What Are You Carrying Around

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IMG_0544It’s In the Bag

What better way to get to know each other than to dump out the contents of our handbag. (If you’re a man reading this blog–think of your wallet and your pockets and the front seat of your vehicle.)

I carry a small purse because I have a shoulder issue. Big bags cause my arm to hurt. So I’ve learned to pair down what I need. I’m going to dump it out in front of me right now and let you know what’s in there.

  • Wallet
  • ACT mints
  • Small fingernail file
  • Lip gloss
  • Lip stick
  • Gum
  • Pill box
  • 2 pens
  • Large fingernail file
  • More lip gloss (why do I have 2 in this little purse?)
  • Pen
  • Ticket stub
  • Hair clip
  • Keys

That’s it. Sometimes I try to fit my Kindle Paperwhite in there, but mostly I carry that around in my hand. And if I take my sunglasses, I have to leave that case on the front seat, or carry a larger bag!

Now how about you? What’s in your bag? I draw one winner from each post’s comment section. If your name is drawn, I’ll send you a paperback book of my choice from my supply closet. If it’s one you already have, you can donate the unsigned copy to your local library or a friend. Our last winner was Patricia B.




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47 thoughts on “What Are You Carrying Around

  1. Lori Smanski

    oh my goodness, way too much. cleaning out tonight because we leave for vacation tomorrow. wallet, bag that holds envelopes with cash (we do the envelope system). burts bees, bag with Tylenol etc., small brush, keys, folding fan, bag with misc. like fingernail clippers etc., calender

  2. Deb Simmering

    Wallet, tablet, 4 pens, checkbook, small bag w/clean underwear and pads, coupons, kindle when I have a doctor’s appointment, keys, car charger for cell phone, appointment calender, pill box, eye drops, floss,

  3. Gail Estes Hollingsworth

    My checkbook, my mom’s checkbook, my insurance cards, my mom’s insurance cards, postage stamps, cents off coupons, sweet n low, coffee creamer, parking tokens, change purse, chapstick, Chick FIL a calendar card, three pens and very little cash, and I mean very little, LOL!!

  4. Kay Bennett

    Ok there is no way I am dumping my purse, but I can tell you some of the things in it. My wallet with too many things in it and stuff I do not need for sure including a few coupons I know are expired. I have about 5 small tubes of hand lotion. One excellent nail file from Germany (it folds and is absolutely the best nail files anywhere, I have found them on Amazon wahoo). A bag of lipglosses, lipsticks, concealers and other things that I do not even use. Tons of papers that I do not know what they are nor if they are any use to me now a days. A small bag with religious/spiritual tokens, coins, necklaces, and a small vial of my service dog’s ashes. Ok that is it from memory. I am sure there is a bunch of trash in it too, lol

  5. Ramona

    I usually don’t carry a purse. I refer to my car as a purse on wheels. I did carry a purse yesterday, inside was a wallet, keys, and cellphone.

  6. Linda McFarland

    The contents of my purse are a big scary mess including a wallet, checkbook and cover, car keys, a small wallet containing all those cards that get discounts at stores, ink pens, cosmetic bag, handkerchief and a couple of envelopes with cash! As I said a scary mess! Your little bag is cute!

  7. Robin in NC

    My wallet, hubs’ wallet, my reading glasses, hubs reading glasses, manicure set, chapstick, floss, comb, mirror, wetnaps, coupon holder, eye drops, cell phone, bottle of Advil, tape measure, calculator, pen, bandaids & key chain full of store loyalty cards. 🙂

  8. Jean Smith

    Wallet, keys, coupons, tissues, chap stick, nail file and clippers, pen, cell phone, mints, gift cards, and a book to read when I’m in the waiting room at the doctors.

  9. Cecilia

    So many things because I carry a big bag. My wallet, coin purse, bookmarks to hand out, brochures for an event I am speaking at, gift certificates, make up bag with all the necessities (lip gloss, lip stick, chap stick, mirror, clippers, medicine, band-aides, eyeglass cleaner, nail file), sunglasses in a case, kindle, phone, keys, and devotional.

  10. Myra Johnson

    Well you finally got me…oh my..wallet, change bag, coupon bag, receipt bag, spare bag (not sure what to use it for yet, they were cute so I got four of them), epipen, inhaler, eye drops, paperwork from my doctor, meds list, ce!lphone, phone charger, spare car charger, current book I’m reading, empty M&Ms wrapper, notepad, pen, paint samples, card of hearing aid batteries, keys, and sunglasses. Oh and deodorant don’t judge had a mammogram yesterday!

