Amish facts/history

Autumn is Here

September 27, 2021 /

In Texas, it’s a very big thing when the high temperatures fall out of the 90s. As I’m writing this, we popped back up into the 90s again, but the…

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SIMPLE Ways to Improve Your Health

August 8, 2014 /

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health, Part 1 I thought for the month of August that I would share some things I have observed while visiting the Amish–things that…

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Knitting and the Amish

May 30, 2014 /

Amish Crafts–Yarn I’m sometimes asked if the Amish knit and crochet. The answer is yes! The Amish do knit and crochet. It’s not uncommon to see women working on a…

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Amish Crafts – Quilting

May 16, 2014 /

Quilting, An Amish Craft For the month of May we’re going to focus on Amish crafts. This will be a lot of fun, as I know that many of you…

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Amish, Englisch & Technology

April 26, 2014 /

Amish Beliefs, Part 3 This month we have been looking at Amish beliefs. The first week we discussed What Amish Believe, especially in regard to their faith. The second week…

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Family Roles

April 12, 2014 /

Amish Beliefs, Part 2 Last week we talked about Amish beliefs in relation to specific spiritual teachings. Today I thought we’d talk about the role of family members. Remember, the…

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What Amish Believe

April 5, 2014 /

Amish Beliefs, Part 1 For the month of April we’re going to talk about what, exactly, the Amish believe. DISCLAIMER: What I share is true for the Amish I have…

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More FAQ About the Amish

February 21, 2014 /

FAQ About the Amish, Part 2 Last week I shared some of the most frequent questions I hear regarding this Amish. I have a few more that I’d like to…

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Questions About the Amish

February 14, 2014 /

Frequently Asked Questions About the Amish We have been focusing on the background of the Amish this month and general information about them. I thought that this week and next…

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History of the Amish, part 2

February 7, 2014 /

Amish, Children, and Education Last week we talked about some of the common history that Amish share with Anabaptists, Mennonites and Hutterites. Today we’re going to talk about Amish children.…

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