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What Is an ARC?

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Today I thought I’d talk to you about ARCs. Why?  Because I have some to give away!

In publishing, the word ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. These are books that are sent out to a variety of people:

  • final proofreaders
  • reviewers
  • bloggers
  • professional book review sites/magazines

It’s understood that these are not the final copy. You might find a wayward comma or a layout error, but overall these books are very close to the final thing. By sending out ARCs, publishers are able to have reviews in place before or on the day the book releases. This helps build excitement around the book, and also helps readers know if it’s the kind of book they’d like to read or not.

So let’s give away some ARCs! As you can see I have 5 copies. Usually I like to let giveaways run for a couple weeks, but since An Amish Picnic releases on March 3rd, I’ll randomly pull five names on Monday. Please only comment if you have time to read this book in the next few weeks and are willing to write an honest review. The winner of the Amish package from earlier this month was Diana F. (Diana, check your email.)

If you’re on social media and would like to share this giveaway, I’d appreciate it.



Announcements for this week

  • Someone emailed me, thrilled and surprised that the book they ordered from my on-line store was autographed. Every book in my store is autographed to you (or whomever you instruct me to autograph it to). Books make great gifts!
  • The 5-in-1 bundle for my Pebble Creek series is on sale for $3.99. It includes 3 full length novels and 2 short stories. The sale price is good with all ebook retailers and runs through March 3rd. When I checked Amazon earlier today, they’d lowered the price to $1.99, but I have no idea how long that will last.
  • Have you tried my cyber series yet? Midnight Strike released on 1-3-20. This is novella #2 in my Cyber Division series, and it’s a brand new 60 page story. I hope you’ll give it a try. You can find it on Amazon or any ebook retailers. And if you’ve signed up for my newsletter, you’ll receive the first novella, Fading Into the Night, for free. If you haven’t signed up, but would like to you can do so here in the top right hand box.
  • An Unlikely Amish Match recently landed on the #21 spot on Publisher’s Weekly Mass Market bestseller list. A big thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy, and if you haven’t they should still be available in stores.


New Amish Romance Release

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I’m doing the snoopy dance today. Why, you ask? Because today my 5th book from the Indiana Amish Brides series is available in stores. The ebook will release on Feb. 1, but until then you can order print copies from the usual culprits:

Amazon       B&N       Harlequin

It will also be on shelves in most neighborhood Walmarts.

For some reason I keep embracing humor more in my romances. Susannah and Micah’s story is about how we perceive someone when we first meet them, and how that perception can change with time. It’s a story about second chances, and of course it’s also a story of God’s grace. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. My prayer is that in some way God will use my words to bless your heart. 

Should you feel so inclined… reviews posted to Amazon and Goodreads are especially helpful–and remember a short review is fine!

    So let’s celebrate with a giveaway! My prize package includes a quilted wallet (Amish made), a hot pad with recipe (from Millers in Ohio), an Amish drawn card, and a postcard from Shipshewana. If you’d like to be entered to win, just comment below. We had fun giving away 10 ebooks last post. I really enjoy hearing from you all.

    If you’re on social media and would like to share this giveaway, I’d appreciate it.



    Announcements for this week

    • The February special in my on-line store is a free book with every order. Purchasing a craft item? This is IN ADDITION to the book you request with your order. Purchasing an autographed book? This is in addition to that book. No coupon code necessary.
    • Midnight Strike released on 1-3-20. This is novella #2 in my Cyber Division series, and it’s a brand new 60 page story. I hope you’ll give it a try. You can find it on Amazon or any ebook retailers. 
    • Dead Wrong is still available in print and ebook, and you can purchase autographed copies from my on-line store. Order only the book or pair it with a Texas package and shipping is always free. Check it out here.


    Clean Romantic Suspense

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    An emerging genre in Christian fiction is something called “clean romantic suspense.” Basically it has a little more tension in the plot, but there’s no graphic violence, no adult language, no bedroom scenes. I’ve written a few of these (Hidden and Protected are 2 good examples). They’re always fun to write, and they give me a nice break from Continue reading

    Why Cozy Mysteries

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    Sometimes I’m asked, “Why do you write cozy mysteries?” Occasionally the question is a bit more pointed. “How can you combine murder and Amish? That’s terrible!” Since my new Amish cozy mystery, Dead Wrong, just released, I thought I’d share with you how I happened to become a cozy mystery writer.

    In early 2010 I was a new writer who had one book contracted. It wouldn’t be published until October of that year. It was a one book contract. It was my only Amish book. I wasn’t sure what was next for me Continue reading

    Story Ideas

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    VC’s not-so-messy desk

    We’ve been following a “get to know one another” theme here on the blog. So far we’ve covered–

    Today I wanted to answer a question I get a lot–Where do you get your ideas? That’s a great question, though of course it’s not an easy answer. Story ideas come from many different places. Personally, I’ll have something in my mind, think about it, chew on it for a few weeks or months while Continue reading

    Book Dedication

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    Do you read the book dedication in the front of books?

    I do. In fact, I read all of the front matter. It’s a funny thing. If you’re reading on an e-reader, sometimes they start on page 1 of chapter 1. I always want to shout “Slow down, Nelly.” I have to tell the e-reader to go to the cover, and let me read all of the front stuff. Of course if it’s a print book, I can just flip to the front!

    For me, it’s a special thing to be able to dedicate a book to someone. After all, it takes a village to Continue reading

    Book Birthdays

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    Today is my book birthday! I’m so excited that Amish Christmas Memories is now available in stores. (The ebook will release on 12-1, so hang on dear e-readers.)

    I can’t say that in 2010 I imagined releasing 30 books in 8 years. At the time, I was thrilled that someone wanted to publish A Simple Amish Christmas. I think it’s fitting and right that my 30th Continue reading

    Good Books & Old Friends

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    As fall settles over the Texas Hill Country, my thoughts turn to good books and old friends. Not such a strange combination, if you think about it.

    I love to read in the fall. (Confession–I love to read all the time.) When the weather turns cold, I like to make a hot cup of tea or coffee, grab a book, and curl up in a chair. I can disappear there for hours on end. Sometimes it takes a good friend to tug on my arm and remind me Continue reading