Childhood Memories

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VC with Grandma Andrews

VC with Grandma Andrews

Memories from a Long, Long Time Ago

What’s your earliest childhood memory? I have a hard time with that question. Often I can’t decide if I actually remember something, or if I’ve been told about it so many times that I think I remember it. Or maybe I’ve seen a picture and I think I remember it.

My memory is notoriously bad anyway. My assistant, Kristy, is someone that I babysat the first 10 years of her life. She’s a mom now, and my assistant, and a social worker. She will often say something like, “Remember when I was four and you said to me…” No! I don’t remember. I remember how her hair used to be a mass of curls

me and Kristy

me and Kristy

when she woke up from her nap. I remember how stubborn she was. And I remember the feel of her tiny arms around my neck. But I don’t remember specific conversations very often.

So what are my earliest childhood memories? A few that I think I remember are–

  • A minor earthquake when we were living in Los Angeles (I was 4 and remember thinking it was a great adventure to watch the chandelier swing back and forth).
  • My dog Gus (still in LA, age 4). Gus was a German Shepherd and I think I remember riding him like a horse.
  • My birthday party at my grandma’s house. She lived on Fisher’s Island, off New York…and I remember sitting at the head of the table feeling like a princess. I was 5 years old.
  • Learning to swim when we lived in Connecticut. I thought I was going to freeze, and I would run to the beach when class was over, and lie on my beach towel and shiver until the sun warmed me up.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about your earliest childhood memory. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to receive a $10 Amazon certificate. Last week’s winner was Caryl K.


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27 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. Gail Estes Hollingsworth

    My earliest childhood memory was when I was three or four and it was too traumatic to write down here. But when I was in second grade I had a kidney disease that put me in the hospital for over a month and almost killed me. I remember it well!

  2. Linda McFarland

    I’m like you, Vannetta, I don’t remember much about my childhood. I do know it was full of happy times and growing up in a small town where it was safe to ride your bicycle a few blocks to town. What a sweet picture of you and Kristy. How special that she is now your assistant and still a part of your life. Love your books and thank you for the opportunity to win!

  3. Connie Ruggles

    I remember getting stung by a bunch of hornets, getting stuck in a closet, and getting kerosene or gas pumped on my head! All of these were when I was about 5 and within a few months time! Funny that I remember those things and not a lot else of my childhood.

  4. Debra Earls

    My earliest childhood memories are going to my grandparents farm. There were so many fun things to do & places to explore. I was probably around 4-5 years old. We always had lots of farm animals. When I was probably around 5-6 my great grandma who also lived on the farm let me bring home some baby chicks to keep in my room in a box. I don’t think I kept them too long before I took them back. That farm is still in our family even though my great grandparents & grandparents are long gone to Heaven. I miss them a lot. Many good chIldhood memories.

  5. Maureen

    I have a wonderful memory of a photo with my father when I was five. I was “graduating” from kindergarten and my father is squatting beside me, smiling proudly.

  6. Jean Smith

    I’m in my 70’s so I can’t remember a lot about when I was little. I just remember I had a great time growing up with my 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

  7. Tiffany Hall

    The earliest childhood memory I can recall I think is when I was around 4 and my mom had my brother and I in a Walmart store taking pictures in a wash tub. It obviously made quite an impact! Lol!

  8. Marilyn R

    My earliest childhood memory would be the house we lived and playing with my siblings and cat. I remember our grandparents coming Christmas Eve night after their church service to our house for Christmas. I was probably around four then. I remember when we moved and visitng the farm we were moving to when I was five.

  9. Mary Lou Hazelrrigg

    I remember lots of thing that happened when I was 4 years old. That was the year my sis started 1st grade. So she brought home all the childhood illnesses from the 1950s. I had mumps and checkenpox that year, along with pneumonia. It was 1954 and i remember being sick and sitting on moms lap in the old wooden rocking chair while she rock ed and read to me. I remember asking her why were her hands yellow and the walls, too. And why was the wallpaper peeling off the wall and why were we sitting up so high, like on the ceiling. Then she took my temp and it was 104. The she used the old wooden wall phone to call Dr Tennis. He came over, house calls were done in rural Indiana then. I could write pages, but won’t. I remember climbing up into this little cabinet beside the fireplace, and trying to close the door so the allegators below wouldn’t bite off my feet. 🙂 I really missed my sis when she was at school.

  10. Beverly Schack

    I remember my grandmother having all the time in the world just for me! She would play out on the front porch at the farm or we would swing in the porch swing. We would walk down the long lane to get the mail and have fun along the way. She would give me my own pie dough to make cookies — flour everywhere! I have tried to be just as good a grandmother to my grandchildren – by her loving Christian example. I loved her so much. Thank you for the opportunity to share my memories. God Bless.

  11. Royce E Hostetler

    somewhere between 3 and 4 years of age. My grandpa invited me to go with him to pick grandma at PDX. But I needed a bath. Mother cleaned out the kitchen sink basin and gave me a bath–we did not have a full bathroom at the time in our little country house. Most of the time, baths were in the wringer washing machine (agitator removed!). Grandma came down a tall set of stairs from the plane to great us at the wire gate.

