Myth Buster #7: Bikes

This MIGHT not be much of a  myth buster, but I thought it was something we should talk about. I was certainly a little surprised the first time I walked into an Amish barn and saw more than 40 bicycles. I thought the older Amish gentleman was running a bicycle shop! He smiled and said, “Ah, no. They’re for the grandkids. Someone always needs a bike.”

I’ll say! Well, grandpas … they don’t want to leave anyone out. The more I paid attention while I was in Shipshewana, the more I noticed Amish folk on bikes. Not just young people either. Once we saw 3 young children driving a pony cart alone, followed closely by an older sister on a bike, followed by mom and dad on bikes. It was a family outing!

Bicycles are good forms of transportation. I’ve heard that in some Amish communities families use scooters, but I haven’t seen this myself yet. Of course, the buggy is the standby … it’s the Amish station wagon. Those bikes, though. They made me want to come home, put on my helmet, and go for a ride.

Myth busted?

DISCLAIMER: We’re BUSTING MYTHS to celebrate the launch of my series set in Shipshewana, Indiana. Remember though, my experience may be different from yours or from other books you have read.


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