Coyote’s Revenge

COYOTE’S REVENGE–A clean and wholesome romantic suspense (Book 1 in the Defending America series)

Aiden Lewis is the perfect undercover agent—a billionaire playboy who has committed his life to protecting the country that he loves. For Aiden, work comes first and second, and making amends for his past has become his sole purpose.

Then Madison Hart is caught in the terrorist web of an insurgent named Coyote. Madison is a high school teacher, moving from Texas to Montana to find a father she’s never met. Unaware that her life is in danger, she finds herself falling for local billionaire Aiden Lewis, which is problematic. Aiden disappears for days at a time, and he has a past that haunts him. When he shows up with injuries that can’t be explained, Madison knows that their relationship is doomed, unless Aiden can learn to trust her, unless he can walk away from the danger that defines his life.

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But Coyote has other plans for these two. His operation Dambusters is compromised because of Aiden, and Coyote knows the way to hurt Aiden is to target Madison. While they’re chaperoning the local golf team in Banff, Canada, Coyote makes his move for revenge. And in the mountains of Glacier National Park, both Aiden and Madison face their past while their future hangs precariously in the balance.

This romantic thriller combines a terrifyingly realistic plot with believable characters and fascinating details about military ops, terrorists, and the vulnerability of our infrastructure—all set against the backdrop of the beauty of Glacier National Park. Be prepared for a read that will grip you from the opening scene at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport to the final chase through Glacier. This is a story that will have you wondering how much of our past defines who we are, and how we can move beyond our past to embrace our future.