Monte Vista, Colorado

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This week I wanted to share with you pictures from the Amish community in Monte Vista, Colorado. If you’re receiving this blog in your email box, you might need to click on the link in order for the photographs to show. Who the Bishop Knows, the last of my novels set in Monte Vista, officially released on March 6, and I’m so pleased at the response. Thank you to everyone who has sent emails, Facebook posts, tweets, and blog comments regarding this book. You all are truly faithful, wonderful readers.

Out of respect to the Amish people that we met, I did not take pictures of them except for the one long distance shot at the sand dunes. I hope you’ve enjoyed this “visit” through Monte Vista.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me something fun that you’ve seen in an Amish community. If you’ve never been, tell me what you’d like to see. Leave a comment below, and I’ll draw one winner from each post’s comment section. If your name is drawn, I’ll send you a paperback book of my choice from my supply closet. If it’s one you already have, you can donate the unsigned copy to your local library or a friend. This week, I also have a copy of “Latte for Life” by Renae Brumbaugh Green that I’ll be giving away. Last post our winner was “bn100candg.”



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26 thoughts on “Monte Vista, Colorado

  1. Linda McFarland

    The funniest and most fun thing I’ve seen when I visited Amish country in Lancaster Co. in PA was two young ladies riding horses with western saddles and not side-saddle! The girls had on dresses and each had a backpack. They were going down the side of a semi-busy road. I wanted a video so badly. It was funny and shocking all at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  2. Carla Conley

    I live in Adams County Ohio and we have a large community of Amish in our county. The neatest thing I seen was two Amish in a small buggy in the drive thru at McDonalds!

  3. Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit

    We have a Mennonite store nearby 6 miles from us and I go there to shop for Dry goods and such. She has a huge fabric shoppe and Grocery Store there, but also carries Books, Toys and Yarns !!! Also Gifts !!!
    We have another one about 25 miles southwest of us that is much larger and I like to go to them !!!
    Linda Marie Finn

  4. lib1lady

    I live about 2 hours away from Pinecraft, Florida. We visited in that area 2 years ago. I didn’t really see anything funny or unusual but would love to go back some day.
    Janet E.

      1. vannettachapman Post author

        Hi Birdie. You’re my winner this post! Please check your email for instructions.

  5. Judith Jordan

    Years ago I worked in maternity as a RN.. The Amish couple were looking in the nursery at the baby..The husband said to his wife “Wife why didn’t you wake me?” The doctor at that time would go get the expected Mother.. He was a caring country doctor.

  6. Lori Smanski

    My husband and i visit Shipshewana, IN once a year. I love the Amish community there. They are lovely people. When we go we always talk to them. They are easy to talk to. At least the ones we have met. I love watching how they take care and handle their horses. I have learned some tips from some of the ladies about quilting that i was having difficulties with.

  7. Cori Dahmen

    I also loved the Amish community in Monte Vista. I bought a woven rug from a charming little girl who beamed with delight when I *happened* to select a rug she’d helped weave. That memory makes me smile every time.

  8. Birdie Cutair

    I have a good time driving up to the Amish country. I live very close to Lancaster. It is so peaceful. I like the plowed field and the horses pulling the plows. I like the horse and buggies going up and down the road. And, I like the Whoopie Pies that they sell. My daughter who lives near me in Maryland just had an Amish family buy the farm across the street from her. It’s been exciting watching them rebuild part of the barn and now they are plowing with horses. They have a dog that runs along with them.

  9. njaybrown

    I’ve never visited an Amish community, even though I tried and tried to get my husband to drive us to Pinecraft, which is about a 4 hour drive. I’d like to see the inside of one of their homes, particularly the kitchen, since I like to cook and clean house myself. It would be so nice to get to be friends with one of the Amish women close in age to myself, too, maybe write letters to each other. Thank you Vannetta, for this giveaway, too.

  10. Loreen

    I have been to a quilt shop in Lancaster PA and I enjoyed speaking to the mom who ran the shop!! She was fascinated by all our dogs. I was fascinated by all her quillos and stock. It was fun speaking with her. I would love to go back to Lancaster again. One thing I thought was weird, but now I realize the family must have been Menonite…a woman and two kids pulled up to the shop in a new BMW; she was driving and they were all wearing what I thought was amish clothing. My mouth was probably rudely hanging open, because it really took me by surprise. This happened in Intercourse, PA.

  11. Janice

    Been to Monte Vista and loved the area. I remember going to Iowa for family reunions and seeing the Amish people. The always fascinated me with they live. I would love to sit and visit with them especially at a Quilting gathering they have.

  12. Debra Earls

    I have visited Holmes County in Ohio a couple of times. I really enjoy seeing the Amish. I would love to go inside their home. The food is delicious. Their crafts are beautiful. I didn’t really see anything odd or funny. I have also been to the school auction in Milroy, Indiana. That was a lot of fun. Very interesting with all the auction rings going at the same time. They had beautiful quilts. They brought more than I could afford.

  13. Mardell

    What a nice collection of pictures. I expected the houses to look more tradtional somehow. I’ve had the opportunity to see Amish people in Kalona Iowa, riding in their buggy. It is a nice little town I wouldn’t mind visiting again.

  14. Tiffany Hall

    I have not gotten the opportunity to visit an Amish community, but hope to one day. I would love to see inside their homes and ride in one their buggies.

  15. Terri Schmidt

    We live near Lancaster PA, as well as York County in PA, and we never tire of seeing the simple life the Amish lead. From April through October we visit a nearby Amish farm for their wonderful fresh produce, baked goods, etc. Several years ago we were driving through the Amish countryside up in Lancaster and had stopped to take some pictures. I noticed a young Amish boy running from his house across the field to our car. He had horseshoes that he’d painted and attached silk flowers to, in order to sell them. What an enterprising little guy! And of course, we just had to buy one from him. He was so thrilled, lol, and so adorable and sweet.

  16. Kay Bennett

    I have never been to an Amish community. I would love to though. I think the food would have to be a big draw for me. I love the photo of the sand dunes. Exactly as I pictured that area as well as the rodeo.

  17. Meg S (A&M)

    We were in Paradise, PA a few years ago driving to Intercourse when we saw a young teenage looking girl on one of the bicycles they drive (they are not like traditional bikes), and behind it she was towing a cart with younger children in it and more children were in a wagon that was attached to the cart. It was amazing to see the ingenuity for transporting kids, but looked dangerous on a rode used by cars.

  18. Babs Squires

    The funniest and most unusual thing I ever saw was right across the street from my house. Music was blaring from a buggy,and that suprised me. I couldn’t see the driver, but on each side of the buggy swung skirted, bare feet! This was on Saturday early evening, in the summer, definitely some Rumspringa in action!
    I hadn’t thought of this in awhile, it happened in 2011 or 2012.

    1. Jaime

      I drive amish for a living. Im wanting to move to colorado… Does anyone know about the small amoumt of amish there? Or how much they charge