Against All Enemies

Allison Quinn won’t stop until she finds her father’s killer.

An attack on a luxury cruise liner sends Department of Homeland Security agent, Allison Quinn to the Gulf Coast of Texas. She’ll be working with Donovan Steele, a man who is sometimes her friend, sometimes her partner, and occasionally her adversary. While Quinn works to stop the attack, she’s determined to find the persons responsible for her father’s death.

When Quinn connects the burgeoning cyber-attack to the Anarchists for Tomorrow, she suspects that something terrible is looming, but what can terrorists hope to accomplish by disabling one cruise ship?

From Galveston to Costa Luna to Cozumel, Quinn and Steele chase criminals intent on bringing down not just one ship, but the entire economy of the United States.

Against All Enemies is a thrilling story about one woman’s dedication to a promise she made long ago and the lengths she’s willing to go to keep that promise. She will have to stand up against the monsters lurking in the dark as well as the ones that she has kept locked deep inside.