Snack Time

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8 Favorite Foods

Writers spend a lot of time alone. It’s part of the job! The only way you can think through your characters, straighten up your plot, and write the book that God has given you to write is to go into your office and get it done.

But I like learning about my readers. I like meeting people and finding out interesting things about them. This week, let’s talk food.

I have some favorite food categories–like chocolate. Isn’t that a food group? That and coffee! So I thought I’d share 8 of my favorite foods, and I included a couple drinks. Some of them I only eat now and then, and I imagine you’ll be able to guess why. Here they are:
1. Chocolate cake
2. Ice cream
3. Strawberries
4. Fried chicken
5. Warm bread
6. HFC (hamburger, French fries and coke)
7. Unsweetened raspberry tea
8. Strong coffee

Now how about you? What are some of your favorite foods?

IIMG_0775 draw one winner from each post’s comment section. If you’re the winner from this post, you’ll receive 3 Love Inspired books that I picked up while at the ACFW conference. Our last winner was Tammy L.



Announcements for this week:

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185 thoughts on “Snack Time

    1. ZoeAnn Russell

      Some of my favorite things to eat are 1) sweet tea. 2) cinnamon rolls ( everyone around here tells me I make the best). 3) vanilla ice cream. 4) tenderloin sandwich, fries, sweet tea. 5)peach pie. 6) strawberries. 7)warm homemade bread with butter. 9)chocolate mayonnaise cake ( oh who am I kidding… Chocolate anything!). 10) fried chicken. All of the above would taste so much better if I was reading one of your wonderful books while I was eating them! Good luck everyone!

  1. Pamela Hargraves

    Warm bread for me too. Also black raspberry chocolate chip shake. Chocolate and yes it is a food group! Fried clams and lobster.

  2. Alice BREEDING

    Thankfully, I’m not craving ice cream or sweets any longer. Salads with meat, veggies and simple dressing were a daily meal all summer…and it’s still summer here! Good Tex Mex, Beef Barbeque, steak and baked potato…I like most everything!

  3. Melanie Backus

    I have had to change my eating habits drastically sine last December when I learned I had celiac disease and my sugar was too high. I have adjusted well some of my favorites are crunchy tacos, protein packs, black coffee, unsweetened tea, gluten free oatmeal, Atkins bars and Kind bars.

  4. Kay Bennett

    For me 1. Candy (hard candy, sweet sugary stuff only) 2. Steak (rare) 3. Chips (right now salt and vinegar) 4. Mom’s rouladen and potato dumplings 5. Candy 6. Diet coke (I know doesnt make much sense) 7. Beef sticks 8. Candy
    Love your books!

  5. Anne Rightler

    Fresh juicy peaches and strawberries
    Tossed salad w/ pecans, bleu cheese craisins & apples
    And Diet Pepsi!

  6. Sally Fester

    Hi!! Well my all time favorite is chocolate, mainly dark, and any type is chocolate food, fried chicken, pasta, any kind I am Italian) ha!! Warm breads, warm krispy creme donuts, iced tea with lemon and Mountain Dew!!! Whew! I am full!! Thank you!!!

  7. Donna

    My two favorite foods – any cheese and potatoes, made any way! And it’s even better if you mix the two and have cheesy potatoes!

  8. ajwbear

    My 8 favorite foods:

    1. coffee
    2. ice cream
    3. mashed potatoes with lots of butter
    4. pancakes with lots of butter
    5. mac and cheese
    6. chocolate cake
    7. fresh bread with butter
    8. fried potatoes with onions

    Glad you didn’t ask for more than 8 items, I was running out of my favorite foods.

  9. Nancy Brown

    I would love to win one or all of these books. My favorite snack foods are pretzel rods with sour cream, sharp cheddar cheese, salted caramel oreo thins, and plain old bread and REAL butter with some garlic salt on it.

