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If you can’t brag on friends and family on your own blog, then where can you? So fair warning, I plan to do some bragging today.

This past Sunday, My church had a “The Church has left the building” event. It was, in a word, awesome. We even had t-shirts!

On 5th Sundays we have a joint service (contemporary worship and traditional worship at one time in one place). Then we had a big potluck lunch. And after that we broke up into groups.

  • The choir went to the nursing home across the street and sang for the residents
  • Another group went to our local mission and did some painting as well as work organizing donations
  • I went with a group to a different nursing home in our town–we sang songs and played games with some of the residents. I was supposed to play the piano, but most of the keys on their piano didn’t work. No problem–we sang without it!
  • The last group went on a prayer walk. They went door to door and offered to pray with residents.

I loved this event. In fact, I hope we do it every 5th Sunday. After all, what is the church for if not to leave the building and spread the love of Christ? You know I’m going to work this into a story somewhere–so be on the look out.

Comment below on what your church has done to help your community. Or maybe you’ve been the recipient of help from your church–I know I have! I can raise my hand and testify to that. I’ll choose one winner from our comments to receive an autographed book. Our last winner was Lorialex.



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25 thoughts on “Church

  1. Ramona dahl

    My church has held VBS every summer. It is a joy to see the children and listen to their progreas in Bible study and themed songs.

  2. mimionlife

    Love your church mission activities! Our church prepares and serves meals at the shelter once a month, packs Christmas boxes for Seafarers(since we live by the ocean and those people on the ships don’t usually get to leave for Christmas), and also, hold a “beach service” when the tide allows. Those are just a few ways our church shows God’s love to others.

  3. Debra Bearden

    Vannetta, What a wonderful thing to do. I have never heard of anyone doing this and I think it is awesome.

  4. Nicole House

    Our church is quite active in the community. We hold VBS every summer and Awana during the school year, where we actively invite children and their families. Every Sunday we have people hold services in about four different nursing or retirement homes. Several men have a weekly Bible study at the county jail. We also have a food shelf that is open to the community. Our building has also hosted other events, and we have members who are very active in our local teen challenge chapter, including the pastor. We have other members who travel to the closest abortion clinic to talk to the women (and several babies have been saved!)

  5. Barbara R. Blevins

    My church does a soup kitchen from January thru March and we deliver to the shut-ins in our Community. We also have a card ministry.

  6. Debbie Rhoades

    Vannetta, when I was growing up, my church had a program where on Monday nights, some of us went to a nursing home and had church services, dang songs, and had a short sermon, and then visited with the residents. The little old people looked forward so very much to our coming! I love what your church did! That is so awesome! Please keep us advised. I bet you will have some stories to tell us about these outreaches! God bless you all.

  7. Marilyn

    One local church has went out in the community to serve others–pumping gas, cleaning cars, bagging groceries, nursing homes, etc. Another church in our community collects coats, hats and gloves for children in need.

    The church I attend does a community dinner once a month with games afterwards. It’s open to whoever. Prior to school starting packback giveaway with school supplies available based upon the grade.

    I’m looking forward to reading Amish Christmas Memories. I enjoyed A Widow’s Hope so much in your new LI series. Blessings

  8. Linda McFarland

    My church has an outreach to local nursing homes and handed out information at a local street fair. Also, recently gave financial assistance to families affected by local flooding! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. Judy Sheridan Smith

    Many years ago I needed surgery but we had no insurance. The surgeon agreed to do it if he received half up front. Someone in our church body proposed that the deacon fund send a check for that amount, the motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Many people didn’t know who had the need as my name was never mentioned but that didn’t matter to this loving group of believers. Years later after our children were grown and gone, I worked outside the home. Each payday the first check written was tithe, the second went to the deacons’ fund of whatever church we belonged to at the time. I could never pay back but God allowed me to pay it forward.

  10. Linda Johnston

    I love the church event you had last Sunday. What a great idea. Our church has many outreach activities. Our church has two dorms where groups from churches from many states come in the summer to hold VBS events all over town. We have several activities at one low income apartment complex throughout the year, such as sewing classes and activities for the children. We have jail ministry, a quilt ministry,making scripture quilts for the elderly and sick, and baby quilts.

