Deer and More Deer

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Howdy folks. Today I thought I’d share a deer video with you. If you read the bio on the back of my books, it usually says something like–

Vannetta writes full time and lives in central Texas with her husband, dogs, cats, and a herd of deer.

So I thought I’d show you a video of those deer. Most days we have 20 in the front yard. Since I was trying to get a video, there are only two. How do they know? Anyway, it’s fun to see them, and I hope you enjoy the short clip.

What about you? Any critters in your yard? Leave a comment below, and we’ll pull one winner to receive an autographed book from yours truly. Last week’s winner was Robbye (Robbye Faye, you should have received an email from me today.)



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15 thoughts on “Deer and More Deer

  1. Lori Smanski

    Cool video. They like your yard so much, they are not that afraid of you. LOL Deer are such beautiful creatures. Thanks for sharing. We have lots of birds, hummingbirds, squirrels, bunnies and an occasional chipmunk. Oh and we seem to have this black/white stray cat that likes our back yard. But it doesn’t bother the birds. Interesting. I am glad about this. 🙂

  2. Linda McFarland

    In my backyard are squirrels, of course, an occasional bunny, chipmunks, and a wood chuck UGH! There are deer that wander through a neighbor’s yard, so pretty and graceful! Love nature!

  3. Alison DeVito

    Deer are adorable! We have had a family that likes our yard since last year. A mom and triplets. Lately, they have been coming every morning to rest in our backyard ivy. We think the mom may be pregnant again, so we may have our own herd soon!

  4. mimionlife

    When we lived in Winchester Virginia for nineteen years, we had herds of deer in our yard. We lived on five acres of land and loved the wildlife. Foxes, deer, many different kinds of birds and more. The only thing we didn’t enjoy was the snakes.

  5. Pam Kappel

    We have a lot of deer also,along with raccoons,possums,skunk,fox,coyote and squirrel.I live in Southern Iowa and I know it sounds strange but I saw a black bear here this winter.I also had bear tracks in the snow around my house and took a picture of them.My favorites are all the birds we have in our yard now.Bluebirds,Baltimore Orioles,Goldfinches,Purple Finches and wrens.Enjoy your deer.I like them to but not when they scrape their antlers on my trees.

  6. Pamela Bain

    We have seen the occasional deer,raccoon in our yard, and on one occasion a coyote. Most of the time it’s the neighbors cat.

  7. Kay Bennett

    My mom feeds a few feral cats that eat with a couple of raccoons. There are also possums. I have even seen the cats eat with a coyote. I have a bird/squirrel feeding station that gets tons of critters. Dont you love nature

  8. Gail Hollingsworth

    We have the usual dogs and cats and occasionally a squirrel. One neighborhood dog bent our yard flag pole! It’s still bent but we put our flags on it anyway.

  9. Kimberly A Kiesey

    We love looking for deer and watching them! My husband the other day happened to look out the kitchen window and saw 2 deer in the neighbor’s backyard, so he took a picture for me! So sad to have missed them!

  10. Connie Ruggles

    We had some deer last fall after a local forested area was logged for timber. I think the deer were looking for new foraging. This spring, we have had baby turtles! We got to see a couple of different varieties lay eggs last year, including some huge snapping turtles. We also see turkeys, all kinds of birds including hummingbirds, cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, goldfinches and some other I know I missed. This past week we had some kind of heron-looking bird which we think was a bittern. Also woodchucks, gray and red squirrels and chipmunks. Oh and we saw an owl within the past year too!

  11. Deborah Barrett

    I have a bird feeder & 3 birdbaths, so lots of birds. This year we had a curved bill thrasher build a nest in one of our cactus. They laid 3 eggs, one baby died (so sad, but nature) & one fledged. We’ve only seen it once, but so cute trying to figure out how to perch on the birdbath & get a drink.