SIMPLE Ways to Improve Your Health

phoebe and rocky4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health, Part 1

I thought for the month of August that I would share some things I have observed while visiting the Amish–things that I think would improve our health. I’m not a nutritionist, but I am a mom and a wife and I like to think that I’m a fairly healthy person.

  • Get Moving

One thing I notice when I’m at an Amish home is that the women are very busy. It sort of wears me out to watch them. It’s not that they’re rushing around taking kids to soccer, etc. But they do live a very active lifestyle. I’ve yet to see an Amish woman sitting in front of the television–I know, I know. They don’t HAVE a television. But you get my point.

I’m not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with resting. We all need to do that at times. However, plenty of studies have shown that when we get up and move around, it’s better for our heart, our lungs, our muscles, and even our mood. Here’s a few suggestions:

      1. If you’re on the computer a lot, set your phone or watch to go off every 50 minutes. Then get up and move around for 10. Put a load of laundry in, dust one room, walk around outside–get moving!
      2. If you’re not feeling well, it can be difficult to force yourself to move around. But when I feel badly, sometimes lying on the couch makes me feel worse! Check with your doctor if necessary, and then make a promise to yourself that you’ll get up and walk around the house or apartment several times a day. It might actually make you feel better!
      3. I’m a big walker, mainly because I’m clumsy and there’s no other athletic activity I can do. Every morning my dog wakes me up at 6:30, and every morning the first thing we do is take a mile walk. Now you might not be able to start with a mile, but start with a block. It feels wonderful to be outside at the beginning of the day.

I realize these are fairly simple ideas, but I have noticed that the Amish don’t deal with the same health issues that we do. I think ONE of the reasons is that they get up & get moving.

Do you have any ideas for ways to be more active? I’d love to hear them in the COMMENT section.





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