    Romans 10:9-13; John 3:16-21

  10. Karen Tackett

    I love your favorite foods too but mine are Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (keeping up with the chocolate theme), Animal Crackers (especially the chocolate ones), Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins, Vanilla Wafers, Chicken Pot Pie, Meatloaf, Broccoli with Queso on top, Chicken Fried Steak. Well, that is my 8 top! Makes me hungry talking about them! lol

  11. Tiffany Hall

    A few of my favorite foods are:
    – turtles
    – chocolate cake
    – crawfish
    – grilled salmon or tilapia
    – my favorite drink is Sprite, although I don’t drink it often. I usually drink only water.

  12. Carolyn Hutson

    Eight (okay nine) of my favorite foods and drinks –

    1. Pizza
    2. Donuts
    3. Chimichangas
    4. Pumpkin Pie
    5. Chocolate Chip Cookies
    6. Turtle Ice Cream Blizzards/Concretes
    7. Hazelnut Latte
    8. Sweet Tea
    9. Caffeine Free Coke

    There you have it!


  13. Patti Gallagher

    Great topic! It certainly was hard narrowing it down, but these truly are my favorite!
    1. Strong black coffee
    2. Fresh lobster chowder
    3. Watermelon feta mint salad
    4. Potato chips (Aldi’s barbecue flavor)
    5. Lemon butter baked cod
    6. Wegmans Ultimate White Cake

  14. Mary Lou Hazelrigg

    Like Melanie, I have had to change my diet to low carb and cut out wheat products. I struggle sometimes. I did work really hard the past year and lost 30 lbs. Now I am feeling deprived a little and have gained at least 5 lbs back. I cannot give up pizza and allow thin crust once a week. I eat lots of lettuce salads with cheese, veggies and ham added. Favorites that I allow are strawberries, apples, watermelon. I love everything and used to eat way too much. I need prayers to help me keep a healthy diet and portion control. Thanks.

  15. Sandra M

    My favorite foods are a little strange. I love pickles straight from the jar; not cold. Sweet Tea (McAllisters), salads with vinaigrette dressing, and movie theater popcorn!

  16. Debbie Earls

    I love dark chocolate (I think it is a food group!), ice cream especially Graeters double chocolate chip, potato soup, warm bread. Yummy! My drink of choice is Dr. Pepper.

  17. janet estridge

    My sister and I took care of our Mom who had Alzheimer’s. All you had to do was look in the cabinets to see whose week it was. She favored anything salty and I went after the sweet stuff. Food is what helped us get through that difficult time.

  18. Carlaine Bovio

    My favorite things, include: Lobster, Steamed Clams, hot yeast rolls, chilled sun tea, Chocolate Bread Pudding, Apple Tapioca pudding, homemade ice cream, fish chowder, warm cookies fresh out of the oven, date shake, hot milk sponge cake. Of course I have more but I only touched the tip of the best.

  19. Janet Shell Hartman

    I love fried eggs. Iced Tea, black coffee & water. Wendy’s hamburgers. Fried chicken. biscuits & gravy. Bacon. Peanut butter. Peanut butter & lettuce sandwiches. Because I have a kidney problem, I don’t drink much coffee & even less tea. I’m Type 2 Diabetic so I use Splenda for my tea & other foods. Some of those foods I eat rarely.

  20. Patricia Bond

    My favorite foods (and drinks are) ! Diet Mt Dew 2- Southwestern Pizza, 3 Popcorn 4 Chocolate and Peanut Butter 4 Tacos Thanks for sharing your favorites and the chance to win these great books

  21. Elizabeth Dent

    I like be your books . Some of my favorite foods are Pizza ,Strawberries , Strawberry pizza pie , grilled Lemon peppered chicken, baked potatoes . I love my Vannilla ice coffee . Thanks and I love your blog .

