my phone, sign off from my computer, turn off the television and the radio–not all the time but for a certain amount of time each day. Silence helps us to focus. It helps us to gather our thoughts and connect with each other and also with God. It helps our mind to calm and our emotions to settle.

The Amish lifestyle isn’t a perfect one or an easy one, but I do believe there are things we can learn from the Amish and apply to our own Englisch lives. So what about you? How do you find peace in the midst of your daily life? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.



Announcements for this week:

  • My Remnant Series is still on sale in ebook format through the end of the month.
  • I’ve added some new items to my VC Boutique Store, including my January special–2 Amish mystery books for $10 (shipping included). I hope you’ll check it out!
  • My clean romantic suspense series, Defending America, is now available in a boxed set through Amazon. My inspirational suspense Jacobs Family series is also in a boxed set. Both are $6.99/set or free through Kindle Unlimited.
  • For our next post, we’ll continue with this series on “What I’ve learned from the Amish” – so stay tuned and invite your friends to follow this blog!
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