Falling to Pieces

Wednesday’s Spotlight: Falling to Pieces

The suitcase is out and clothes are EVERY WHERE. I’m a Texas girl. I don’t really know how to pack for up north. Which is crazy. I lived for 3 years in Connecticut–but I was shorter then, and MUCH younger (think 3rd grade).

My fiction spotlight this week is my own book, because the first stop of the Amish Country Holiday Book Tour is South Bend, Indiana and the second stop is the birthplace of my book–Shipshewana.

Imagine taking your baby home for the first time:

  • You hope everyone will like her
  • You adore this child more than you would have thought possible
  • You try to think of everything that will make the trip go more smoothly
  • You keep telling yourself–remember the camera, remember the camera
  • You wonder if you gained a few pounds since you had “the baby.”

But mostly you’re just excited about going home, and while Shipshewana isn’t the place where I was born … it most certainly is where the story of Deborah, Callie, Max and all the other folks in this book were born. In some ways they’re all very real to me. I sort of expect to see them when we eat at the Blue Gate and maybe they’ll join us in the parade for the Christmas Tree Lighting. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

I sure hope I remember the camera.


p.s. Falling to Pieces is still a 100 Kindle Book for $3.99 or Less. (And B&N is matching that price). Check it out. : )

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