  22. Robin in NC

    !. Pizza
    2.Ice Cream
    3.Big, juicy cheeseburger
    4.French fries
    5.Grilled cheese
    6.Chocolate cake
    7.Dutch apple pie a’la mode
    8.Diet Coke
    Diet Coke is just about the only beverage I drink & I honestly don’t know of any chocolate that I’d not eat. LOL!!! Thanks Vannetta!
    RW620 AT aol DOT com

  23. Linda McFarland

    My favorite snacks are popcorn, cookies, sometimes Cheetos and a new favorite is caramel M&M’s! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  24. Kristi

    My favorite sweet is my homemade caramels and caramel popcorn balls, but what I miss most is my mothers hamloaf and her swiss steak can’t make it like she did.

  25. Gloria

    These are the things that I love: cheeseburger and fries, fried chicken, apple pie with vanilla ice cream, chips with salsa, all pasta, anything with peanut butter, seafood, blueberries, strawberries, salads and nuts. I only eat some of this things occasionally because of health issues.

  26. Sherry Mondragon

    This time of year it’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Sometime in October, I usually make a bunch to send to my kids who live out of town. That way I get to make them and eat just a few–but not the whole batch!

  27. Irma

    My favourite snacks are:

    Ice cream
    Pop corn
    Dried fruits covered with chocolate

    I also love baby carrots 🙂

    Thanks for the chance.

  28. Christine

    Hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows; cinnamon flop; Granny Smith apples – just a few of my favorites. Thx for the giveaway opportunity – I love your writing 😉

  29. Dorie DePuy

    My favorite snacks are potato chips, french fries, cheese, coffee, a big bowl of rare beef Pho and warm chocolate cookies.

  30. Mary Beth Dawson

    I love dark chocolate. Chex sweet and salty mix, low salt potato chips, Apple slices dipped in caramel, almonds, and Swiss cheese.

  31. Shaun Renee Paulsen

    Lets see what are some of my favorite foods. I live in the south so of course sweet tea would have to be on the list. I also like ice cream, sweet potato pancakes (since it’s fall), pork chops, chicken, corn, asparagus, and scallops but the list could go on and on.

  32. Sally Fester

    Not sure if I already did this! Love warm breads, but ny very favorite snack is chicolates, any kind -with nuts or without or raisins, etc! Happy snacking!!

  33. Constance Smith

    My favorite foods are: coffee, lobster, pizza, love fried chix, too , prime rib, hamburgers cooked on the charcoal grill, thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings & family…..looking forward to That! You have a splendid fall season.

  34. Nancy Horn

    My favorite foods include: Shrimp most any way fixed, lasagna, greens salads, coffee, poor man’s steak, spinach chicken and apples of any kind.

  35. Deborah Brewer

    Love your book as you well know from the years now of telling you. You just keep getting better and better. God has really Blessed you. Your Ky Friend Deb Brewer.

  36. Renee Jackson

    I love chips and salsa, cherry dump cake and my husband’s grilled chicken, pork chops and potatoes! Thank you!

  37. Wendy Newcomb

    I really enjoy the Matchmaker’s of Huckleberry Hill series and the The Honeybee Sisters series by Jennifer Beckstrand, I enjoy most Amish, Historical, and some cozy mysteries. Some of my favorite authors along with you, are Wanda Brunstetter, Shanna Hatfield, Molly B Jebber, Debby Guisti, Amy Clipston, Shelley Shepard Gray, and oh so many others. I hate to pick a favorite, it’s like saying which one of your kids is your favorite, with books and authors there are too many to list!!!!

    wfnren at aol dot com

  38. Mary Boling

    Love your blogs. If these books are anywhere as interesting as yours, then they will be great! Even if I don’t win. I enjoy your blogs. <3
    Mary B.

  39. Carol Frazer

    My favorite snacks are: apples, unsweetened iced tea (all year round) veggie straws, PB&J sandwiches, baby carrots dipped in guacamole, walking tacos and Wisconsin cheese curds. (deep fried)

  40. Lela

    I absolutely love Doritoes with a Throwback Mtn. Dew, great combo for my free day! I also enjoy Beef Jerky, Tacos, and Ranch Seasoned Hamburgers. My favorite supper is Pork Curry served over rice. Yummy! Thanks for a chance to win!

