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May Street Team Members

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Before I introduce our May Street Team members, let’s talk crafts. Did you finish your May UFO? I’ve pinned mine to my 2015 UFO Challenge Board. Our number for June is #6. You can check out last month’s UFO post here.

Now to our street team members.


Pat and her daughter!

Pat T.

  1. Favorite color. Blue and green
  2. Vacation location. There are many places I’d like to visit, in the U.S., but the trip of a lifetime would be to tour Europe.
  3. Pizza or burgers. Pizza!
  4. Where do you read? In my recliner with a cat on my lap!

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Give-aways, Winning, and You

I have had so much fun celebrating with you tgift2he last week. We’ve logged over 5,000 visitors to this page — in one week! And I’ve enjoyed each of your comments. Know that we do read these, even if we can’t respond to each one.

You ALL are winners, in my opinion. And I’m blessed to have you travel with me on my writing journey. I hope you did sign up to receive BLOG NOTIFICATIONS, as I’ll soon be receiving copies of A Wedding for Julia, and you know I will have give-aways for that. I also have some special Continue reading

MW, Contest #6

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Contest #6, Material Witness

Are you tired of contests yet? I hope not!

Last Saturday we talked about MAX … who has been a big part of the Shipshewana series. So today I thought I’d give away a picture of Max. I found this in a little shop in central Texas … and I couldn’t resist purchasing it!

This week’s winner will receive:

  • An autographed copies of  Material Witness
  • Bookmarks
  • Shipshewana postcard
  • Picture of MAX

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little give aways. Soon we’ll go back to featuring Christian fiction and alternating that with contests on Wednesdays. But I appreciate that you stop by my blog and help me to celebrate the launch of Material Witness.

Leave a comment below with your email and you are entered!

As always, you have the opportunity to enter the contest more than once by sharing the information from this blog with your friends or posting a review of one of my books. Be sure to leave me a 2nd comment stating what you did.

The contest deadline is next Tuesday evening (CST), September 18th.



p.s. — You can order your copy of Material Witness from CBDB&N, or Amazon. It is also available at your local bookstore. You may purchase all 3 books in this series for a special discount price from CBD. Why not purchase your own copy, then if/when you win a copy you can give one away to a friend!

My Sister

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Pam and Vannetta

A Promise for Miriam is dedicated to my sister, Pam Lindman. You can read the dedication when you pick up a copy, but I thought I’d tell you a little about my sister.

When I was 9, she turned 18  and moved out of the house.  We were living in Paris, Texas then. I have another sister and brother in between us, so I suppose I was happy to have more time in the bathroom, but I soon learned that I missed my sister.

Over the years, I’ve learned that we have a lot in common. We both crochet, knit, garden, read, exercise habitually, and we both are devoted to looking after my mother. We don’t always agree, but that’s good for me. Her perspective helps.

She’s also the person my son wanted to live with. He once asked, “Can I change my last name to hers?” Ouch. Well, everyone grows up hoping for different parents at some point, right? I was lucky he loved my sister as much as I did.

We have been through a LOT together–good times and very bad times. We both sat at my father’s bed (with my mom) when he passed. It was a precious moment to share. We were there at the birth of each other’s children. And when we’re old and gray, I suppose we’ll learn to play bridge together.

I’m very blessed to have a sister like Pam. We play Words with Friends together, text each other, and call when we need to gab. She IS an inspiration to me. She even reads my books (though she prefers the audio version). She is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.

The story, A Promise for Miriam, is about a school teacher. It’s about someone who teaches others. Thinking about that, I realized the person who has been teaching me, since I was very young, and is teaching me still, is my sister.

I hope you enjoy the story.



p.s. – give-a-ways starts on Wednesday so be sure and check back here — and tell your friends!