Romance in Amish Fiction


Usually on Wednesday’s we talk about ANOTHER author’s writing, but this week I wanted to share a little of my writing.

This week I had the opportunity to blog with Shannon Vannatter. MONDAY she had me relate some of my husband’s most romantic moments. That was fun (love you, honey). We’re a bit unconventional when it comes to romance. You can read Monday’s post here  if you dare. Today’s post is about the romance in my novel, and that’s why I wanted to cross-blog for a moment.

Sometimes when people ask me what I write, and I say inspirational romance, or Amish romance, I get a look of complete confusion. In fact, my own husband asked me if those words were an oxymoron. He’s an engineer so I forgave him. In fact, he doesn’t read a lot of Amish books or romance books, so he has some catching up to do!

I was very excited when Shannon asked me to post what I thought was a romantic scene from my book. So pop on over, and let me know what you think. I adore the relationship between Annie and Samuel. It’s not always smooth, but it’s genuine–and I think that’s what most of us have in our lives.

So what do you think? Amish romance? Inspirational romance? Oxymoron?


ps – Shannon is giving away a copy of her book WHITE ROSES if you leave a comment on her blog, and I’ve giving away a Texas Treasures box.

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