  41. Jody Llewellyn Rigle

    Strong Coffee Is a top my list too!!! Steak, seafood and fried chicken and Ice Cream are a must 😉

  42. debbie faunce

    Chicken, potatoes., dark chocolate, fountain coke, bacon- sharp cheddar- hamburger with mustard and onion.

  43. Kay Garrett

    Some of the foods I love are:
    Any type of bread but only hot out of the oven otherwise I can take or leave it
    My Mom’s recipe for Hungarian Coffee Cake made from scratch which was my choice for my birthday cake as a child growing up. It’s a rich homemade version of the monkey bread folks made after I was grown other than it has lots of pecans in it.
    Homemade pizza (crust and all) with just about any kind of toppings
    Nothing beats homemade ice cream on a hot summer day.
    Peaches right off the tree.
    Tomatoes that taste like tomato.
    Mom’s homemade lasagna with garlic bread.
    Fresh corn on the cob. Seems like the first anything when in season always tastes the best.
    And I’ll stop here or I’d go on and on with favorites but I have to add that sometimes the best tasting thing to me can be just a sandwich slapped together if someone else makes it when you are so tired. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win not one but three great books!

  44. Pam Mignerey

    Coffee always ..

    I am a gravy fan ….I can eat gravy on everythinh.

    Roast beef sandwiches
    Cole slaw
    Potatoes every way
    Hamburger soup

  45. Aileen Burke

    Chocolate is DEFINITELY a food group! Aside from that, though, I go bonkers over anything with cinnamon. I even drink cinnamon-flavored coffee, along with cinnamon creamer. Double-yum! ❤️

  46. Sue

    Some of my favorite foods are chocolate, coffee, peanut butter and sweet potatoes, not necessarily in that order I also enjoy your writing

  47. Belinda Crowe

    I love your books, which I recently discovered. Some of my favorite foods are prime rib, sweet potatoes and creme brûlée. And who doesn’t love Reese’s peanut butter cups? I don’t eat these very often anymore since I’m trying to lose weight and be healthier.

  48. Michelle Proper

    I have many but my all time faves are Chicken or beef stew with dumplings, Any soup that is homemade, Haddock Fish, Sea Scallops, Apple Pie, Popcorn, Hot cup of tea, Turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, Homemade bread fresh out of the oven, Anything chocolate, especially like dark chocolate with Nuts! Butter Pecan ice cream is my favorite flavor. Gosh I could go on and on but now I am hungry…gee, wonder why? 😉

  49. Sheri Gerren-Lollar

    Growing up with an English mom, she use to make corn beef with mashed potatoes and baked beans. Always loved it, especially in the winter. Then I served it to my family. My husband and I really enjoy it, not to sure about the kids. However, it’s become a “comfort” food for me, and brings back so many good memories of when I was a young girl.

  50. Jacki Turner

    My favorite snacks are 1) Chocolate, 2) Lays Poppables Sea Salt, 3) Dark Chocolate, 4) Muncho’s Potato Snacks, 4) Chocolate Chip Cookies, 5) Honeycrisp Apples, 6) Dark Chocolate Kisses, I think there is a pattern here.

  51. Annette Cosper

    I am way over weight and love things I shouldn’t eat. My favorite food group is Oriental, spaghetti, pizza, tomato gravy, fried chicken and many other thing. I was originally from Fla., not live in Ga. for over 20 yrs. We are in the process of moving to our youngest son’s house. He is going to build us an apartment attached to his house. We are no longer to take care of our place. I am calling our new place the “Dawdi House.” LOVE reading Amish books. They are so loving, sweet spirit, always ready to help each other out. Most of all their love for God.

  52. Amy Bradsher

    Chocolate is definitely it’s own food group. 😉 I’m not a coffee fan, but I love frozen mochas – it’s like chocolate on steroids.

