Why Amish?

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VC at Essenhaus in Middlebury, IN

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is WHY AMISH? It’s a pretty specialized genre, so why write Amish books? The question always makes me laugh, because if you’d asked me 10 years ago, I would have never guessed that I would have written 32 books in that time, with 25 being Amish. So why Amish? It’s a good question.

  • In 2009, my agent asked me to write Amish. She was receiving requests from publishers that needed more Amish books.
  • My first book, A Simple Amish Christmas released in 2010, was such a success that I was immediately offered a contract for more Amish books from other publishers.
  • Once I met a few Amish families, I was intrigued by their lifestyle.
  • The more time I spent visiting Amish communities, the more I realized they deal with the same problems that we do. It’s their lifestyle choices that are different.
  • Readers seemed to love the stories, and every week I receive requests for more.
  • It’s very easy to work faith elements into an Amish story, as faith is an integral part of their lives.
  • I’ve enjoyed visiting different communities–which allows me to write even more books centering around Amish characters.

So what do you think? Has this genre been over done, or would you like to see more books centered around the Amish lifestyle? I’d love to hear from you. And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section.



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  • I have new items in my VC Boutique Store, including dish cloths, fall hats, and a new afghan. Check it out here.
  • Dead Wrong, my new Amish cozy mystery, is now available for pre-order. It will release on November 5th, and yes–it will be available at all retailers in both print and ebook.
  • The Amish Christmas Matchmaker will be in stores September 17th, and the ebook will be available October 1.

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18 thoughts on “Why Amish?

    1. Liz Whelan

      Please definitely keep on writing about the Amish. They are such Interesting people. I Love all their stories. It’s a change from all the mysteries & suspense romance. Keep them coming. I can’t wait to read “Dead Wrong”.

  1. Cindi

    I love your Amish stories. My favorite (and I wish there were more) are the Amish Village Mysteries in Middlebury, Indiana! Also I always look forward to your Christmas novels! I enjoy all of them!

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Hi Cindi. If you enjoyed the Amish Village mysteries, I think you’ll love Dead Wrong. And as far as Christmas, The Amish Christmas Matchmaker will be in stores next week!

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      HI Kay. I’m more of an author reader myself. Some authors, I’d probably read their grocery list. I just love their “voice.” Thanks for stopping by and for reading!

  2. Jane Ellen Reid

    I wold love to see more cozy mysteries that weave a faith element into our “English” world. It is sad that you need to write about Amish (an admittedly fascinating community), in order to be–allowed and safe–to express Christian faith.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Hi Jane. Well, I don’t think it’s a matter of what is allowed. For me, it’s more a matter of not forcing something into a story line. I think faith is inherently in every story, but some readers like it to be front and center. I appreciate your stopping by my blog, and I hope you’ll try Dead Wrong–my upcoming cozy mystery.

  3. Lori Smanski

    When we follow the Lords leading we are usually surprised about the outcome. Some authors (like yourself) have researched the Amish and realized that they are not that much different than many of us. I have always like reading about the Amish because it brings who they are a little closer and makes them more approachable, if only in my mind. These last few years going to shipshewana, we have had chances to talk to many Amish and it has been delightful. Thank you for your writings

  4. Mary Hazelrigg

    I love all of your books. Since reading in 2008 my first Amish fiction book named I think, “An Amish Wedding”, i have read all that I find! Their lifestyles are so inspiring and peaceful. Please keep writing Amish fiction and your cozy mysteries. Thank you!

  5. Janice

    I have read every book you have written except the ebooks. I love all your books. I really like Amish stories and have other Amish authors that I read. I like nice clean books