  12. Jennifer R

    I remember being left in the middle of the stairs with a laundry basket of stuffed animals by another boy and subsequently falling down them. I think I was 2 and a half at the time. I apparently fell down those stairs a lot when I was learning to walk. 🙂

  13. Fiona

    My dad running a race with me on his shoulders. I was aged about 2. I remember being really scared to fall off and my hands on the top of his head!

  14. Joan Main

    I remember when I was about 5-6 I was sick and my Sunday school teacher brought me gift that was a tiny Bible in a walnut shell . She called it the Bible in a nutshell. I don’t remember if it was the entire Bible or just some key verses.

  15. Joan

    My first memory is when I was 2 years old. My father came home in the middle of the night from work. I stood up in my crib and looked out to the kitchen and said Daddy make me a bottle. I would the fall back to sleep again.

  16. Marion

    I remember when I was three years old. My Grandmother came with a chocolate cream pie. The pie fell on the floor.

  17. Marilyn

    I remember my first day of Kindergarten. My twin sister and me cried constantly. The teacher told our mother to take us home they are not ready for school. Apparently the teacher had no patience. I always tell people we were drop outs from Kindergarten! I also remember falling when I was two. I fell face down and my two front teeth went up in my gums. The doctor came and had to pull them down.OUCH!

  18. gobers2013Evangeline

    My earliest childhood memory is when my uncle was visiting and he took me to a department store to shop. I was frightened of the elevator, but he held me in his arms and comforted me…and got us to the next floor.

  19. Sandie Toms

    My earliest memory was playing with an Amish girl, a neighbor of my Amish Aunt. I spoke English and she spoke Dutch-we had a great time! Communicated just fine!

  20. deborawilder

    I’m like you. I don’t know if the things I’m remembering are actual memories of the event or from being told about the event. I do have a very vague memory of playing on the landing (we lived outside Seattle) and my Mom rushing to me and picking me because everything was shaking. I also remember carrying a brick to show my sisters how strong I was. I carried it above my head and ended up dropping it on my head. The amount of blood scared me just as much as the amount of pain. I was maybe 3 or 4.

    My first very clear memory was just before I turned 5. We had moved to California and I wondered if there would be any girls my age. We had barely turned into the driveway and gotten out of the car. The mailman was on the street as we drove up. Just a couple of minutes later while we were still looking around the yard a girl, just my age, came running around the corner. Her father was the mailman and he told her about me. We were best friends throughout school.

  21. Cora Vee Caswell

    Oddly enough, several of the women that descend from my mother’s family have “Early memory”, we call it. I remember tumbling down the cellar steps before I could walk. I didn’t know how to climb the steps back out and had to wait until she found me. I also remember my grandfather making me bread lightly sugared and soaked in tea, a carefully executed process. He died before I was 2. I remember being given blue depression glass toy dishes the day he died. And asking my mother later why didn’t we go get him at the hospital. (He died at home and she had told me they were taking him to the hospital. Never lid to kids, even toddlers!!!

  22. Elizabeth Suiter

    I remember when I was 5 years old,
    I had to walk to Kindergarten. When I got home one day my dad came home from the hospital in a body cast.( Dad was a cross country trucker, he had an accident and ended up in the hospital). There were people there helping him up the stairs to get in the house. That is when we had to go on welfare, for awhile. Mom was a stay at home wife and mom. She had to do something so she went back to school and became a nurse. We eventually got off welfare.

  23. Dianne Hollis

    One of my ealiest memories was before I was 5. I’d sit in my Dad’s lap and watch westerns with him. My mother would be ironing. He’d tell me that was his cousin on the Roy Rogers show. Many years after my Dsd passed away I was able to meet his cousin, Don Reynolds.
    I’ve enjoyed every book of yours I’ve had the privilege of reading. Thanks for the contest and for writing. God bless you.

  24. Debbie Rodriguez

    I remember making mud pies for my dad. I would hand them to him so proudly, and explain the flavor of each. He would pretend eat them and quickly throw them over his shoulder. He thought i didn’t see him do this. He would exclaim how good they tasted!
    Later i learned how to cook for real, and i would cook all my dad’s favorites for him. His absolute all time favorite was buttermilk pie. I miss him so. Thank you for encouraging our memories.

  25. Nancy Brown

    My earliest childhood memory ………not pleasant, so I’ll recall a nice one. I remember having about a dozen stuffed animals and dolls in the bed next to me every night, always on my right side, next to the wall. I would kiss them all good night.

  26. Regina Turner

    My earliest memories are of the cold floors in our house in Alabama. Remember my feet stayed cold even in the summer. I remember my nose crushed to the door watching for my big sisters and brother to come home. Also remember sitting in my aunt’s truck as a 2year old and crying because I got sick in her BRAND NEW PICKUP.