Veil of Destruction

How far would you go to save your brother?

It’s been six months since all of the lower orbital satellites crashed to Earth. Akule Lopez has waited through every one of those days…waited to see her brother arrive home in Alpine.

Now she’s done waiting. Winter has fallen across the desolate Texas landscape. Rumors of war and insurrection abound. Akule doesn’t know how she’ll get from Alpine to Dallas. She doesn’t even know that her brother is still there. But she does know that she’s going to find out.

Her father doesn’t want her to go, but Akule isn’t a child anymore. She doesn’t need her father’s permission. She also understands that if she goes, if she dies in the attempt, then her father will have lost both of his children. She won’t let that happen. If it’s the last thing she ever does, she will find Paco and bring him home.

What sacrifice is too big, when it seems your life has been draped in a Veil of Destruction?

From USA Today Bestselling author Vannetta Chapman comes a survival series unlike any other.

Veil of Destruction is book three in a new post-apocalyptic survival thriller series from USA Today Bestselling Author Vannetta Chapman. An exciting contribution to the genre of disaster fiction, this is a series that will keep you reading late into the night.