    One of my very favorite foods are whoopie pies. My great-grandmother’s recipe is amazing. She was a wonderful baker.

  53. Mardell Grayhek

    I love chocolate too. I also love chile rellenos….cheeseburgers with good fries, crispy, shredded hash browns and…acorn squash with melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Apple pie, and pot roast with roasted potatoes, carrots and onions. I guess I am in the mood for fall flavors and I have to admit your post is making me hungry for all these things!

  54. Debbie Hazelton

    Some of my favorite foods are: Mocha Raspberry iced coffee, pecan pie, pumpkin roll, ice cream and BBQ ribs. Thanks for the chance to win. Love your books.

  55. Jan Stetson

    Definitely anything baked! Love fresh bread, cookies and scones! Fried chicken, fried okra and fried zucchini! I also love Christian romantic suspense novels

  56. Carla Conley

    My favorite food is a grilled turkey parmesan sandwich served at one of Ohio’s state lodges located near us!

  57. Pegi Ackerman

    I love your books. Read every one I can get my hands on to read. Keep them coming. I love the Amish and many of their ways.

  58. Robin

    Pizza, Mac and cheese, ice cream, pastries, bean burritos, cheese enchiladas. These are a few of my favorite things.

  59. kim karecky

    My favorite foods are:
    1.peanut butter ice cream
    2.mocha mint iced coffee
    3.Pasta of any sort
    4.chocolate pudding
    6.Clam chowder
    7.Whoopie pies
    8.Good and plenty candy
    Althouh I never snack when I read for some reason lol

  60. Joy Taylor

    Well let’s see…Popeye’s chicken…fresh baked bread and rolls…carrot cake…coconut cream pies with meringue…Italian Creme Cake…spaghetti and meat balls… Blue Bell Butter Pecan Ice Cream….oops better stop…my stomach is growling…

  61. Suzie Waltner

    I like the mint chocolate combination, so Jr. Mints and peppermint patties. If I’m craving salty, pumpkin seeds usually fill the craving.

  62. Janice Clark

    I have a few favorite foods PIZZA, Snickers candy bars,lol,,Chili , Vegetable Soup , DQ Blizzards,, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cake…but I have to watch it , so only eat my favorites at special times….hehehe..

  63. Barbara Wenner

    My snacks are strawberry, ice cream,carrot cake, chocolate candy,hamburger now and then and ribs.thanks for a chance to win.

  64. Jennifer Hibdon

    Most of the foods make it on my favorite list, also. Please sweeten the raspberry tea and mellow out the coffee with sugar and thick cream to make me happy.
    I enjoy following you on Facebook and you blog.

  65. Kay Bennett

    How odd, I was sure I had commented on this one, but here goes again. I will probably have different favorites this time, lol
    1 hard candy
    2 steak (rare)
    3 potatoes (anyway)
    4 does diet coke count
    5 my mother’s German cooking (anything)
    6 Haribo candies, especially the berries

  66. Lois Klobucher

    My favorite snack is popcorn or anything
    Chocolate and like everyone else
    Warm bread with butter and honey
    Would love to win any of your books

  67. Linda Christmas

    Oh wow
    Fried chicken
    Peanut butter cookies
    Oatmeal cake
    Fried chicken
    Onion rings
    Catfish anytime
    Fried chicken

  68. Debbie Wynn

    Warm bread fresh from the oven. Or crunchy cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillet. With melted butter….

  69. Linda Barber

    Love to snack on nuts of any kind and sometimes while reading! Your Bishop books are on my “to be read” list, and would love to win these Amish titles.

  70. Amy Ogle

    My favorite things to eat is sushi, apple and peanut butter, chocolate anything (yum), Nutella on rice cakes, Diet Pepsi, strawberries, tuna sandwiches, and seafood.

  71. Ruth A Standish

    I love to read and usually have 3 or 4 books going at the same time. Amish stories are my favorite.