  11. Gail Hollingsworth

    We have a large church that supports several mission trips and missionaries in several places. We have a small group (Sunday School) that takes a large meal to a Hospice facility for the family members the last Sunday in every month.

  12. Carol Alscheff

    We attend a fairly large inner city church that has several outreaches. One is an outreach house mostly for children and their families that offers tutoring and after school activities. Also an annual event in a nearby park with food, bounce houses, entertainment and a school supply giveaway.

  13. Ruth Bogue

    As part of my church’s Mission team it’s hard to list all that we do for our community and world. October 20th we are holding a soup kitchen, free for everyone who wishes a meal plus a serve the community day where we head out in teams and perform tasks for those who need assistance with home repairs/lawn work etc. We have donated to Heifer foundation, provided school supplies to children, toiletries to the local high and middle school for teens who need personal items, birthcare providing supplies for new mothers, the list goes on and on. I am so proud of the work we do in our church!

  14. Lori Smanski

    What a cool t shirt. I would love to wear this all the time. Oh I hope you have a fabulous time in Ireland. That is one of my dream spots.

  15. Juanita Cook

    Our church has VBS every year and invite the all neighborhood children to come. We do a Christmas tree where you can pick a family and buy for them. We also do mission outreach in other countries. We collect clothes & other personal items to help out people when there it a disaster and they have lost everything. Collect children clothing & toys for the Grandparents who can’t afford to buy their grand children at Christmas at no cost to them. These are a few of the things our church does every year.

  16. Debbie Earls

    My church serves a free meal to those in our community every Wednesday night. Our clothing closet is open for 45 minutes before we open the doors for a short sermon and a meal. Our clothing closet is also open at different times during the month & on emergency basis. We are having a fall harvest party later this month for those in the community. We have VBS in the summer. We are a very “outreach” oriented church. I love what your church did. What a great idea!

  17. Kate Kleinert

    When my husband was dying and I was on duty 24/7, some women from church would come over and sit with him while I would get an hour or so just to myself. They were faithful to the end and came two nights a week. I never felt more blessed than I did on those nights.

  18. Kristin

    Our church holds VBS and visitation to help reach the community. We also support many organizations and events such as the local crisis pregnancy center and have ladies that go out to help minister to young ladies.

  19. Fizzy Pop

    And here is where I out myself as a terrible person! I used to attend a rather large church here in my little town to help out a friend with her Sunday School Class. However, people and I aren’t really copacetic. I’m great at small groups where I know people and super great-ish online but in person. . .meh. That being said my church tends to be the online variety through live stream. Being just me the idea of going to a smaller church by myself is just as overwhelming as people you don’t know what to talk to you! What can I say? I’m winning at terrible person and not so much in the rest.

  20. Steve Cain

    Our church is a fairly recient plant…20 months old. We have had a hadful of events that are refered to as ‘serve day’ where groups go out and help people with things like home repairs, auto maintenace, etc. that the family can’t afford or physically do themselves. The people in the community can either be someone who has asked the church, the local community outreach ministries (joint multi-demoninational group that does food pantry, thrift shop, etc.), or suggested by a memeber or even attender of the church. There is also semi-regular work with the food pantry, etc. For a growing ministry that is not quite two years old, I can say I am proud of how much the church is focusing on the community. We also have things outside of the community. We helped out a fellow church in our Association of Related Churches after the hurricanes last year and had a summer mission trip to the Dakotas.

  21. Susan Ferrell

    Love the idea of a prayer walk! My church regularly visits the local nursing home and minister to them by having a “Hymn Sing.” We also have an outreach to a local elementary school for an afterschool program. We also give routinely to local food shelters and families in need.

  22. vannettachapman Post author

    Thanks for commenting, everyone. It’s so encouraging seeing how our places of worship are reaching out to the community around us. The winner for this blog is Steve C. (Steve, check your email.)