Fiction Full of WHAT?

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vc logoMost writers have a tag line. It’s something we put on our website, our business cards, our social media pages…anywhere we can fit it. It’s something that is supposed to describe not just our writing, but our mission as a writer.

My tag line is “Fiction Full of Grace.” Today I thought I’d share what I mean by that.

When I first started writing I was writing romantic suspense. Then my agent asked me to write an Amish romance. Then Harper Collins Christian Publishing asked me to write an Amish mystery. Then Harvest House asked me “if you could write anything, what would it be,” and I submitted The Remnant series which is dystopian.

I’ve also written some contemporary romances, a young adult book, and a western. Those haven’t been published yet, but I plan to publish them independently to supplement what I will be writing for Harlequin/Love Inspired (Amish romances which will begin releasing next year).

What do all of those different genres have in common? What is the one thread running through my stories? I thought about that a long time. I struggled over it and prayed about it and even attended workshops with titles like “What’s Your Brand?”

In the end, the answer–for me, was simple. I write Fiction Full of Grace. I write stories that remind us God is ever present, ever caring, and we don’t need to be afraid or worried or anxious. Our heavenly Father loves us more than we can imagine, and we can rest in that knowledge. God’s grace is my brand, my tagline, and it’s the reason that I write.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what your favorite KIND of story to read is. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to receive a $10 Amazon certificate. Last week’s winner was Kate K.



Announcements for this week:

  • Light of Dawn has released early. Amazon is already mailing print copies, and the ebook will release on 6-27.
  • My inspirational romantic suspense books are now available on KU, so if you’re a subscriber, please check out Hidden and Protected in the Kindle store.
  • We now have over 60 reviews for What the Bishop Saw on Amazon. Thank you!
  • My new rafflecopter giveaway includes a set of potholders made by one of the Amish women in the Monte Vista community. Details of the giveaway are on my main page.
  • Want to win a copy of Light of Dawn? My publisher is giving away 10 copies on Goodreads.
  • Raging Storm is also on sale for 99 cents in ebook format, and Amazon is offering it for 79 cents.

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61 thoughts on “Fiction Full of WHAT?

  1. Gail Estes Hollingsworth

    How exciting to read that you’ll be writing for Love Inspired. I’m also interested in your western and contemporary romance. Keep us updated.
    I enjoy Christian fiction of all types, romance, Amish, suspense and historical.

  2. susanlulu2013

    My favorite genre is Christian Amish Fiction. The kind of story I like best are those that deal with teaching students (in a one-room schoolhouse) or a widow who finds love again.

  3. Meg Schumann

    I like history, mysteries and Christian fiction with a biblical lesson, and have to say my favorite is a tie between Christian fiction and Amish mysteries. Your books are GREAT, and I love reading them. Your friend in Texas.

  4. Anne L. Rightler

    I love your ‘tag’ and I like fiction that is full of grace. Suspense, intrigue, historical fiction, romance, sci-fi, YA, whatever the genre if it has the thread of grace in it, I love it. I like being reminded of God’s riches and second chances. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Tiffany Hall

    Amish fiction of any kind is my all time favorite, but I also enjoy Christian suspense and romance. Very excited to hear about the new things you have coming!

  6. Debra Bearden

    I’m not sure this answer will fall in with your tag line question, I love Christian Amish ficton and Christian Historical fiction. I love when I finish a book and feel uplifted and I feel like the characters are apart of my family. I love when the story makes me feel good because the author has shared Jesus love, faith, grace, mercy, kindness, love to mankind etc. Reading is a huge stress relief to me.

  7. Robin in NC

    I do so love to read fiction full of grace! I can’t stand having to fast forward past unnecessary R-rated pages! Yuck! My favorite genre is romantic suspense. Thanks Vannetta for all your hard work! rw620 AT aol DOT com

  8. Connie R.

    My criteria isn’t necessarily a KIND of fiction. I need a story line that grips me, that pulls me in right from the beginning. I’ve read Christian and non-Christian fiction, police procedurals, detective stories, Biblical fiction, and romance. If you hook me in the first chapter or two, you’ve got my attention.

  9. Betty w

    Just wanted to say I love your books. Thank your for keeping me informed about new books. Be thankful in all things!

  10. Donita Corman

    My favorite genre is western fiction but I love almost any genre that is written to glorify God ..I love your dystopian series too

  11. Marsha C.

    I love a mystery or suspense. I don’t read purely romantic fiction. I like a story that takes me away from headline news.

  12. conniepsaunders

    I enjoy many genres. Historical fiction, Historical Biblical fiction, romantic suspense, mysteries are all enjoyable but I always want them to be Christian fiction.
    That is why i enjoy your books so much. Thanks you!

  13. amy guillaume linderman

    i just love any kind of amish fiction…..i need a new bookshelf to hold my overflowing collection!

