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Wow. There’s a lot of anxiety-inducing news going around. Between the corona virus, elections, and winter-time blues (Is it spring yet?) … we could probably all use a little encouragement.

Anyone else keep a gratitude journal? For well over ten years I did. Actually it was a regular journal where I’d make a notation of how many hours I slept, 5 things I was grateful for, and my to-do list. All of those things helped me to juggle two jobs and handle stress from work, family, and world events.

But sometime in the middle of last year, I found myself slogging through the motions of my gratitude. Instead of looking forward to it, I’d stare at my calendar page and think, “Oh yeah. That. I need to be grateful.” I decided it was time to change things up a little. So I simplified. Now each day I write down one thing that makes me smile. Here’s some examples from the last month:

  • hubby’s drone
  • My mom and my son, who share a birthday

    winning at trivia

  • our jigsaw puzzle
  • my friend, JW
  • my son
  • eating pie with my mom
  • A steaming cup of coffee in my fav mug
  • family birthdays
  • my dog flopping over for a back roll

What’s funny about this is that I now catch myself looking around during the day and thinking, “Is this my smile thing? Is that? Oh wait, that made me smile even bigger.” Whether you keep a gratitude journal, write down things that make you smile, or simply say a prayer of thanksgiving to God each day…I think these things encourage us and help us to see the joys and blessings of our lives. So what about you? Anything make you smile lately?



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3 thoughts on “Be Encouraged

  1. Kristy Kreymer

    So fun! I love the picture of Cody and Wanda so much! I love to find laughter! That keeps me smiling! My son usually gives me something to laugh about!

  2. beth

    You rock. I do thank God for things that make me smile and I try to thank Him for things that make me sad. For the happy, please show me how to share it and the sad…is there something He’s showing me or anything I can do to change it.
    As far as COVID 19 or Corona virus, wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick pray for others and buy limes.

  3. Debbie Ear.s

    I am encouraged by the longer days, beautiful sunshine we are enjoying today and warmer temps. Spring is coming! I try not to let the media get me down. They can really insite panic in people. It’s all in God’s hands.