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Book Birthdays

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Today is my book birthday! I’m so excited that Amish Christmas Memories is now available in stores. (The ebook will release on 12-1, so hang on dear e-readers.)

I can’t say that in 2010 I imagined releasing 30 books in 8 years. At the time, I was thrilled that someone wanted to publish A Simple Amish Christmas. I think it’s fitting and right that my 30th Continue reading

Pick a Memory

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It seems that during the holiday season, more than any other time of year, our thoughts turn to special memories. That’s probably completely normal. It’s also probably normal for many of those memories to be happy and a few to be sad. It’s important for us to remember the people who had such an influence on us, who are a big part of who we turned out to be.piano 001

I love to look back over pictures of Christmas as a child, the houses where we used to live, Continue reading

Christmas Memories

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v&cIsn’t it funny that we spend so much time looking for the perfect gift and attempting to create the perfect meal? When I look back, my favorite Christmas memories do not center around a specific present or an outstanding dinner (though I love my mother’s cooking). I guess my favorite Christmas memories all involve the people in my life.

This picture is of my son and I, on our way home Continue reading

Christmas Books

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The Christmas Season and BOOKS

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re still eating turkey sandwiches around here. Leftovers is one of the best parts of the Thanksgiving meal. Don’t you agree?

I thought for the next few weeks we could look at ways to honor the season. Some of us are playing Christmas music right after Halloween. For others, it’s a bit of a struggle to “get in the mood.” So christmas saletoday, I wanted to look at some Christmas books and then in the comment section maybe you could add the title of a book you would Continue reading

VC Book Spotlight, Christmas

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asacChristmas Books, VC Book Spotlight

I thought I’d spend the next few weeks introducing some of my writing to you wonderful folks who stop by my blog. If you’ve been here all along, you’ll be familiar with most of these. If you’re new, then you might find something you didn’t know about. Either way, I hope you enjoy the spotlights.

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas story? A Simple Amish Christmas was the first Amish book I published. At the time, I hadn’t visited an Amish community Continue reading

Christmas with Annie

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616All Things Amish – Christmas with Annie

Today I thought I’d share a scene from the Christmas Quilt. If you haven’t read the book yet, I’m not giving away any secrets, but if you have I think you’ll enjoy looking back at Annie’s Christmas celebration.

Annie laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, burrowing into his embrace.

“I missed you.” When the tears began to fall, she didn’t try to explain them, didn’t attempt to stop them, but rather allowed herself a moment of complete openness.

Instead of questioning her, Samuel unpinned her kapp, placed it beside the quilt and ran his fingers through her hair, loosening the curls. It seemed to Annie, as he brushed out her braid with his fingers, he also brushed away the last of the tension—the final fragments of worry she’d held inside. For a moment, she could rest and allow Samuel to care for her.

She must have fallen asleep, because she woke later in her bed, the smell of dinner coming up the stairs.

It was a simple meal. She’d started the stew earlier in the day, and Samuel had baked cornbread to go with it. Not fancy at all, but that dinner did more to heal her heart than a feast could have. Though they’d been back for two weeks, the eve- ning healed the bruised places from her time away. A part of her mind realized she was exhausted and she’d be better very soon. Another part kept turning over the idea this was their last Christmas Eve alone. Next year it would be three at their table, and God willing perhaps more in coming years.

For this evening, with the candlelight in the window, her husband sitting across from her, and Leah’s finished quilt upstairs, ready to give, Annie knew the peace of Christmas.

And that is what I pray for you, today and throughout the Christmas week – may you be filled with the peace of Christ.



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Linus and Christmas

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Mid-week Inspiration, Linus and Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? Are you “feeling” the season? Some years that is easier than others. Today I thought I’d share one of my very favorite Christmas clips …. Linus explaining to Charlie Brown “what Christmas is all about.” Taken from the gospel of Luke, chapter 2, verses 8-14.

Blessing to each of you,


Christmas Drawing #2

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Our 2nd Christmas DrawingHH ChristmasAtPebbleCreek7.indd

Are you in a holiday mood yet?

The Christmas Quilt released the middle of October, and this last week, Christmas in Pebble Creek released. You can see why I’m in a holiday mood!

Christmas at Pebble Creek takes us back to the community of Amish folks you met in A Promise for Miriam, A Home for Lydia and A Wedding for Julia. The story revolves around one of your favorite characters, but she’s a little older now. That’s ALL I’m saying. I don’t want to give away all the details. This is a SHORT, FREE ebook. It’s meant to be read while you enjoy a cup of hot tea. And if you know someone who hasn’t tried my books yet, it’s a wonderful introduction to my writing.

You can download it from Amazon or CBD. It will appear on B&N soon. And if you don’t have an e-reader, Continue reading

Quilts of Love

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616The Christmas Quilt – and Quilts of Love

My newest release, The Christmas Quilt, is a part of the Quilts of Love series.

The books in this series began releasing in October of last year. My book is #11 in the series. The interesting thing about this group of books is that they are from different genres and by different authors.

There’s contemporary fiction, historical fiction, Amish fiction, mystery, and women’s fiction. There’s a nice variety. You don’t have Continue reading