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SIMPLE Ways to Improve Your Health

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phoebe and rocky4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health, Part 1

I thought for the month of August that I would share some things I have observed while visiting the Amish–things that I think would improve our health. I’m not a nutritionist, but I am a mom and a wife and I like to think that I’m a fairly healthy person.

  • Get Moving

One thing I notice when I’m at an Amish home is that the women are very busy. It sort of wears me out to watch them. It’s not that they’re rushing around taking kids to soccer, etc. But they do Continue reading

Amish Crafts – Quilting

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Amish quilt at Lolly's Fabrics

Amish quilt at Lolly’s Fabrics

Quilting, An Amish Craft

For the month of May we’re going to focus on Amish crafts. This will be a lot of fun, as I know that many of you are “crafty” too. If you’re not, this might be a good chance to start – OR, you could just enjoy the pretty pictures.

The Amish are well-known for their quilting. Here’s a few things I’ve Continue reading

Amish, Englisch & Technology

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Amish--Middlebury, IN

Amish–Middlebury, IN

Amish Beliefs, Part 3

This month we have been looking at Amish beliefs. The first week we discussed What Amish Believe, especially in regard to their faith. The second week we focused on Family Roles. Today I thought we would talk about the Amish and their attitude toward Englisch (non-Amish folk) and technology. These are 2 questions I receive often when speaking to groups. As before, remember Continue reading

More FAQ About the Amish

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DSCN6649FAQ About the Amish, Part 2

Last week I shared some of the most frequent questions I hear regarding this Amish. I have a few more that I’d like to share today. Remember, these answers are based on my experience–yours might be different as practices differ between communities.

  • Is it true that the Amish only study and teach certain parts of the Bible? I haven’t actually attended an Amish church, but I can tell you Continue reading

Questions About the Amish

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Wisconsin farm

Wisconsin farm

Frequently Asked Questions About the Amish

We have been focusing on the background of the Amish this month and general information about them. I thought that this week and next week, I’d answer some FAQ. Remember, these answers are based on my experience–yours might be different and certainly some of what you read will come from a different perspective.

  • Do the Amish try to justify their use of phones, electricity, cars out of their house instead of inside of their house and transportation when needed for longer distances? Continue reading