Her Solemn Oath

Allison Quinn has one mission—to find the person who killed her father.

Her job as a senior agent for Homeland Security just might help her do that. A cyber terrorist named Worm has threatened to release an EMP over the Seattle area, collapsing the northwestern communication and transportation sector.

Allison has a vendetta to keep and a job to do. She vows to stop the terror attack and, in the process, interrogate Worm about her father’s murder.

Allison and her partner, Donovan Steele, track Worm to Hurricane Ridge. There, in the midst of a blizzard, they’ll either stop Worm or die trying.

Her Solemn Oath is a story about the promises we make and the pain we’re willing to endure to honor those promises.

From USA Today Bestselling author Vannetta Chapman comes a new thriller series ripped from today’s news. Her Solemn Oath is a prequel to the Allison Quinn Thriller series.