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It seems that you don’t quite appreciate the power of community until you’re separated from it. Quarantine has been a whole new experience for most of us, and even though we’re not physically together, I’ve been very encouraged to see how we support one another.

  • People from my church are offering to pick and and deliver groceries to the elderly or sick.
  • Folks on Facebook have offered to share everything from toilet paper to diabetic supplies.
  • Most of us have a new understanding of how important our healthcare workers and grocery workers are.
  • Many churches are going to be streaming services. What an opportunity to offer a shining light in times of darkness.

Since writers work from home, our schedules haven’t changed much. Today I’m finished up final proofs on The Amish Christmas Secret. Last week I sent out a newsletter letting readers know that I lowered nearly all of my indie books to 99c. Read the details here. I’ll keep that price lowered until this crisis has passed. I’ve also closed my on-line store for the time being, but we can all keep reading! Sometimes it helps to turn off the news for a few hours and get lost in a story.

I would love for you to comment below with something you’ve seen or heard in the last week that was encouraging–because that is one of the most important things we can do during this crisis: lift each other up, encourage one another, share moments of grace.

May our Heavenly Father surround you with a peace that truly does pass all understanding.



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8 thoughts on “Community

  1. Alice Boor

    I saw on our local news last night about a family “having” a birthday party for their grandmother, who just turned 99, in her nursing home. They took her to the big window and all sang to her from the other side. She loved it! There were no dry eyes anywhere, on either side of the TV screen!

    1. Virginia Richardson

      I saw that on the news too very awesome. I also saw a son talking on the phone to his Dad in a nursing home. It wasn’t warm outside. But they talked for a while as they saw each other.

  2. Virginia Richardson

    Everything is getting closed down. People have no jobs. Hospitals and clinics are limiting people for any surgery or visits. People go on line and try to help some of the restaurants. Or they tell people where things are. So many people help. I don’t leave the house except to go to my special appointments. I pray for everyone and their safety. Many Blessings to all. Prayers sent for safety and good health.

  3. Maureen

    I’m writing down one thing a day on a “where did I see God today?” list, to continually remind me of His presence.
    Waking to the sound of birds singing, a call.from.a friend, small but meaningful things. I also begin my day with Deut 31:8 or another scripture to remind me of His presence and the fact that He is on the throne!

  4. mimionlife

    I love seeing more families playing together outside. Parents and grandparents are outside playing ball with children, riding bicycles and playing with dolls. Also, love the friendliness of everyone saying “Hello, are you all okay? Need anything?” Everyone is checking on neighbors, friends and strangers. God is with us.

  5. Marilyn

    Vanetta, thanks for the kind tidings. One thing that has truly made me smile in this crisis is the young man in NY who began Invisible Angels; people helping to buy groceries or pick up anything for those in need in his community. Many others joined and it went global! What a blessing! So many kindnesses. We can never lose hope in mankind.

  6. Ellie

    The man in front of me in line at the grocery store tried to give the cashier a lottery ticket as a thank you for working. She said she couldn’t accept gifts but that the gesture made her day. It kinda made my day, too! Whether on agrees with playing the lottery or not, it was a nice thing to see.