Amish Country Holiday Book Tour

Wednesday’s Spotlight: Amish Country Holiday Book Tour

This week, I’m writing my blog from the road. Okay,  not exactly. Unfortunately I’m not that adept on an iPad yet. : ) So I wrote early and had this waiting behind the curtain for you.

I’m travelling with my good friends  and co-authors, Amy Clipston and Shelley Shephard Gray. If things have gone according to plan, we should be in Berlin, OH today and this afternoon we’ll be signing at the Gospel Bookstore from 3-6. It’s a real joy for me to be with these two authors. They are more established than I am, have many books to their credit, and are the kindest of ladies. More importantly, I count them as my friends.

 So I couldn’t help bragging on their books today … after all, friends brag on friends. If you can’t join us in Ohio or Pennsylvania, where we’ll be on Thursday-Saturday, please do follow us on Facebook. We enjoy hearing from you.


p.s. Falling to Pieces is still a 100 Kindle Book for $3.99 or Less. (And B&N is matching that price). Check it out. : )

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