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Shipshewana Antique Festival

July 23, 2011 /

Amish View: Shipshewana Antique Festival For our Saturday topic, I thought I’d give you a heads up on Shipshewana’s Antique Festival, coming up on August 6th.   The Antique Market…

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Lolly's Fabrics and Quilts

July 16, 2011 /

Amish View: Lolly’s Fabrics and Quilts One of my favorite places in Shipshewana is Lolly’s. No surprise, right? Falling to Pieces is set in a quilt shop! When I first visited…

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Cashton Amish

June 11, 2011 /

Research: Cashton Amish I visited Wisconsin this week in order to meet some of the local Amish folk for my upcoming Pebble Creek series (Harvest House, 2012). I’m so glad I…

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Wisconsin Amish

June 4, 2011 /

Research: Wisconsin Amish With the beginning of summer, I start work on my Amish romance series. Book 1 is tentatively titled, Plain School at Pebble Creek and it’s set in…

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Shipshewana's Flea Market

May 14, 2011 /

Shipshewana: Extended Flea Market, May 30 As a child, I groaned every time my dad stopped at a flea market. Igroaned often. My dad LOVED flea markets. As an adult, my attitude…

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Focus on Shipshewana

April 2, 2011 /

Shipshewana: Yoder’s Red Barn Anniversary My Amish murder mysteries series debuts in the fall, and you all know that I am excited about that! I had the good fortune of being able…

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Falling to Pieces

March 2, 2011 /

Wednesday’s Spotlight: Falling to Pieces Today I’m so very excited to spotlight my first novel with Zondervan Press– Falling to Pieces: A Quilt Shop Murder. This book doesn’t release until September,…

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February 12, 2011 /

The Amish View: Baseball When I first began researching Amish people and Amish communities I was surprised to find how much they enjoyed games. For instance, baseball–I had never imagined Amish…

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Gotte's wille

January 1, 2011 /

The Amish View:  Gotte’s wille Readers frequently comment on how peaceful the Amish seem, how they appear to have mastered this thing that stumps many of us–fighting against or submitting to…

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First Christmas

December 18, 2010 /

The Amish View:  First Christmas I’VE RECEIVED many letters responding to A Simple Amish Christmas, my debut book. Most readers appreciated the Amish way of life. How do they manage…

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