  11. Splashes of Joy

    I need to carry a smaller bag because if shoulder issues but I’m having trouble downsizing what I carry. Right now I’m looking at my wallet, 3 pens, 2 felt pens, mints, 1 lipstick, 2 lip gloss, 1 chapstick(gotta have the lip stuff), small brush, small scissors, tissues, plastic spoon??, pill box, cash register receipts, change I threw in, note pad and when I go out, water or drink of some kind, Kindle, or book I’m reading. And whatever else I Stuff in there!
    Now what can I do without?? I need to downsize.

  12. Valorie Smith

    Wallet, keys, tic tacks, gum, phone charger comb, emory boards, safety pins, scrunchie, calendar/date book and starlight mints

  13. Patti Gallagher

    I have an organizer purse because I am an obsessive freak when it comes to keeping a neat purse.
    Front lower left pocket: $1.50 in quarters
    Front lower right pocket: lip smackers
    Middle pocket: ziplock bag containing aspirin, burt’s bees lozenges, needle and thread, bandaids, comb, book of stamps, nail file and clippers, small bottle of Purell, and tissues.
    Top front pocket: cell phone and charger, reading glasses, sun glasses, emergency gas money.
    Middle center pocket: keys and a ziplock bag with Aldi plastic shopping bags, umbrella, and gloves in the winter
    Back pocket: Credit cards in their assigned spots, cash (all facing the same direction and from lowest to highest), change purse for coins, and occasionally a stray receipt from the grocery store.
    See…I really am weird about my purse!

  14. Anne L. Rightler

    I switched purses for the evening so just have a few things tonite.
    My wallet, a small zipper bag w/ battery backups and wires for charging my phone. A small hand lotion, a hair pick, my phone and nail file.
    Normally I have a larger purse that carries everything but the kitchen sink. I must have been a boy scout in a former life…be prepared!
    Thanks for the opp to win one of your books!

  15. Pamela Bain

    My purse has lots of room that I try not to fill up but here goes, wallet, 4 pens( a least 1 with stylus) mini manicure set, mirror, pain pills, tube hand lotion, peppermints, Gideon New Testament, a rock to remind me of Jesus, tissues, with enough room left to carry the book I’m currently reading. Needless to say I don’t carry it unless I really need to

  16. Karen

    I have to laugh at this, because hubby always tells me I am carrying too much in my purse. I have a wallet, my house keys,
    my prescription sunglasses, 3 lip gloss of almost the same hue, a compact of pressed powder, bandaids, comb, notepad, pen, mini purse with bus/subway tokens. We do not have a car (and I do not drive at all anyways) so we travel by bus and subway, when I bought my purse(s) I told hubby it had to be big enough for a book as well (now I just use a tote bag separately). But I laughed because when we go out, he asks me to carry his glasses and grocery bags (I hate using plastic and paying 5cents a bag). I do use a smaller one in the summer, but then I miss my bigger one.

  17. Karen Tackett

    Well, I carry a large bag so that I can also carry some of my husband’s things if needed. I have a notepad and pen, camera, billfold (large) and billfold (small) because I carry scripture cards on business card stock with me in English and Spanish. I make the scripture cards. I carry a box that looks like a small book for my cards too. I have lotion, mints, Mimi’s picture album, a charger for the cell phone and I even have some CD’s of worship music that I give away when Father says. Oh and I also have some medicines, fingernail clippers, file and anointing oil. lol Goodness, that is a lot!! So appreciate your stories and your posts.

  18. Tiffany Hall

    Let’s see… I have my wallet, change purse, fingernail file, 2 pens, 2 tithing envelopes, small bible, 2 lip gloss, small bottle of lotion, small germ x, and 3 receipts from recent purchases.

  19. Diana

    The contents of my purse vary with what I am doing. If I’m traveling, there is a small squashed roll of TP, notecards, gerber tool , Kindle…….. . I use a smaller bag for shopping – just money, tissues, comb, pen …………

  20. Shirley Blanchard

    im carrying around in my purse, a wallet, eye glasses with case, keys, kleenexs, 3 pens, a folding back scratcher, ,a small writing tablet, 2 finger nail files, my cell phone, and thats it, gee no wonder my shoulder hurts

  21. Sonja Nishimoto

    Grocery coupons, keys, wallet, sunglasses, External hard drive, Advil, stamps, pens, a few vitaminscoin purse I bought in Holland, EOS lotion, and some misc papers. Time to weed through, a nice reminder, Vannetta!

