Blessings All Around

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Some days it’s hard to see the blessings in life. When that happens to me, I take a walk. Looking at all God has created, well it lifts my spirits. So today I thought I’d bring you some of the things I’ve seen the past week or so that reminded me of God’s care.

Yes, we have new fawns in the neighborhood, and sunflowers in the backyard, and geckos on the wall. Need more convincing of God’s love and provision?

  • The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. ~Psalm 19:1
  • How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. ~Psalm 104:24
  • Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. ~John 1:3
  • In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. ~Job 12:10

So be encouraged my friend. Be encouraged. What have you seen in nature recently that encouraged you? Leave me a comment below and I’ll pull one name to receive a box of books!

That’s right. I’m giving away a box of books with each blog. They’ll be “back copies” which means books that have been previously earlier in the year or even in previous years. I’ll sign them generically, and if it’s something you already have you can gift it to a friend or library. Our winners from the last blog were Pamela Hargraves, Judith Smith, Kay Garrett, Paula Parker, and Peggy. Ladies, you should receive an email from me or from my assistant, Kristy Kreymer.



Announcements for this week


  • I have two new releases this month. The first is a 2-in-1 with the fabulous Dana Lynn, and you should be able to find it at your local Walmart (or online). The second is the final story in my Cyber Division series–High Noon. These novellas can be read in any order, and I’ll be releasing a compiled version containing all 4 in print and ebook next month.
  • I’m participating in two cross promotions this month. All Kinds of Cozy Mysteries includes my book, Dead Wrong.  Love on the Run is a collection of Christian suspense stories and includes my book, Hidden.
  • I also start work on Dead Broke this month, the second release in my Agatha’s Amish B&B cozy mystery series. I hope to share a cover with you soon!


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20 thoughts on “Blessings All Around

  1. faithfamilyandstorybyjanereid

    A deer wandered into our suburban backyard this week. She stayed an hour, sampling roses, apple tree, peach tree, and raspberry bushes. Because of her visit, I went out and checked the raspberry patch. Wow, ripe berries a week before expected. I felt so blessed by the encounter and the harvest.

  2. Christine

    I saw quail babies moving along our fence line with mama and papa – love to see God’s handiwork; it only takes a moment to be awed!

  3. Alice Boor

    We can sit on our balcony and, even though we live in the suburbs with all the buildings, we can see so many trees, like living next to a park. And it just amazes me how many different shades of green there are! And we are on the ninth floor, so we are above the buildings so we can see such glorius sunsets! Our balcomy is the best part of our apartment building.

  4. Debbie Earls

    I have seen a lot of red birds recently. I lost my mom last year so it always reminds me of her. Also of my grandparents. My flowers are blooming and the weather has been beautiful. I love your sunflowers. One of my favorite flowers. Thank you for sharing.

  5. beth

    What a beautiful blessing your message is. Our front field has small black eyed Susans mixed in the hay. By the pond are pink skeleton flowers and a beautiful purple flower I have not yet identified.

  6. Terri Schmidt

    Every year for the past 3 or so we’ve had Black-eyed Susans (our state flower – MD) come up through our brick steps at the front of the house (old 1874 farmhouse). We’ve tried planting others in flower beds but they don’t show up the following year. Somehow this little bunch took root in the brick steps and are just glorious when they’re blooming; so cheerful! We’re afraid to try to dig them out and replant them because then they might not come back! So, each summer and fall we just step around them and caution visitors to do likewise. 😀

  7. Liz Whelan

    Glad you’re doing well. We still have a lot to go with this Virus. Hopefully, with al the protesting, this Virus won’t come back to bite us again. I pray everyday for people to be Caring & Respectful of others. I think many are forgetting about that. Stay Safe Vannetta!!

  8. Marsha C.

    Oh everyday out my window at the bird feeder are young woodpeckers and Bluebirds! Rabbits running around and the green tree leaves against the Carolina blue sky’s! If I get discouraged, that’s where I look.

  9. Kimberly Kiesey

    I believe each and everyday is a blessing! My brother-n-law have stage 4 lung cancer so I just praise God for the days he has left in his life!

  10. Gail Hollingsworth

    Fresh air, beautiful flowers, birds singing in our trees right out our front door, all part of God’s creation.
    I haven’t been able to work in my flower beds this year because of injuries from an auto accident but even seeing the weeds growing reminds me of my sin and God’s provision to cover those sins by His Son, Jesus.

  11. reuhostetlerRoyce E Hostetler

    Because our local swim pool and the gym were closed along with the exercise room at our apartment building, I was forced to walk the streets of Forest Grove OR for March, April and May. It was lovely to see the early spring flowers burst forth into bloom, then wilt into squishy brown debris on the ground (sticking to your shoes and tracking indoors-UGH) But I took lots of photos of the flora and sent to my sister for her birthday May 4. Then I printed off a number of these photos on 4×6 postcards and mailed to the owners of the homes along the walking routes, thanking them for nurturing such beautiful plantings. Such a joy–I think Spring is my favorite season!

  12. Gerri Moore

    Seeing the sunflowers looking at the sun, across from my window. And the beautiful Mexican sunflowers. They are all so relaxing to my mind. Then right in front are the zinnia’s. God’s beauty.

  13. Kelly

    When fishing this last weekend on a fast moving river, there was a mother duck and her ducklings swimming along against the current . They all swam like there was the easiest thing to do.

  14. cr1955

    The beauty of nature in general makes my mind stop spinning. I focus on looking for the new flowers that bloom this week, or how green and luscious the fields look. And I so enjoy having green leaves on the trees!

  15. Janice

    Honeybees buzzing around the clover, and winged beauties enjoying our butterfly bush ! These are two of God’s gifts to me. I love the Scripture verses that you included in your blog. Thank you.