Books, Books & …

February 13, 2024 /

And more books! I love books. I love them in all sizes and shapes … and formats. When you’ve been published for a while, yes-that means I’m oldER than when…

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November Musings

November 12, 2023 /

How would our lives change if we made gratitude a habit?

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Tough Times . . .

August 28, 2023 /

Let’s see if you’ve heard any of these. “Tough times never last, but tough people do. ~Robert H. Schuller “You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times.”…

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A Shade Tree, A Creek, & A Book

July 30, 2023 /

Raise your hand if you were raised in the south with no air conditioning. Haha. I’m sure I’m not the only one. We didn’t have air conditioning at home–or at…

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Back to the Classroom

July 5, 2023 /

It’s true. I’ve accepted a half-time teaching position. Beach time is over my friends. Okay, I was only at the beach for 4 days, but you get my meaning. Life…

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Virtual Book Store

December 14, 2022 /

As an author, I’m always searching for new ways to connect with readers. One thing I’ve heard again and again is that you’d like to be able to purchase autographed,…

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Creating Fictional Families

September 29, 2022 /

How do writers go about creating fictional families? I suppose there are a lot of ways, but I start by looking at MY family, and I go from there. (Yes,…

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Writing, Deadlines and Stress

August 31, 2022 /

I see a lot of writers talking about deadlines and stress. In fact, I see and hear a lot of people admitting to feeling stressed in general, so I thought…

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The Amish and Minimalism

July 26, 2022 /

I recently wrote a guest blog for my friend Joshua Becker. You can read the blog here. Joshua is a big minimalism proponent. I’ve taken his classes and read his…

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Proposal Writing

June 16, 2022 /

Just so you know that being an author isn’t all about book releases and eating chocolate bars, I thought that I’d give you a peek into the world of writing…

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