Security Breach

Four novellas.
A multitude of cyber-terrorists.
One mission—protecting America.

Nora Brooks is the top agent on the Cyber Division team—not because of her coding skills, but because of her passion to catch those bent on destruction. Nora has a unique ability to assess a situation and put her finger on the one thing that doesn’t fit, the one person who has an alternate agenda.

In Fading Into the Night, she chases a cyber-terrorist through an Amish community. Midnight Strike finds her training a new partner during an attack in Texas. In Daybreak Nora faces a perpetrator determined to upend the Seattle cruise industry. And finally in High Noon, Nora and Randall need the help of National Park Ranger Tom Anderson to stop an EMP attack.

Security Breach includes four novellas about patriotism, dedication, and the value of friendship.