Bishop Henry is BACK

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When the Bishop Needs an Alibi 12-12-16New Release–When the Bishop Needs an Alibi

I’m thrilled to announce the release of book 2 in my Amish Bishop series. When the Bishop Needs an Alibi is now available in stores everywhere.

Hopefully you’ve read What the Bishop Saw and met Henry Lapp. Henry is the best of all the pastors I’ve known. He’s wise and kind and friendly. He cares about his flock. He loves doing the work that God has given him to do.

But Henry isn’t perfect. In book 1 we learned that Henry has a special gift–he can draw in perfect detail anything that he has seen. This is the result of a baseball accident when he was a child. The doctors say that Henry is an “accidental savant,” but growing up Henry only knew that he was different. In What the Bishop Saw, Henry is faced with saving the life of a person in his community, a person who is being charged with a murder he didn’t commit, but to do so Henry must embrace the gift God has given him. Henry must draw.

His good friend and romantic interest Emma Fisher encourages Henry to do just that. She assures Henry that God has a plan for his life, she convinces him that their community will support him, she shows him grace and friendship and even love.

Now Henry is 65 years old, and he is once again called upon to use his gift when a local waitress is found dead. Henry had been trying to minister to Sophia Brooks, and her death is a terrible thing for him personally and for their community in general. The question is whether Henry will be able to embrace his gift, even when it means that the police will turn their investigation toward him.

When the Bishop Needs an Alibi is a compelling story of faith, friendship, and finding courage only God can provide. I hope that you will give it a read.

What about you? Who has been your special spiritual mentor/advisor/friend/pastor? Leave me a comment. I draw one winner from each post’s comment section. If your name is drawn, I’ll send you a paperback book of my choice from my supply closet. If it’s one you already have, you can donate the unsigned copy to your local library or a friend. Our last winner was Royce E.





Announcements for this week:

  • My book Hidden and Protected are now enrolled in the KU store. If you’re a member of KU, they’re free. If you’re not a member of KU, they’re still only $2.99 each.
  • My new Rafflecopter giveaway has started and include an Amish made clothesline bag. I’m sure we could all think of ways to use this, even if we don’t hang our clothes on the line!
  • When the Bishop Needs an Alibi earned a 4 star review from Romantic Times.
  • I’m working on 2 new indie books that will release in the fall. Stay tuned for more details about Coyote’s Revenge and Roswell’s Secret in the coming weeks.


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43 thoughts on “Bishop Henry is BACK

  1. Debbie Earls

    Pastor Todd was an awesome pastor in my church. He recently took another church in Indiana. in the 6 1/2 years he was at our church, our outreach ministry really took off. We now serve a free meal to our community each week, have a clothing closet, do a children’s clothing giveaway several times a year, etc. He is a very compassionate man with a servant’s heart. We miss him a lot, but know God has someone picked out for our church. We know Pastor Todd will do an awesome job with the church he is at now.

  2. Mary Lou Hazelrrigg

    Even though my dear Aunt Louise passed away in 1977, she has always been a spiritual guide for me. She lived her life as a follower of Jesus, setting a great example for all. An 8×10 drawing of Jesus hung on my bedroom wall, my little New Testament and later my first Bible were all gifts from her. She helped me to love going to church when I was very young. I always feel her watching my life and choices. Mary Lou

  3. fishingjan

    My advisor was Rosa C. She taught me by example. She is the one who got me reading Christian book. We would each read the book and then discuss it. She was a wonderful mentor and friend.

  4. Donna Forker

    Loved chatting with you on our Amish group!
    So happy I moved to Central, PA, now I see and talk to Amish people & make new friends too!

  5. Patti Gallaghet

    Our church has been truly blessed with a wonderful pastor who came to PA 5 years ago with his family from Texas. Pastor Tim is an excellent Bible based preacher, he greets everyone individually before and after the service, he is involved in every aspect of our church community, and he shares his Texas humor with us, sometimes very stoic, PA Dutch congregation (poor guy usually has to explain what it means!). He has been very helpful to me in the library as he keeps up to date on new relevant Christian non fiction to purchase for our collection. He always has an ear to listen and a heart to serve!

  6. Brenda Andrezeywski

    Many people, including my parents, have made a large impact on my life! I’ve been very blessed!
    Congratulations, not just on your newest , but ALL of them!!

