24 Hours in the Life of a Writer

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Leo watches over me as I write.

Leo watches over me as I write.

Sometimes people think that because you work at home, you’re not busy. Nothing could be farther from the truth! I’ve worked in offices, schools, and at home. It’s all fun, and it’s all hard work. But being an author is different from other jobs I’ve had. My average day looks something like this:

  • 6:00 am: first bark from Phoebe the Labrador followed quickly by second bark from Cola the beagle
  • 6:05: stumble out of bed and feed dogs, let out cats, stumble back to bed and try to get back to sleep
  • 7:00 Give it up and fix a cup of coffee
  • 7:15 Sit with Bob and talk about our day, the news, or simply watch the deer in the yard. He calls me his “coffee mate” and this is our fav time of day.
  • 8:00 Walk dogs
  • 8:30 Eat breakfast
  • 9:00 Write in gratitude journal, check email and update social media
  • 10:00 Take a break to do laundry, feed birds, play ball with dog
  • 10:15 Start editing the pages I’ve written the previous day
  • 12:15 Lunch break (more dog stuff), chat with Bob, check Twitter or Facebook, read from Bible or other book
  • 1:00 Write new pages (I try to write 2,000 words a day, which is about 5 pages)
  • 2:30 Go to the gym for an hour
  • 3:30 Finish writing those pages
  • 4:30 email check and social media, take care of outgoing mail, accounting, pay bills, etc.
  • 5:30 make dinner
  • 6:30 sneak to the hammock or office and read while Bob does dishes
  • 7:30 walk dogs (earlier in the winter)
  • 8:00 watch tv together or read, crochet
  • 10:30 bedtime

This changes up a bit if I’m editing a book or if I’m travelling, but basically this is what I do every day! And I try very hard to always take Sundays off from work. In fact, I really like taking Saturday off for play time and Sunday off for rest and worship. Makes for a happier writer.

Now how about you? Tell me something about your daily schedule. I draw one winner from each post’s comment section. If your name is drawn, I’ll send you a paperback book of my choice from my supply closet. If it’s one you already have, you can donate the unsigned copy to your local library or a friend. Last post we had two winners–Lori S. and Debbi E.



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36 thoughts on “24 Hours in the Life of a Writer

  1. Gail Hollingsworth

    Your schedule was interesting. My husband and I are both retired so each day is a new adventure. We don’t have a set schedule. This this the first year since we both retired that we have no responsibilities. We kept grandkids until they started school and we moved my mom in with us until she passed away Thanksgiving. We plan to not plan but we want to spend time traveling in our RV until we get too old to do so.

  2. Linda Morgan

    One thing about my daily schedule…in the evenings, after dinner while watching/listening to TV, I love to crochet!

    As to the question posted above – what kind of person are you – I would say, creative…definitely creative. I always love doing creative things and finding ways to be creative.

    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  3. Deb Simmering

    I am also up early, usually around 4:30 -5:00, I get a shower, get dressed for the day, make up my bed and then I make myself a cup of chai tea. While that is steeping, I start my laundry. I get my tea and sit down with my bible and do my daily devotions and prayers. Then into my housework. I usually have everything done by noon. Then I fix a light lunch and sit down to read. Later on I might cross stitch for a while. If it’s not windy O will go out and burn trash. Go get my mail, it comes really late, then fix some supper for myself and watch tv or read some more until I go to bed.

  4. Lori Smanski

    I love this picture. my Shadow cat is like this when I am sewing. he has to be in the middle being my quality control kitty. LOL

  5. Patti

    I’m enjoying being retired, especially in the mornings after all those years of being at school before the 7:30 bell rang. My husband and I agree that the extra time we have in the morning before he goes to work is our favorite time of day, too.

  6. Mary Lou Hazelrigg

    Still employed full time, so Mon to Fri, up at 6 am, leave for work at 7 am. Back home about 5 pm unless any shopping to do. Dinner, dishes, then some TV and laundry when needed. Reading before bed. Will be retiring this Fall and looking forward to that. But it will be different, gor sure. Have worked full tme since 19 and soon will be 68. Was off 19 months after daughter born in 1985 and worked part time for 3 years after son born in 1982. So I am not used to being home for many days at a time. Vanetta, you sound very organized. I need to be mote thst way.

  7. Linda Marie Finn

    Coffeemate how sweet and he does dishes, he’s a keeper for sure My day starts around 7:30 with Greens and then check for email, saving or making pics for reviews and biz…This morning started with talking to my oldest daughter to encourage her, she’s a single mom of 3 !!!
    That’s what we’re here for is to encourage others !

  8. Debbie Earls

    I am employed full time with my own business. I also work part time in my dad’s business. So work keeps me busy 5 days a week plus. I am up by 6:15, shower, eat, devotions & gone between 7:30-7:45 & usually home by 5:30. I do volunteer work at my church on Wednesday nights when we serve a free meal to those in our community. In my busy season I am working 6-7 days a week. When I am home, I enjoy spending time talking to my husband about his day. I try to read every evening before I go to bed. It helps me relax.

