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Easter Memories

March 28, 2023 /

Isn’t this picture adorable? Can you guess which one I am? Clue: I’m not really paying attention. Ha! I’m the youngest, in the hat, staring at something to my left.…

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March Madness

February 23, 2023 /

You get the general gist. I think this could be fun! I’m not a big basketball watcher myself. They go up the court. They go down the court. In the…

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The Things We Love

January 26, 2023 /

February is the month of love. Well, come on now. ALL months are months of love, but you know what I mean. Let’s talk about the things we love. I’ll…

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January 2, 2023 /

I’ve been taking a rather informal poll to see how many people have a new year’s resolution. Turns out…not that many. I guess it’s out of fashion. I get it.…

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Virtual Book Store

December 14, 2022 /

As an author, I’m always searching for new ways to connect with readers. One thing I’ve heard again and again is that you’d like to be able to purchase autographed,…

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Deciding Where to Put Your Books

October 11, 2022 /

Sometimes readers will ask why a book is available at one store or website and not another. Great question! If your book is published by a traditional publisher, the publisher…

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Creating Fictional Families

September 29, 2022 /

How do writers go about creating fictional families? I suppose there are a lot of ways, but I start by looking at MY family, and I go from there. (Yes,…

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Writing, Deadlines and Stress

August 31, 2022 /

I see a lot of writers talking about deadlines and stress. In fact, I see and hear a lot of people admitting to feeling stressed in general, so I thought…

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The Amish and Minimalism

July 26, 2022 /

I recently wrote a guest blog for my friend Joshua Becker. You can read the blog here. Joshua is a big minimalism proponent. I’ve taken his classes and read his…

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Proposal Writing

June 16, 2022 /

Just so you know that being an author isn’t all about book releases and eating chocolate bars, I thought that I’d give you a peek into the world of writing…

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