November Musings

November 12, 2023 /

How would our lives change if we made gratitude a habit?

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How Do You Feel About Flowers?

May 30, 2023 /

As a writer, I need things to do that don’t require sitting in front of a computer. I knit. I quilt a little. I love to play in the garden.…

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Easter Memories

March 28, 2023 /

Isn’t this picture adorable? Can you guess which one I am? Clue: I’m not really paying attention. Ha! I’m the youngest, in the hat, staring at something to my left.…

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The Things We Love

January 26, 2023 /

February is the month of love. Well, come on now. ALL months are months of love, but you know what I mean. Let’s talk about the things we love. I’ll…

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January 2, 2023 /

I’ve been taking a rather informal poll to see how many people have a new year’s resolution. Turns out…not that many. I guess it’s out of fashion. I get it.…

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2021–A Year in Review

December 17, 2021 /

What a year 2021 has been. I like to look back over the previous year. I enjoy making new year lists and resolutions. It helps me to gain perspective. It…

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Amish Hymns

August 28, 2013 /

Mid-week Inspiration and Amish Hymns The more I learn about the Amish, the more I find we have in common. When I was in Wisconsin doing research, I came across…

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Amish Pictures

July 10, 2013 /

Mid-week Inspiration, Amish Pictures Pictures have a way of inspiring me. I love them! Recently I was contacted by a Facebook friend, Don Burke. He and his wife had visited…

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Disaster Response

September 26, 2011 /

Monday Inspiration: Disaster Response This week for inspiration I’m going to give you a peek inside Disaster Response. We don’t usually think of DISASTERS as inspiring, but when folks come together…

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Amish Grace

July 25, 2011 /

Monday Inspiration: Amish Grace How often does inspiration rise out of tragedy? Often enough, I suppose. At times we can see the hand of God in someone else’s life … even…

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