  14. Ruth Bogue

    I absolutely love Amish fiction and wasn’t too sure about your dystopian series but was immediately hooked by the first story. Can’t wait to read the third installment, Light Of Dawn.

  15. Amy

    I will have to look for your LoveInspired books! I read a lot of different genres, right now my favorites are Amish romance and thrillers.

  16. Jeanne Killough

    Just read my first book of yours. So enjoyed it. I have its sequel that I will begin as soon as I think it’s “safe” to disappear for a while!!
    I most enjoy stories about the Amish. I’m intrigued by their lifestyle and stories, but, I enjoy most Christian fiction as well.

  17. Cecilia

    First, I love the new tagline. I also love to read any Amish, historical, mystery, okay pretty much any, Christian fiction.

  18. Lucy M Reynolds

    My favorite kind of story is full of God’s grace, so you hit the nail on the head with that. I can read most anything as long as it honors God and is clean. Thank you.

  19. Karen Rogers

    I like to read Amish mystery and romance. I particularly like your tag line. It makes the reader aware that reading your books will be inspiring and rich in faith.

  20. Debbie Earls

    I enjoy reading Amish fiction & Amish & Christian mystery/suspense. I enjoy reading your style of writing. It keeps me interested from beginning to end.

  21. LuCinda LaMay

    I love reading Christian Fiction. I introduced these books to my Mother whom is 86 years old. She LOVES them. Please continue writing!

  22. Brenda W

    Right now my favorite kind of fiction is Historic Western–Inspired of course, not just any type. I like Amish fiction. I would like other historic fiction about the early settlers in the USA but I’m not finding much of it.

  23. Karen McNicol

    I really love “love inspired” books, I love all Amish themed books as well, and historical books. I do love a good thriller not so much horror anymore (too gory). I just love reading, but reading “Christian” books just gives me peace after reading that I love. Keep doing what your doing, love it.

  24. gobers2013

    Love your tag line and am so thankful for God’s grace. Love your books and look forward to those yet to come!

  25. Lori Smanski

    ohh I love your horse and buggy. I love books that are about how she/he learns to rely on God with faith and grace and integrity.

  26. Jackie Tessnair

    I love to read Christian fiction.My favorite is Amish,but I also read Christian romance,mystery,and etc.I love reading Love Inspired books and I am so happy that you are going be writing some.I love your books,they are full of inspiration.Looking forward to all your new books.Thanks for sharing and I love your brand theme.Have a blessed week.

  27. Barbara Wenner

    I injoy reading any books that’s Christian, also the Amish books l love them more then any other, I love your blog

  28. Ann Marie Mones

    I lof to read all kinds of books, but of course my favorite is the Bible. I am looking forward to start reading for entertainment, and your books do appeal to me. I especially like your tag line, as a reminder that God is ever present.

  29. Patricia Bond

    I like reading Christian fiction and historical fiction. I am glad to hear that you are writing a Love Inspired book, as I like them also. If you publish your western I will read it I love you books!

  30. Shirley Chapel

    I like any kind of Christian Fiction. I loved your cozy mysteries. Your remnant series is very good also. If I had to choose I guess anything that holds my interest.

  31. Babs Squires

    I have always loved inspirational fiction (that’s what we call it at the library where I work). In particular I like the Amish fiction, but lately my favorite is inspirational mysteries! I love a story with twist and turns!

  32. Kelly Holloway

    Cozy Mysteries are what I read 99.9 % of the time. I especially love them when they are set among the Amish.

  33. Amanda

    I’m an avid fan of historical (including biblical) fiction. I think what gets me is the blend of historical fact, unique settings, and different cultures.

    Contemporary suspense is a close second.

  34. Marilyn $

    Happy to hear you’ll be writing for Love Inspired. I love books filled with God’s love, grace and mercy. One reason I enjoy all of your books. God bless.

  35. Elli Strukel

    My favorite stories are about the Amish as I live close to Shipshewana. I like the mysteries and love stories.

  36. Frances Humphries

    I love all the Amish stories, but your Amish mysteries are awesome. I enjoy how you can keep the Christian spirit in your books.

  37. strgth4yu

    I love Amish fiction. It can be Amish Suspense, Historical, or Romance. I enjoy reading it! There are other genre’s I like to read, but I Amish is the best.

    Linda Ortiz

  38. conniepsaunders

    Vannetta, I enjoy both mystery/suspense and historical fiction but most of all, I love Christian fiction so that is why I appreciate that you write Fiction Full of Grace!
    Blessings to you!!
    cps1950(at)gmail(dot) com

  39. vannettachapman Post author

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I love reading what you love to read. 🙂 Our winner for this blog post was Amy P. (check your email, Amy).

  40. Mary Eckstein

    I’ll read just about anything as long as there are no R rated parts! That includes police procedural, historical fiction, biography and Amish fiction. What I like about your books is that the people seem real, not sanitized or cutsey. I got Joshua’s Mission from a friend who had a bunch of books to give away and no I am happy that I have another author to follow!