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Monday Inspiration: Disaster Response

This week for inspiration I’m going to give you a peek inside Disaster Response. We don’t usually think of DISASTERS as inspiring, but when folks come together to help … well, that is encouraging. Of course, all sorts of groups respond to disasters. I happen to have pictures from the United Methodist Church Disaster Response team that recently went to the Bastrop area in my state. (Major thanks to Bill and Connie who went along and helped, and also provided me with the pictures.)

The majority of Texas is in extreme drought – the worst drought in over 100 years (since they began keeping records). A few weeks ago, the Bastrop fire destroyed over 34,000 acres, including most of the state park, nearly all of the historic CCC buildings, and over 1500 nearby homes.

The disaster response team sifted through the ashes of those homes. They found very little to return to the residents. Although the monetary value might have been small, the sentimental value was great, I’m sure. Connie told me she found a diamond tennis bracelet and a ceramic virgin Mary. Can you imagine? In the midst of such destruction.

I’m inspired by folks who go out to help in times like this, and now I’m motivated to do the same thing. In order to help with UMC, I first have to be trained, so I’m signing up! If you want to help with disasters in your area, you can do so through your local church, the Red Cross or other local community organizations.


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