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I have always had a love for stories. I've been an avid reader since I was quite young, and so it seemed natural when I went to college to major in English and Literature. I was a high school and college professor for 15 years, and for the last 11 years I've been a full time writer. I began my career writing Amish romance for several large publishers. In the last 10 years, my writing has expanded to include cozy mysteries, suspense, romantic suspense, and dystopian fiction. You can see a full list of my releases by clicking on Books/Booklist above. 


Vannetta's Newest Release

Veil of Stillness


What risks would you be willing to take to save your town?

Veil of Stillness is a gripping tale of one town’s fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Set in Alpine, Texas, nine months after all of the lower orbital satellites crashed to Earth, the story follows Logan Wright and Tanda Lopez on a perilous journey to the Rio Grande Valley in search of food.

In a world where communication is non-existent and resources are scarce, Logan and Tanda must rely on their instincts and ingenuity. As they traverse the dystopian landscape, they encounter dangers at every turn as well as possible allies. The trick will be in recognizing the difference.

Amidst the chaos, Logan and Tanda learn to rely on one another in ways they never thought possible. As they venture further into the unknown, they discover the true meaning of friendship, sacrifice, and hope.

With vivid descriptions of the rugged Texas terrain and heart-pumping action, Veil of Stillness is a thrilling page-turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic fiction and survival stories, this book is a must-read for anyone looking for an exciting and thought-provoking adventure.

About My Writing

I enjoy writing in a variety of genres. Every plot is different. The characters and setting and type of story change. But they all are stories of light, hope, and truth. Stories that touch the deepest places in our heart.

Tales that whisper hope. That speak of family and community. That remind us that life is good, is a gift, and one to be treasured.

Vannetta Chapman

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