Roswell’s Secret

ROSWELL’S SECRET–A clean and wholesome romantic suspense (Book 2 in the Defending America series)

National security comes at a price. Dean Dreiser learned that lesson long ago. Now, domestic terrorists are testing a biological, and Dean is forced to take a new partner—Dr. Lucinda Brown. Lucy is the leading expert in molecular biology, but she has no field experience. Separately, they don’t stand a chance against the terrible secret that dominates the night skies of Roswell, New Mexico. Together, they can do more than survive. They can combat and conquer this frightening threat.

The terrorists are willing to kill thousands in order to trigger the fall of the two-party system and usher in a new political dawn. Lucy tracks the genetic print of the weapon while Dean hunts the insurgents. As fate hurtles them across the desert toward a final showdown, Dean will be forced to decide between national security and Lucy.

This fast-paced romantic thriller combines a twisting plot, believable characters, and fascinating details about military ops, bio-agents, terrorists, and forensics—all set against the backdrop of the dusty desert land of the Southwest. Be prepared for a read that will keep you up well into the night and an ending that will leave you questioning the true nature of Roswell’s Secret.

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