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DSCN6526It’s here! The dog days of summer … or is it “dog daze.” Regardless, it feels like we’re melting in the south. So I thought I’d do a blog on how the Amish survive summer because as you know, they do not have air-conditioning.

  1. Most Amish homes are specifically designed so that they will catch a cross breeze. They have high ceilings and tall windows, which also helps.
  2. An Amish home and yard have many tall shade trees. In most Englisch subdivisions, a developer will go in and level the trees because “it’s not worth it to save them.” The houses go up and landscape is planted. Amish homes depend on the shade from mature trees to keep their house cool, so when they’re building – they plan around the trees.
  3. As you know, the Amish dress modestly–which you would think would be very hot. I’m reminded of my dad saying that he was cooler in a cotton long sleeved shirt than in a sleeveless one. Seems counter-intuitive, but I’ve also seen gardeners working in long sleeve shirts. I think the key is that the fabric needs to be breathable.
  4. Another saying from my dad was that “lightbulbs give off 98% heat and 2% light.” He might have been teasing in order to convince me to turn off lights when I left a room, or he might have been telling the truth. Regardless, the Amish don’t have many of the things in their homes that create heat – lights, appliances, etc.
  5. The women and children work outside early in the morning and late in the afternoon when it is cooler. That may seem obvious but occasionally I find myself dragging the trash to the curb at 11 in the morning, when it feels like I’m crossing White Sands New Mexico to get to the street.
  6. The Amish choose northern locations to live. There’s one small community in Texas, and to my knowledge there are none in New Mexico or Arizona. Not only is it uncomfortable to live in these locations during the hot summer months, but it’s nearly impossible to irrigate without some form of power.

I think that one reason the heat doesn’t bother the Amish as much as it does me or you is simply that they haven’t become accustomed to air-conditioning. I grew up without a/c in my home. My husband didn’t have it in his school. We survived and surprisingly we have good memories of those times. So much of life is making the best of what you have.

Comment below with how you combat the heat of summer, and I’ll draw one winner to receive my latest release. Our winner from the last post was Erika.



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