  22. Carlyn Casey

    Wallet, checkbook, date planner, 2 pens, nail clippers, nail file, coupon book, tissues, keys, mints, and if I’m not at home, my phone.

  23. Patricia Bond

    I carry a big bat , it is big but sometimes I don’t think it is big enough because every time I go to look for something I can not find it and it has three sections plus two small one on the front of it. Inside i carry Cell phone, My wallet, My brother’s wallet, credit card holder, a change purse, keys, store tags, lots of pens, change on the bottom, and a small pouch for personal items. coupons and sometimes I stick a book in it. I have to practically dump everything out in a check out line sometimes

  24. Mary Herrnstein

    wallet, my daddy’s rosary, grocery list and coupons, parking placard,notebook and 3 pens, reading and sun glasses, small flashlight, asthma inhaler, 2 medicated blistex, tylenols and rolaids, lucky peace turtle charm (gift from my BFF) granddaughter’s lock tote key on chain she made, Squirtle (small crocheted turtle granddaughter made) tiny glitter bunny key chain with forever flower charm from granddaughter, a cross in my pocket poem card…and I always take a book…which rarely fits in purse.

  25. Cherese Akhavein

    I’m like you in the fact that I carry a small purse because with my bad back it starts to bother me after awhile, anyway here is my list:
    A small zipper bag that has:
    Nail file, dental floss, a pill case, a little mirror, lip stick, a small hand lotion, a couple eye glass cleaner wipes,
    Then in my purse I have a ink pen and a tin of mints.
    I usually have a pack of Kleenex but I guess I used them all.

  26. Juanita Cook

    I have my wallet, Lip balm, Pen, Credit card holder, Car keys, House key on another ring,
    Sun glasses, Tide to go, A few mints. Calendar, Small pkg of Kleenex, Vapor inhaler,
    Small hand lotion,Eye glass cleaning cloth,
    I put my e reader in my purse when I go anywhere
    The purse is leather & so is the wallet so it gets really heavy to carry.
    I need to get a smaller purse and downsize.

  27. Mary Lou Hazelrrigg

    I have downsized my bag, also. I have a small wallet with overbody strap to take out with me when I shop that has my id, cards, etc. Other items in my bag are my calendar datebook, check book, chapstick berts bees, tic tacs, tooth picks, keys, book 2 of the Bishop Series, smart phone, tissue, small notebad, pen, nail clipper and file.

  28. Alisa King

    In my bag I have lipstick , face powder, pouch with my change, keys, glasses , my cardholder for my driver license, credit card etc.

  29. Beth

    Dumping out my pirse I have a wallet, a book I am reading, my notebook, various receipts, random pieces of paper, pens, cell phone, blood sugar meter. Now to clean it up.

  30. Babs Squires

    My purse ifs the one you want when the plane goes down! I have one makeup bag filled with everyone in the family’s meds, nail clippers, file. eye drops (dry eye) scissors, etc. I actually take it out when in the car it is so heavy. wallet, papers and coupons ( I never remember them), kleenex for allergies,bio freeze for that shoulder pain, a comb, and gum!

  31. Denise Cedras

    Cell phone
    3 pairs of reading glasses (yup!…three!)
    4 pens
    cover stick
    bluetooth earpiece
    too many receipts to count!
    sticky note
    glucose tablets
    glucose meter and supplies
    snack bar
    small notebook
    coins – no wonder it’s so heavy!
    Spa brochure
    New water bottle from the bank

  32. vannettachapman Post author

    Well this was just fun. I enjoyed reading about “what you’re carrying around.” You all are a hoot! Our winner this week is Mary Lou Hazelrigg. We’ll have another contest with the next blog. 🙂

  33. Tena Burnes

    I carry a small wristlit. I still manage to pack it full. Keys, checkbook (don’t laugh), debit card, earbuds, pen, change and on rare occasions cash. LOL

  34. Kristin

    I have 4-5 roller bottles of essential oils, chapstick, two aromatherapy inhalers, a book, my wallet, a small bottle of ibuprofen, a small bottle of Tylenol, a small bottle of kids ibuprofen. 5 bookmarks to either use for myself or to give out. I give out author bookmarks to readers that stop to comment on my bookish tshirts.