  9. Juanita Cook

    I am retired so don’t have a real daily schedule unless I have Dr. appointments to keep. Am usually up some time between 5 to 7 AM. Feed our fur baby. And then on the computer to see what is going on with everyone. Get my shower done and start lunch. The afternoons are usually whatever I decide to do, read , go to the store, bingo, etc.

  10. DeanaDeana Dick

    My schedule is a bit different each day. My hubby has a routine of getting up at 4:30 am and off to work by 5:30am. I’m still sleeping away. When I get up I look at my emails and organize what I need to read and review for the day. I’m a pretty easy going person who tends to stay to herself a lot.

  11. Karen Tackett

    Oh wow, I couldn’t agree with you more. We work from home as we have a ministry of encouragement to pastors, leaders plus I stay in touch with a world of missionaries and pastors! I do that through FB and email. Also spend much time answering prayer requests and praying over the needs. Keeps me pretty busy all day plus our local church and family activities. We work in our church’s food pantry on Mondays also. So not a hour by hour schedule like you have to do as a writer but staying busy with all the Lord has for us in our adventurous life. When the Lord sends us traveling to spend time with all these folks then we stay even busier. Thanks for all you do to share with us your stories that lift up the Lord and encourage us.

  12. Marilyn

    I’m up early each day for quiet time with Bible reading, devotional, and pray. Usually the cats want fed before I start my reading. LOL
    When the seasons allow I’m out walking early or after work. I enjoy nature so much seeing the beauty no matter the season.

  13. Janet Estridge

    Dear Vannetta,
    My day to day schedule changes a lot so here is my activities for this week.
    Monday : Errands around town and lunch with husband.
    Tuesday : Work in the church library.
    Wednesday : Clean house & work in the church library.
    Thursday: Off with friends for the day.
    Friday: Company comes to stay the weekend.
    Saturday: Out and about with the Company.
    Sunday: Church, Sunday School, Lunch, and Out & About with the Company.

  14. Nancee Marchinowski

    Your days are far more regimented than mine are! I go with the wind, and don’t really follow a set schedule anymore. I don’t get nearly as much done, but I spend a great deal of time with my grandchildren! Reading is my second priority. If the house gets cleaned, good. If not, oh well!

  15. Meg Bess

    Since I’m also retired it seems that I’m more busy mow I take care of my 20 month old grandson 2 days a week and l love being grandma! I wish I had more hours in the day, especially reading time( my husband gave me the new bishops books fir my birthday) and I need to make time for myself. We have 3dogs and 1 cat they also require my time too! I love to do crafts, scrapbooking and knitting! I also do slit of volunteering for my church and I make NICU gowns fir the precious babies!

  16. Fizzy Pop

    I’m usually up somewhere between 6 and 7 (depending on how many times I feel the need to hit snooze) and if it’s a work day out the door by 7:30. Do the work thing and get home about 7ish (if I have stops to make even later). Scrounge food (cereals nights are legit people), shower and in bed with my book by 8:30ish. I don’t watch a lot of TV unless I’m actually doing computer or blog work without Kristin on the phone (rare people, so rare) and then it’s just background. Though for the last year or so I’ve lost the inability to turn off my brain to sleep and many nights I put something on Netflix I’ve seen so many times that I can’t tune it to background in order to be able to sleep.

  17. Nicole House

    You sure have a busy schedule! I feel like I drag myself out of bed in the morning, make sure the kids are up, go to school, teach all morning and sometimes into the afternoon, manage the kids’ schedules, make supper, do laundry and schoolwork and whatever else I can squeeze in (like reading and Facebook), and fall into bed around midnight with my hubby. If it’s Friday, we may have date night instead of our regular craziness. Part of me looks forward to retirement (as if that will ever actually happen!), but the other part of me savors the time with the kids. We already have one out of the house, and I can’t believe that time flew so fast.

  18. Andrea B. Brooks

    I loved reading your schedule.. your cat reminds me of my grandparents cat Half-stache, cause it looked like he had half of a mustache(LOL). My schedule varies from day to day. It depends on what day it is and what I have going on.. Some days I run errands, hang out with my aunt and or just relax, read and or watch tv.

