A Quarantined Texas Spring

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How are you, my friends? Personally, I have good days and bad days. I don’t mind admitting that, and I can’t even really pinpoint the cause of those bad days. They just are. So I breathe deeply, nap if I need to, try and get some sunshine, and remember God’s care and provision. I also knit a lot! Those things helps, and fortunately the bad days don’t last forever.

Today I thought I’d share some pictures of our Texas Spring. Even during quarantine, the wildflowers still bloom, the rivers run, and yes–my dogs insist on a walk.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into what my spring has looked like. I’d love you to reply and tell me something that is NORMAL in your life.



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11 thoughts on “A Quarantined Texas Spring

  1. Liz Whelan

    Please just stay safe. NY is still bad. We have to keep on praying. I list a Friend with this Virus. So Very Sad.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      HI Liz. We’re praying for our New York friends and all of the folks living in hard hit areas. You stay safe too.

  2. beth

    Normal in my life? Just a setting on my washing machine.
    Cute pic of your mom. I talked to her today. She so positive!
    I loved Daybreak!

  3. Marsha

    Yes I have bad moments too, Vannetta. Like you not sure why. I do have a husband with some health issues that adds to the stress at times. I also, look to the beautiful spring flowers and working in my yard, crossword puzzles and reading.I did buy Daybreak…starting it soon!

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Hi Marsha. I feel good about admitting to those “bad moments.” After all, doesn’t everyone have them? Better to own up and push through. I’ll be praying for you and your husband.

  4. Alison DeVito

    Hello, Vannetta! The most normal thing at this point in my life is, as always, is walking my dog twice a day, which has been my routine since we got her 11 years ago. Love all your pictures – aren’t dogs the best? How hot is it there? We are in the 50’s here in NJ. Ready for some warmer weather and more sunshine! Looking forward to reading Dead Wrong – I always enjoy your books! Take Care!

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Hi Alison. The dogs add a satisfying routine to our lives. Right? My two are a real mess. As far as weather…would you believe we have a 98 scheduled for next week? Hopefully they’ll change that. But this morning it’s 72 and lovely.

  5. Connie Ruggles

    The normal thing in my life is that I still have to work. Our stay at home order just got extended to May 31. I haven’t seen my daughter and her family since February so I have had enough of not being able to go see them. We need to do better video chats I guess, but the girls are pre-teens and don’t have a long attention span 🙂 Stay well, Vannetta.