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wisconsin farmSIMPLE Ways to Clean Your Place

Who likes housework? Raise your hand and keep it up until you finish reading this blog. Ha ha.

Well, I kind of do like housework. It makes me happy to do it, and I love when it’s done. The problem is that I’m kind of busy! Aren’t we all? So how do we simplify this time-consuming task that never ends?

  1. I like the one room a day strategy. This usually works for me. Now, it might take me 2 weeks to go through each room – because I count halls, etc. But it breaks it down to a manageable level, and at the end of two weeks my house is pretty clean! Also, it doesn’t take too much time each day.
  2. Another thing I’ve tried is doing one task each day – I’ll vacuum on Monday, dust on Tuesday, etc. This works too.
  3. Sometimes I will clean the entire house at once. Ack! I’m so tired when I do that. Usually it’s when we’re having someone over for dinner. The NICE thing is that after they leave, my house is really clean.
  4. Hire a maid. Well. I haven’t tried this one, and it’s not very “Amish” but a girl can dream!

One Amish proverb I read went like this

Keeping a neat house is like threading beads on a string with no knot on it.

What do you do to help with the housecleaning? Any special tips? Share them with us in the COMMENT section.



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