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I’m so happy to announce that A Widow’s Hope is now available in stores! (The ebook will release next Wednesday, August 1st). This is my first Harlequin/Love Inspired book, so I thought I’d tell you a few of the things I’ve learned about H/LI since I began writing for them.

  • Love Inspired is the Christian division of Harlequin books. They release books “strongly rooted in traditional Christian and moral values.”
  • In 2014, Harlequin books was purchased by Newscorp and is now a division of Harper Collins (If you’ve read my early Amish mysteries or my novellas, they are published by Harper Collins Christian Publishing).
  • Harlequin publishes a LOT of books. In 2002 alone they published more than half of all romances released in North America.
  • Harlequin books appear in stores for only one month. You can find them at Walmart, grocery stores, books stores, and your local Christian book stores. After 30 days they are pulled from the shelves and can be purchased on-line in ebook or print format.
  • Harlequin has an ebook club and a print book club, where you can subscribe to receive a set number of releases per month.
  • Harlequin suspense books are often made into LifeTime movies and Harlequin romance books are often made into Hallmark Channel movies
  • Harlequin always releases the print books on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, then the ebook is released on the 1st of the following month.

I’m excited to be writing for this publisher. I hope that you’ll check out my newest release, and if you read and enjoy it please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Goodreads’ reviews are pulled straight into the Harlequin webpage.

Comment below with where you purchase/borrow books from, and I’ll draw one winner to receive an earlier release from my book closet. Our winner from the last post was Roberta Jeffers. If your name is Roberta Jeffers, check your email. If you didn’t receive an email from me, it was a different Roberta. 🙂



Announcements for this week:

  • I’ve added new items to my VCReader’s Boutique including autographed copies of my newest release with quilted bookmarks for only $7.  Click here to browse my items and remember that I add new items several times a week.
  • An Amish Table, A Perfect Square, and An Amish Cradle all made the ECPA bestseller list last month. Thank you for supporting Christian fiction.
  • The repackaged edition of Material Witness released July 10th.
  • I have a new rafflectoper giveaway going which includes some cool author swag. Click here and scan down for details.


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17 thoughts on “New Release

  1. Anne Rightler

    I purchase new books from Amazon and occasionally Barnes & Noble. For used books, I check out the library sales and thrift shops.

  2. Royce E Hostetler

    I borrow many of my reading books from the local public library here in Forest Grove OREGON. I use inter-library loan along with WORLD CAT to find the titles I want to borrow for reading.

    If I buy books, I buy them used from AMAZON with gift cards that earn from exercise activities through my Medicare insurance plan–HUMANA.

  3. Gail Hollingsworth

    Sam’s Club and Lifeway where I live have gotten to where they don’t carry many Christian fiction novels. Walmart has a few but not a great selection. I have to order from Amazon a lot of the time and every now and then Harlequin . We have one bookstore, Barnes and Noble but theirs are too expensive most of the time for my SS budget.

  4. Lori Smanski

    a number of friends and i share books. i buy a number of books at second hand book store or Amazon. sometimes Barnes and Noble
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  5. Valorie Smith

    I purchase my books anywhere I can find them… in rural Kentucky it is getting harder to find my favorite genre of reading-Amish/Christian Fiction. Therefore if I find one I buy it….

  6. lib1lady

    Our church library budget is very small. I purchase books from where ever I can get them for a reasonable price. I also borrow books from the church & public library.
    Janet E.

  7. Linda McFarland

    I purchase books from Amazon and my local Lifeway. I borrow books from my library online! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  8. Ellie

    I buy my books at Lifeway, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. I borrow books from the local library. I got A Widow’s Hope at B&N.

  9. Marilyn R

    I purchase books primarily from CBD, as it seems they have the best prices. I will purchase from Amazon with gift cards and occassionally Walmart. I patron our local library a lot and use the inter-loan service for books that are not in our local library. It’s impossible to buy every book that I read so thankful for libraries. I’m also grateful to some authors who will send their books to me to read and review.

  10. Lynn Kavanagh

    I buy my Ebooks from Amazon. I’m a pretty avid reader. I probably read 3 books per week. I have a really bad back, & now I have a broken knee cap, that happened when I took a fall. Reading really helps to pass the time. Right now I’m reading A Widows Hope. I am thoroughly enjoying this book & I strongly identify with Hannah’s character as I have a child with a disability. My daughter Kelly has Down Syndrome. While Hannah is adamant that Matthew is he responsibility alone, I am married & my husband shares in the care of our daughter. The thing that resonates with me, is Hannah’s feelings of protectivness. My experience as a mother of a child with special needs, is that I would do absolutely anything to keep her from being hurt, either emotionally or physically. Kelly has such a kind heart & has been such a blessing in our lives. So, that aspect of the story really touches me deeply. I haven’t read all of your books Vanetta, but those that I have I’ve truly enjoyed.