Memorial Day Lessons

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dad I’ve heard a lot of talk about Memorial Day being more than picnics and fireworks. About how we should appreciate the men and women who have sacrificed for our country. About how we should remember.

So today, I thought I’d “remember” a little, and I hope that you will share your memories with me in the COMMENT section.

My father was a WWII vet–a paratrooper. He jumped at Normandy and helped to liberate the Nazi concentration camps. He bore his share of scars from that service, and like many WWII vets he didn’t talk about it much. But my dad did teach me a lot about honoring our veterans and respecting our country. Here are a few things I learned:

  • me and dad 001How and when to raise and lower a flag every day–yes, every day. And yes, I think we were the only ones on the block with a flagpole in the front yard.
  • To stand when the National Anthem is being sung.
  • To thank other veterans and current service men and women for their service
  • To stop and think about what that sacrifice included
  • To pack a parachute. I know–that’s strange! I asked him when I’d ever need a parachute, and he laughed and said “you never know.” He did actually bring a parachute home and attempt to show me how to fold and pack it. I wish I had a youtube video of that.

As I’ve grown older I’ve read a lot about WWII and subsequent conflicts. I appreciate more fully what our solders have done and continue to do. My dad was a patriot, and I’m proud of him. And on this Memorial Day, I remember. What about you? Any Memorial Day memories?





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This week I wanted to share with you a little bit about my newest release, Protected.

This is book 2 in my Jacobs Family Series. Book 1, Hidden, was about Dana–who works for Homeland Security in Taos, New Mexico. Successful in her job, it’s not until she’s up against a desperate criminal that she realizes her needs for others and her need for faith.

unnamed-3 hidden web

Protected is about Erin, Dana’s sister. She lives in Livingston, Texas–the town they grew up in and operates an animal rescue service. Erin is actually more comfortable with stray animals than she is with people, which is sort of understandable given all she’s been through in her life. When she answers an emergency call and heads out into the East Texas woods, she finds more than she unexpected. She finds a whole different life. Will she have the courage to embrace it? Can she rediscover the faith of her childhood? And what of Travis Williams, her social worker. How does he fit into the picture?

Protected is a completely separate story from Hidden, and you don’t need to have read Hidden first. Together these books are the stories of two sisters, the hurt they’ve endured and how God brings friends, faith, Godly men, and hope back into their lives. Hidden is available in print ($11.99) and ebook ($0.99). Protected is currently available in ebook ($3.99), and I will be offering it in print before the end of the month. Prices are correct at the time of this post, but please confirm before you hit the purchase button.

Thank you so much for supporting Christian fiction.




April Street Team Members

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I wanted to introduce our April Street Team members to you. We have 19 members this year, and my plan is to highlight 2 each month. I hope you’re enjoying getting to know the people who help promote my books. If being on a street team is something you think you would enjoy, be sure and sign up for my newsletter in the top right box. We’ll send out a call for new members in November.




  1. Where were you born?  I was born in Gary, Indiana but my parents are from Puerto Rico. I still live in Indiana, near Shipshewana and MIddlebury.
  2. Mac or PC? Mac
  3. If you were to describe your personality in just a few words, what would they be?  Loyal, sincere, caring
  4. Where’s your favorite vacation spot? Puerto Rico.  For me, vacation is where I get away to spend time with family.  The fact that my daughter, grandson, and a lot of my family live there is a huge factor that drives me to go there as often as is possible. I also love the ocean, hills, mountains, rainforest, the sound of the ocean breeze in the leaves of the palm trees, the sound of the “coqui”, and I love the food.
  5. What’s your “go-to” staple in the kitchen? Sofrito.  It’s used for flavoring almost every puertorican dish.  It’s made with cilantro, garlic, onions, cubanelle peppers, aji dulce (look like habaneros except that they are sweet, not hot), and culantro ( kind of in the cilantro family but has a different taste and look).

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Spring Gardening

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One thing I’ve learned from the Amish is that it’s perfectly ok to take the time to garden. I’m not that busy! Sometimes I feel too busy, but then when I take the time to go outside and putter around, my soul and my heart and my mind all feel better! It’s amazing what a few minutes in the garden can do. Below are a few pictures.


This is a trumpet vine. It provides good shade and the hummingbirds love it. Not really gardening, I know … but I wanted to share the blooms with you!


Impatiens that I kept in the “greenhouse” – converted dog shed – all winter. They’re happy to be out in the sun!

My tomato plant, and if you look very close, you'll see a green bean plant popping through the ground.

My tomato plant, and if you look very close, you’ll see a green bean plant popping through the ground.
















I’d love to know – are you gardening? Have you ever gardened? What was your favorite thing to grow?




March Street Team members

Street Team

Yup. I’m a little behind, as I’m just sharing my March street team members, and yes it is April. Better late than … well, you know.  If you’re interested in being on the 2016 street team, be sure you are signed up for my newsletter (box on the right). We’ll put out a call for new members in November/December.

Now for some details about our March members!

Sissy and Peepers

Sissy and Peepers

Sandra was sweet enough to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your home state? I live in Florida but I am from Nebraska
  2. Burgers or Pizza? Pizza
  3. Are you Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall? Fall
  4. What’s your favorite sport? Football
  5. What always makes you laugh? Big Bang Theory and my husband


Angel also answered our questions!

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Happy Easter

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iStock_000008492734XSmallI wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy, blessed Easter.

We are blessed. Aren’t we? To contemplate the Easter story is to realize once again all that Christ sacrificed for us, how deep and wide and timeless is the love of our Father, and the hope that we have in Him.

Blessings to each of you,


ps – If you’re participating in the UFO challenge, feel free to leave a comment about your March project.  I’ll admit I didn’t finish mine, but I did get about 1/2 way through. For April we are to be working on project #8. Happy crafting!

Liz Dent & A Give-away

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IMG_2949This week I wanted to introduce you to another Street Team member. You can see my previous street team post here. If you’re interested in being on the 2016 street team, be sure you are signed up for my newsletter (box on the right). We’ll put out a call for new members in November/December.

Now for some details about Liz!

  1. What it is about reading that you love so much? I have always loved to read a good book . I love reading books  because they carry me to different places to which I have never been . Through Vannetta Chapman’s books  I have met and learned a lot about The Amish and their ways. Which I have never met in person and hope to someday . . I also love all my friends that I have made while reading .
  2. What is your favorite passage or scripture in the Bible? Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  3. What is your best personal characteristic? I would hope that I am a good friend to all my friends and hope  they know they can come to me if they need to talk or just need someone to listen to them .
  4. What is one thing that you constantly think about (other than material things)? God and my Family. I always want to do what God would have me to do. I want to be a good wife , mother , and grandmother .
  5. If you could meet any character of one of V’s books, who would it be and why? Hannah Troyer. I love the way she works with her English friend Amber to solve the mysteries. If she is a friend of yours or not , she does not stop till she solves the mystery. She seems so friendly and easy to like. A friend to all.

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