Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.

I’m thrilled to launch my new webpage, VannettaChapman.com, as well as this blog as we step into 2010–and with it the beginning of my career as an inspirational novelist.

I have often heard that OVERNIGHT SUCCESSES do not happen overnight, and that is certainly true in my case. Ten years ago I began freelance writing for inspirational and home/family life magazines. Then the NOVEL bug hit. The rest of the story is one of blood, sweat and grace.

My hope is that we can journey together through 2010–at least for a few minutes each week.  I’ll post details of my upcoming releases, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, but perhaps more importantly we can simply spend some time together. I think that could be one of the great windfalls of the internet–it’s ability to bridge time and distance.

So from my humble abode, in a little town in the middle of Texas . . . to yours.

Here’s raising a warm mug of hot chocolate (WITH marshmallows) to 2010, and praying it will be all that you’ve dreamed it will be.



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