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COVID Hobbies

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That’s a funny title. Right? It’s not like COVID is a hobby, but I do find myself spending more times on hobbies than in the past. Maybe it’s because my brain is tired, or maybe it’s because I need something that is a little more encouraging and optimistic than the evening news.

I have lots of hobbies. Maybe too many, if that’s possible. But I’d have to say my top 3 hobbies are the following:

Knitting. I’m sort of knitting like a crazy person. I’ll write 500 words, then go and knit a few rows. I’ve long been a “crafter,” and I rediscovered my love of Continue reading

Christmas Crafts

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IMG_2853If you read Amish fiction, chances are that you prefer to keep things simple! Is that even possible with the Christmas season? Well, maybe. I like to think it is. One of the ways we can keep things simple is to make a few gifts. A homemade gift is a treasure. It’s something especially made with a specific person in mind. And it’s even better if you can make it from supplies you already have at home. Here’s a few things I worked on recently. Continue reading

More Summer Crafting

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My day resembles this: Walk the dogs at 6:30 a.m. HIDE inside from 7:00 a.m. until near dark. Walk the dogs at 8:30 p.m. Wow! Summer in Texas is EXTREME.

Which means I’m writing a lot, and I’m also crafting a lot. Did you finish your July UFO? I’ve pinned mine to my 2015 UFO Challenge Board. This is the first thing I’ve ever had professionally quilted. It’s supposed to be a twin size quilt, though you can see I made it a little small. I had a “layer Continue reading

July Madness

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IMG_1462Well, maybe we’re not mad, but I think July is a great time for being a little crazy. Long days, high temperatures, and a holiday sprinkled in. I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day.

Did you finish your June UFO? I’ve pinned mine to my 2015 UFO Challenge Board. Actually I did several. This little pillow to your right was a real hoot. I also finished my first twin sized and I sent it in to be quilted. I’ve never had anything long-arm quilted, and I can’t wait to see it. I also did a little Texas lap quilt, which is not technically FINISHED, as I still need to add the binding. But I plan on doing that tonight while we watch baseball.

When the days are this warm, I craft a lot. It’s so hot in Texas that we’re only outside early in the morning and late in the evening. That leaves plenty of time for crafting and reading.

Which reminds me, I learned of a great way to be informed about an author’s “sale” books. Have you heard of the site Book Gorilla? You put in your email, then select what types of books you like to read, and you can even FOLLOW authors. When you follow me, you will receive notices of any books on sale. That’s pretty cool!

Now back to those UFO projects. If you haven’t started with us, this is a great time. You can finish 6 projects by the end of the year. If you have been following along, I hope you’re enjoying it and please do go post your pictures to my pinterest page. Send me an email if you’d like me to add your name to people who can pin on the board.(If you’re just beginning number 1-12 on a sheet of paper. Mark out 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 12. On the open numbers list projects you’d like to finish. (Any kind it doesn’t have to be quilting). — Our number for July is #1.



February’s UFO

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2015 UFO Challenge, February

I’ve been thinking about hobbies. For me, they are very relaxing. They give me time away from the computer, which is always a good thing. But what things keep us from enjoying our hobbies? Do you ever wake up PLANNING to work on a project, only to drop in bed 15 hours later realizing you never even looked at it? I’d love to hear some suggestions for how to combat this sort of thing. Feel free to use the COMMENT button above.

As for my UFO project for this month, I was very motivated because it was a short month. I carved out time, especially when I had the house to myself. I finished the child’s quilt to the right. I like it because it looks like something a boy would Continue reading

January’s UFO

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2015 UFO Challenge, January

So how is everyone doing? Did you have a good January?

IMG_3209I had a busy and fun month. This challenge really helped me, as I’m pretty tired when I finish working each day. (Can anyone relate to that?)  Without the challenge there’s a strong possibility I would stare at the tv or play a computer game. I still did SOME of that, but I also finished 2 projects.

The first is a baby quilt for a friend of our family. Her baby’s name is Conrad, and he is the Continue reading

Project #4

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craftingUFO Project #4

I had a lot of responses to the 2015 UFO challenge. What fun!

Now some of you admitted that you can’t do it this year. That’s okay. You can cheer us on and check back each month to see the pictures. If you decide later you can join us, then jump right in.

If you missed the blog post on the 2015 UFO challenge, you can read about it here. Basically you’re writing down a list of 12 Unfinished (or new) projects, on a sheet of paper. Each month AllPeopleQuilt will choose a number, and that’s the project we’ll work on. This month they chose the #4. So check Continue reading

Christmas Gifts

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Is your tree up yet? Mine is NOT, but my sister is visiting this weekend, and I’m hoping she’ll help. Okay, I’m actually hoping she’ll put it up for me.

This week, I thought we’d talk about Christmas gifts — if you like Amish fiction, then you are probably trying to simplify your life in some way at least some of the time. So how can we simplify Christmas? What sort of gifts can we give that will let people know how much we care, but not break the bank?

I have a few suggestions, and then you can tell me your ideas

1. Crafts.101385429.jpg.rendition.largest-2 I know that many of us are not “crafty,” and even if we are most crafts require you to have started already. Plus they can be expensive. Here’s an idea from Better Homes and Garden. Pretty simple and I think kids and teens would love this – and you could decorate it for boys or girls. You could do the letter of their first name or their last name or their school mascot! Continue reading