  19. Kristin

    24 (or so) Hours in the Life of a Reader:
    7:30 A.m: Begrudgingly wake because therapy is at 10. It is a a 45 minute drive. I have to get a baby ready, gather her gear—twister cables/shoes, bracing and etc.
    8:00: Still trying to get Arie dressed. She is screaming and I’m just trying to survive the morning until the coffee pot has brewed my liquid heaven.
    8:30-8:45: Ive finished dressing. The two kids are ready and they eat food that my mom has jumped in to prepare while I was wrangling the acreaming banshee. Arie really hates mornings…
    8:45-9: Heat the car because it is usually 20 degrees at this time of morning. I run back inside to eat and get my coffee and fill my car diffuser with essential oils for immune support.
    9-9:45: Driving
    10-12: I read while Piper and Arie have their therapy sessions
    12-12:15: Get updates from therapists
    12:15-1:00/1:15: Drive home
    1:15: The kids clear the table and start school while I make lunch.
    1:30: lunch
    1:30-5: kids finish their school work that my mom got them started on. I have to start supper because hubby works a second job and comes home long enough to eat.
    5-7: chores/practice violin/do whatever I need to do
    7: Fizzy Pop calls and we work on our blog.
    Evening is varied. Last night I had to grocery shop.
    Eventually, I fall in bed and read until 2-3 a.m. (If Arie isnt crying all night because her legs hurt because of life/therapy)

    Start it all over again. Only, Tuesday’s schedule is completely different. Every day’s schedule is different.

  20. Susan Ferrell

    I have to say that my “routine”, if you call it that, depends entirely on my daughter’s school schedule! If she’s in school, we are in a much better rhythm — up at a certain time, to school by a certain time, pick up at a certain time, etc. When school is out, it’s MAYHEM, lol!

  21. Nancy

    After my husband leaves for work, I walk our two small dogs, then feed them. Every morning, about the same time, and pretty much the same route. Before that, though, I get out of bed, have coffee, juice and water, and read at least a chapter in my King James bible every morning, and then take my daily meds. Those things are rigid, and most important to me. John 3:16-12; Romans 10:9-13

  22. Cheryl

    You are a busy women/writer. After reading the replies I find that we al “need” that coffee in the morning. I work part time at a funeral home and help my Mom and Stepdad. And I do need that coffee to get me going. But I am ready for summer or at least warmer weather.

  23. Linda Barber

    Loved reading your schedule. Mine is up at 6:30 followed by quiet time, breakfast, finishing by 9. If the weather is good, hubby and I walk 2 miles. I spend the rest of the morning in my workroom trying to conquer paper work! Then it’s lunch, scrapbooking or geneaology until about 3 when we sit down with our coffee and books. After supper it’s back to my workroom for checking emails, scrapbooking, etc.

  24. Connie R.

    My days vary quite a bit because I have a flip-flop work schedule. By that I mean, some early days, some evenings. But I always spend too much time on FB, that seems to be my window to the world these days. I usually do sedentary things before I go to work as I will be on my feet most of the time. On days off, I catch up on cooking and cleaning. That’s about as much of a schedule as I have, right now work dictates how I order my days.

  25. Sue Crockett

    Let dogs out. Monday thru Friday take girl to school.
    Come home eat breakfast.
    Play with dogs.
    Lay something out for dinner.
    Go get girl from school.
    Let dog out. Have one that is afraid of doggie door. She’s 11 years old My sleeping buddy.
    Fix dinner. Watch Tv. Read.
    Make sure all dogs are out for night.
    Let dogs in and put them to bed.
    Read two chapters in the Bible and read some of the book that I am on.

  26. Patty C

    A few things I do everyday are get up and have a few cups of coffee & before I go to bed have hot tea with honey & cinnamon.

  27. Codee

    1:30 and 4:30 am, up with restless kids, perhaps sleep in to 8 am and perhaps not, provide crafts, food, reassurance and do a fairly continuous round of laundry and dishes many days and ideally some exercise and bible study and count my blessings as I am married to a man better than my dreams and have two very-much-against-the-odds children.

  28. frances Sniatecki

    my husband and I are both retired and sleep very late. not a care in the world. make dr. appointments in the afternoon

    are we lazy or what.

  29. Joan Kurth

    I am retired so mostly my day is at my own pace. However, I am a baby rocker and a Mended Hearts volunteer at my local hospital and I am in a prayer shawl ministry, a circle and other small jobs at church. So a lot of my spare time is spent reading. I have loved to read since I first met the Dick and Jane books!

  30. Patti Bond

    You are busy person. I get up between 4:30 or 5 am I put a load of laundry in the machine and dry. Then I eat breakfast somewhere around 6:30 while catching up with my programs on the DVR. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays i fix breakfast for my brother between 7:30 and 8. then we leave to go to his dialysis appointments (for three hours) where I usually do the majority of my reading or errands Then around 6 I fix his dinner for him first then mine. by 10 I am ready to go to bed

  31. vannettachapman Post author

    I enjoyed reading about your daily schedules. Blessings to each of you. Our winner for this blog was Karen T. Thanks again to everyone for commenting.

  32. Sue Kircher

    Just finished ‘WHAT THE BISHOP SAW” and enjoyed it very much. The only problem was I couldn’t get Simon and Garfunkle’s song “Me and Julio down by the School Yard” out of my mind as it contains the line “what the Mama saw, it was against the law”. I keep hearing in my head, ” what the Bishop saw…… Ear worm, yetch!