Brian’s Choice, a novella

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2014-06-04 14.18.22I’m so excited to announce the release of Brian’s Choice and introduce you to the community of Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma.

I travelled to the Amish community of Chouteau before I began writing this series. It’s located 40 minutes to the east of Tulsa, a straight shot down US-412. Chateau was originally named Cody’s Creek.

One thing that makes this community unique is the fact that the Amish use tractors. You can read about that in more details here. It comes down to the fact that the farmland has a lot of clay in it–so the Amish settlements there had to make the decision to use tractors or move. Some moved, and some stayed and forged a life out of the difficult farming conditions.

2014-06-04 13.37.15When I read about this, different articles stated that the tractors were only used in the fields–and I suppose at one time that was true. But now they’re used for practically any errand. You’ll see trucks like this one, with a pick-up bed behind it (for carrying groceries or passengers), and a canopy over it to protect the driver from the sun. We saw them everywhere! The traditional buggies are still used on Sundays and for funerals and weddings. And the Amish in Chouteau are still every bit as “Amish” as other communities–they wear the traditional dress, worship the same, have no electricity in their homes, 2014-06-04 14.20.59and dedicate their selves to living a Plain life.

Why tractors but not cars? One Amish person told me that you’re not going to drive a tractor into Tulsa. It will get you the three or four miles into town, to work or pick up supplies. Tractors are a compromise that allow these Amish families to earn a living off the land, but they are not ready to trade in their buggies for an automobile.

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I very much enjoyed writing this series, which focuses on #plainmiracles. We’ll be having give-aways on both my Facebook page, twitter and instagram, so please find us there. Brian’s Choice addresses the miracle of forgiveness-one that I think we have all experienced. I hope that the story blesses your heart.


ps – if you’re participating in our Crafting 2015 UFO challenge, the number for August is 2. Next week on this blog we’ll check in and see how everyone is doing and I’ll post my latest quilting attempt.


Street Team and a GIVE away

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I wanted to introduce you to 2 more of my street team members. This year we have 20 members, which is a lot of folks for me to keep in books – but I am LOVING it. Also at the end of this blog is a give-away, so please read to the bottom!

Sonja H.

Sonja H.

Sonja H.

  1. Hamburger or hotdog?
    Definitely Hamburgers, with all the “stuff” that goes on them.  Unfortunately, no cheese for me anymore as dairy gives me major sinus issues.  Boy I miss ice cream!
  2. Beach or theme park? Theme Park, going to Disneyland in a week with the grands!
  3. Favorite hobby? Genealogy, finding my past and lots of Germans and Polish peoples’ past history.  So interesting!
  4.  Someone you look up to, and why: My mom, she has been through so much in her earlier years and survived some difficult times during WWII and now is struggling to be a caretaker for my father who has some serious health problems.  Even at her age, she is very devoted to her family and would do anything for them.

Pat M.

Pat M.

Pat recently had surgery on her hand and wasn’t able to respond to our questions, but I’ll tell you a little about her!

  1. She lives in Alabama
  2. She likes to play Farm Heroes (me too!)
  3. She roots for the Atlanta Braves
  4. She’s an awesome street team member!

Now for our give-away! Brian’s Choice will release on August 1st. It’s an 80 novella that introduces my new series–Plain & Simple Miracles. This is an ebook only release by my publisher Harvest House. I will give away one copy for every 25 comments I receive – please share about my release with a friend, on email, twitter (click button below), or Facebook, then leave a comment that you did so. You’ll be entered to win! Also in your comment, please put whether you’d like a Kindle or Nook edition. I will gift a copy to our winners on August 1st!



Quilts & Beatles

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I attended the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival a few weeks back. One of the very cool things I saw was a display of BEATLE quilts (yes, those Beatles). Each pane is inspired by a Beatle song.  For example, the first one is inspired by the song, Long and Winding Road. Isn’t that fun?

I hope that you are having a good summer and staying cool. I love quilting in the summer, because I can do it in the air conditioning. How do you stay cool in the summer? I’m sure our readers would love to hear some ideas.




July Madness

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IMG_1462Well, maybe we’re not mad, but I think July is a great time for being a little crazy. Long days, high temperatures, and a holiday sprinkled in. I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day.

Did you finish your June UFO? I’ve pinned mine to my 2015 UFO Challenge Board. Actually I did several. This little pillow to your right was a real hoot. I also finished my first twin sized and I sent it in to be quilted. I’ve never had anything long-arm quilted, and I can’t wait to see it. I also did a little Texas lap quilt, which is not technically FINISHED, as I still need to add the binding. But I plan on doing that tonight while we watch baseball.

When the days are this warm, I craft a lot. It’s so hot in Texas that we’re only outside early in the morning and late in the evening. That leaves plenty of time for crafting and reading.

Which reminds me, I learned of a great way to be informed about an author’s “sale” books. Have you heard of the site Book Gorilla? You put in your email, then select what types of books you like to read, and you can even FOLLOW authors. When you follow me, you will receive notices of any books on sale. That’s pretty cool!

Now back to those UFO projects. If you haven’t started with us, this is a great time. You can finish 6 projects by the end of the year. If you have been following along, I hope you’re enjoying it and please do go post your pictures to my pinterest page. Send me an email if you’d like me to add your name to people who can pin on the board.(If you’re just beginning number 1-12 on a sheet of paper. Mark out 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 12. On the open numbers list projects you’d like to finish. (Any kind it doesn’t have to be quilting). — Our number for July is #1.



Summer Sale

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H saleWow. Summer has definitely arrived in central Texas. Each year I forget just how hot it gets, but no worries – I can play in the water sprinkler if I need to cool off. You know my dogs love that. The other thing I love to do when the temperatures are on the rise — READ.

I think it’s time for a summer sale! For one week only, the price of Hidden will be 99 cents on Nook and Kindle. If you haven’t tried this story, I hope you will. It’s an inspirational romantic suspense, that focuses as always on providing you Fiction Full of Grace.

Here’s what readers are saying about Hidden:

It is electrifying reading a story that allows you to become part of a team. ~Harold

Do yourself a favor and set aside a few hours to soak in this story. ~Jane

This book is a powerful piece with not only a good mystery woven among it’s pages, but a wonderful story and view of God’s love and forgiveness as well. ~Carol

So pick up a copy and give it a try. If you’ve already read it, please tell your friends that we’re having a 99 cent sale. And don’t forget, the sequel, Protected, is also now available.



ps – the winner from our blog drawing was Mary Herrnstein. A big thank you to everyone who entered, and we’ll have another give away later this month.


MFB and a Give-away

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mfbMurder Freshly Baked has released! It should be arriving at your local store soon, and it is available now through all on-line outlets as well. You can find all the purchase links here.

A few things I want to share with you about this book:

* I had a lot of fun researching PIE

* One of the subplots for this book is about cancer research and treatments

* You will also get to meet Mocha, a service dog who helps people with PTSD. This was truly amazing, and everything you read about Mocha is true. You can learn more about ICAN here.

* This entire series takes place at the Amish Artisan Village, a fictional location based on the Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana.

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May Street Team Members

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Before I introduce our May Street Team members, let’s talk crafts. Did you finish your May UFO? I’ve pinned mine to my 2015 UFO Challenge Board. Our number for June is #6. You can check out last month’s UFO post here.

Now to our street team members.


Pat and her daughter!

Pat T.

  1. Favorite color. Blue and green
  2. Vacation location. There are many places I’d like to visit, in the U.S., but the trip of a lifetime would be to tour Europe.
  3. Pizza or burgers. Pizza!
  4. Where do you read? In my recliner with a cat on my lap!

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