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Amish gardens

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Today I thought we’d talk about Amish gardens. Raise your hand if you’ve seen one.

I live in Texas, so I’m well acquainted with gardens. My husband’s Uncle Joe had a very large vegetable garden even after he’d gone blind. Uncle Joe was Continue reading

May Flowers

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Last week we talked about the back porch and what an awesome place it is to rest and unwind, whether it’s an actual back porch, a deck, or simply a lawn chair behind the house. I loved your comments. I felt like we had a nice visit — on the back porch!

This week I wanted to share some pics of my back porch flowers. Nothing fancy here. Basically things that survived my UN-green thumb. What about you? Leave me a comment about your favorite flower, and we’ll draw a winner. (Last week’s winner was Donna B.)

Announcements for this week: 

  • I learned that Anna’s Healing is a finalist for the Christy award. I’m excited and humbled and thrilled. Winners will be announced in June.
  • Shelley Shepard Gray and I are finalizing plans for our Girlfriends Getaway in Charm, OH. We hope to see you there, but if you can’t come–we’ll be having on-line prizes for those who follow us on Facebook and twitter. Keep an eye out over the weekend of May 20th!
  • Deep Shadows is now available for pre-order. This is the first book in my new dystopian series. Don’t know what dystopian is? Read the blurb for Deep Shadows here. For Amazon, the pre-order price is guaranteed, so if the price goes down before the item is released, you receive the lower price. **Amazon ** B&N ** CBD.
  • My May rafflectopter giveaway is now live. Check here for details. This week’s giveaway includes something I picked up in Shipshewana, a $10 Starbucks card and more!

Time to stop working, pour myself a glass of tea and head to the back porch. I hope you enjoyed today’s pics, and I’d love to hear about YOUR gardening efforts. Leave a comment on the blog, and I’ll draw a winner to receive a complimentary copy of the book of your choice from my book list.







Spring Gardening

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One thing I’ve learned from the Amish is that it’s perfectly ok to take the time to garden. I’m not that busy! Sometimes I feel too busy, but then when I take the time to go outside and putter around, my soul and my heart and my mind all feel better! It’s amazing what a few minutes in the garden can do. Below are a few pictures.


This is a trumpet vine. It provides good shade and the hummingbirds love it. Not really gardening, I know … but I wanted to share the blooms with you!


Impatiens that I kept in the “greenhouse” – converted dog shed – all winter. They’re happy to be out in the sun!

My tomato plant, and if you look very close, you'll see a green bean plant popping through the ground.

My tomato plant, and if you look very close, you’ll see a green bean plant popping through the ground.
















I’d love to know – are you gardening? Have you ever gardened? What was your favorite thing to grow?




God’s Promises

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photoMid-week Inspiration: Rain, Wildflowers and God’s Promises

This week I wanted to share with you a picture from my back yard. I love this vine which I believe is a trumpet vine. The arbor is made from Cedar–my husband cut down a few of the smaller cedars and built it last year. But what amazes me is that the trumpet vine blooms, in spite of our drought which has been going on for several years now.

Isn’t that amazing? Hummingbirds come and hover around the blooms, drawing sustenance. Bees buzz in and out of the blossoms. The leaves provide shade. In the midst of drought, we have all of these blessings.

Which brings me to Deuteronomy 28:12

The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands.


Isn’t that a lovely promise? Many of us in Texas are draw encouragement from those words. What promise from God’s word helps you through difficult times? Use the leave-a-reply at the top of this post and encourage someone else today.