    My favorite foods are in no particular order are:
    Chocolate, cake with peanut butter frosting
    Chocolate peanut butter ice cream
    Warm home made bread with real butter. preferably butter that I bought at an Amish farm stand or store.
    Hot Chocolate
    Pot Roast with Gravy
    Roast Chicken
    Chocolate No Bake Cookies with a cup of hot coffee.

  72. Babs Squires

    I love seafood, esp shrimp and lobsters! Like you, I like strawberries; also other berries and peaches from the Lake Michigan towns. Dark chocolate is my preference, esp dark chocolate seafoam candy. Love pies over cake, unless it is Mississippi Mud Cake. We have a garden and we enjoy the veggies out of it. Near us the Bronson FArms have the best peaches and cream sweet corn!

  73. donnadurnell2013

    Mexican food is always a favorite. But coffee (plain brewed black), chocolate, potato chips, toasted english muffins — those are the things I reach for when I have the munchies.

  74. Cheryl Patton

    A few of my favorite foods are meatloaf, chili, fried turkey breast, shrimp gumbo, and crawfish tail soup….all with iced sweet tea.

  75. Nancy Horn

    I love love love lasagna, shrimp…scampi, fried, boiled, etc, good soups (home made of course) chooocolaattteee anything, apple pie (no nutmeg please), a good cuppa coffee, green tea with honey and raspberry flavoring, spinach chicken, poor man’s steak and maaaashed potatooooes!!! Love love love mashed potatoes. My dear mom, now passed, love sweet potato fries. She’d order them everywhere we went. Funny how certain foods stick in the craw! My fav childhood memory was going to my gram’s house and she’d sit on the floor in front of her “new fangled” gas range and make me cinnamon toast in the broiler! Small thing but so very memorable! Buttered home-made bread with cinnamon sugar, toasted under that flame. I can still taste it!

  76. Diane Bernath

    Most favourite – warm bread – just made 2 loaves, 1 is already gone (wasn’t me, I only had three pieces)
    Then Ice cream and strawberries.

  77. Lucy Reynolds

    Some of my favorite foods are ice cream, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, hot biscuits with jam, and coffee with peppermint creamer.

  78. Lori Smanski

    Some of my favorites are Cherry Cake, Sweet Potato Casserole, Sweet Potato/Chicken/Brussel Sprout Skillet, Hamburger, Ice Cream.

  79. vannettachapman Post author

    Our winner is Ernestine H. Thanks for playing along everyone. Your posts made me radically hungry. 🙂

  80. Nancy Horn

    i SO want those two books. I read read read and enjoy good clean fiction! Thank you, Vannetta, for making us “escapes” that give us a chance to relax and become part of a world that is quiet and peaceful! HUGS.

  81. Jackie Tessnair

    Some of my favorite foods; 1.dumplins 2.pumpkin bread 3. Salad 4. A homemade hamburger 5. Coke 6.homemade biscuits 7.homemade ice cream 8.pork chops. I love your books Vannetta and by reading them keeps me from eating all this food.

    1. Nancy Horn

      Some of my favorites are brussel sprouts, shrimp…just about any way imaginable, home made dumplings and chicken with gravy, my mom’s biscuit recipe done with cheese and garlic butter, cherry pie, apple-anything, chocolate, chocolate abd chocolate and pecans.

  82. sabrinatemplin

    Some faves are ice cream, baked goods(Cookies!) mashed potatoes, Chicken n’dumplins, Pizza, carbonated beverages, Cheese, Lindt Chocolate truffles

  83. Babs Squires

    Hey Vannetta! In Michigan we are lucky to have so many fruits available in the summer. The closer to Lake Michigan the more fruit you find. I too love homemade warm bread, I can resist all kinds of store candy and cookies, but oh boy homemade pies and candies!!! I love homemade peanut butter balls or buckeyes. Chinese and seafood are definitely two of my top all time favorites!!! I guess I better quit or gain ten pounds talking about this!!