We recently had a NEEDLEWORK FESTIVAL in my little town, and of course I had to stop by. Immediately it started me thinking of my Amish friends, of my manuscript, of how some things bind us together across the miles and generations.

I believe quilting is one of them.

Of course I have quilts made by my mother, my grandmother and even my great-grandmother. They’re very precious to me, and I love to show them to friends and to my children. I love to say, “One day these will be yours.”

And yes, I’ve tried quilting. I vow every summer, “This year I’ll spend more time sewing.” I find it relaxing, and I’m in awe of these ladies. The work is so exquisite, and the result a true piece of art.

I think QUILTING is one of the reasons I love writing about the Amish. I respect the way they have kept this an integral part of their life.

Have any quilts in your house? I’d love to hear about them.





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