  7. Jackie Tessnair

    I would have to say my aunt Mary is my mentor.She is passed away now but she will always live in my heart.

  8. Deana

    My mentor is a couple we met when we were being trained to do marriage ministry. They took us under their wing and poured wisdom, encouragement and trust into us.

  9. Denise Guthery

    I wish Bishop Henry was real, I would love to meet him! Great books! My mentor never knew how much she influenced me. She was my elderly next door neighbor when I was little. She would take the time to sit and talk and while I can’t remember much of what she said to me, I always knew she was a faithful Godly woman, so gentle, but strong, so loving and happy. All of her children became missionaries. What a legacy.

  10. Tiffany Hall

    My special mentor/spiritual advisor was my mother-in-law. She was not only my mother-in-law, but also my pastor’s wife, and friend. I could always go to her for advice, prayer, spiritual guidance.

    Looking forward to this new book!

  11. Cherese Akhavein

    My Mother was my biggest mentor, best friend, and spiritual leader. Sad to say she just passed on July 30th of this year and I will miss her greatly, But I know God has a plan and now she is walking with him.

  12. Roberta M. Jeffers

    Reverend Irving was my minister growing up and he took time to listen to my questions from why weren’t the dinosaurs mentioned in the bible to it was a grouper that swallowed Jonah. When I had to live with my half-sister after my parents passed away he often wrote me to see how I was doing. I have fond memories of growing up in church and I am happy to say that the church is still going strong after fifty years.

  13. Marilyn R

    My grandparents and mother has been great spiritual leaders. I still have our mother’s encouragement, prayers, love along with an older couple that are praying for me daily and always there when I need an listening ear.

    When the Bishop Needs an Alibi reeled me in from the beginning. Wow a powerful top notched story. Loved this one and I couldn’t stop reading till I was finished. Thank you, Vannetta for writing inspiring books showing God’s love, protection and always using use for His service when we submit to His will.

  14. janet estridge

    My friend was Pat Lee. She was the Librarian for FBC at the Mall Library for over 50 years. She is the one who got me started in the church library. I’ve been in the library now for almost 40 years.

  15. Loreen Evans

    I have not really had a pastor/priest as my councilor but several friend who seem to be connected have helped me find my way in the past. God always finds a way to help his children and he always shows me a way thru the messes I get myself into. I just have to listen and find the answers He has left for me.

  16. conniereads

    My greatest mentor was my Mom’s sister Virginia (Aunt Ginny) she passed away of cancer but still to this very day I can still feel her spirit and her talking to me when things get me down.

  17. Linda McFarland

    My mentor would be my 90 year-old mom. She is so wise and is a faithful prayer warrior. My husband is also my spiritual advisor. I am so blessed. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  18. Patricia Bond

    I cannot wait to read When The Bishop Needs an Alibi Your books make such great reading material anytime any where. I just finished reading A Perfect Square while waiting for my brother’s dialysis treatments to finish. Love your books, as always

  19. Melanie Backus

    My parents have always been great examples for me in life spiritually and physically. They continue to show me how…

  20. Denise Pugh

    Vanetta, I enjoy your Amish mysteries so much. I just stopped at Lifeway on my home from work and bought the Bishop Needs an Alibi……….Oh, wait! My husband said I had to cook supper before I start it. He knows me too well!

  21. Joann rankin

    Your are a truly amazing woman. I was touched by your finding the time to help the people affected by Harvey God blew you and your family! Please keep that Amish mystery/suspense books coming

  22. Maryann

    I consider all the older women of my church my mentors. I call them all my spiritual moms. They have a deep faith that has stood the test of time and lots of Godly wisdom to share with us who are younger.

  23. vannettachapman Post author

    I so enjoy reading your comments! Thank you for taking the time to reply. Isn’t it amazing how God puts special people in our lives to guide and care for us? Our winner this week is Patricia B. If you haven’t won yet, keep trying. We’re giving away a free book with each post!

  24. Mary Lou Hazelrrigg

    You have done it again, created such a compelling series! I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the Bishop Henry series, and i am finding book two in the series is even better. I do not want to stop reading this book. And you know, i never want the series to end. 🙂 Thank you for the stories that you create.