Amish home, Middlebury, IN

Amish home, Middlebury, IN

SIMPLE Ways to Eat Fresh

Last week we discussed ways to be healthy by getting up and moving around. Have you ever noticed that Amish families are outside a lot more? 🙂 We can also learn simpler ways of eating fresh from studying what the Amish do.

  • BUY less pre-packaged food. For instance, if you have the choice between apple sauce or apples, go with apples. The closer to the natural source you can go, the better.
  • VISIT your local farmers’ market. Almost every town has a place where local farmers sell their veggies. We have a small corner shop that carries fresh produce. Also on Saturday mornings, you can go down to the courthouse square and there will be several folks with tables set up.
  • COOK simpler meals. Sometimes when I think of cooking, I get tired and want to go to Sonic. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional burger, but I can also simplify what I’m cooking. Fresh sandwiches and a salad are wonderful this time of year. I also love to eat breakfast for dinner. It’s full of protein and easy to cook–especially when I add a side of mixed fruit.
  • EAT OUT less. I do love eating out. It’s such a treat. But I almost never order healthy when I eat out. I don’t know why! I intend to, and then something catches my eye which is deep fried. Maybe it’s because I live in the south. The less that I eat out, the healthier my meal choices are.

These are pretty simple ideas, but I think we can all benefit from them. What do you do to make good eating choices?



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