Amish Friends

I’ve enjoyed sharing what I learned on my trip to Shipshewana, Indiana. When my editor, the wonderful Sue Brower, picked Shipshe for the setting of our cozy Amish series, I had never heard of it. I went on-line and did my research. I googled. I even posted to my writing groups and asked questions. That was when I received my first indication that we were on to something special.

I have received a flood of email from people who have either lived near, lived in, or often visited Shipshewana. But maybe the same is true for everywhere. You know what they say about 3 degrees of separation. I believe we are all connected if we search for that connection.

THAT response is what convinced me to actually travel to Shipshe. With so many people who had been there, I knew they’d “catch me” if I had the details wrong in my writing. What I received from my trip was more than information about Amish FARMS, CLOTHING, CHILDREN, and SENIORS (see previous posts). What I received was friendship.

I think my writing will be richer, from having stayed in Shipshe a week. I was able to hear the clip-clop of the horses, eat at the Blue Gate, walk through the Courtyard of Arts, and marvel at the variety of things in the market. But I know my life is richer from the friends I made.

Isn’t life always that way? Whether we’re home or away, it’s the people who God brings us in contact with that make the difference.


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