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V and Bob in Colorado, researching the Amish!

Let’s get to know each other! Today I thought I’d share 10 facts about me–some are a little strange and some are pretty normal. I’ll let you decide which are which.

  1. I did NOT grow up wanting to be a writer. I was always an avid reader.
  2. I’ve lived in 3 states–California, Connecticut, and Texas.
  3. I’m afraid of driving on flyover bridges.
  4. I don’t eat white food.
  5. Hubby and I have 4 grown children, 2 dogs and 2 cats–and that ever present herd of deer.
  6. I love to play the piano and volunteer for my church’s praise band.
  7. Two mornings a week I teach freshman English at my local community college.
  8. My first book released in 2010, and Light of Dawn releases at the end of this month. It will be release #20.
  9. I think of myself as an extroverted introvert. I enjoy being around people, but I really need my alone time too.
  10. I have two degrees in English (a bacherlor’s and a master’s). While I think that was helpful in my writing career, I don’t think it’s necessary for every writer.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me one fact about yourself in the comment section below. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to receive a $10 Amazon certificate. Last week’s winner was Natalie K.



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84 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me

    1. Anne L. Rightler

      I have thought about that. Our one grandson is exceptionally smart and is bored w/ school and sometimes gets in trouble (he’s 7) I know his mother would not be able to homeschool him so I thought about it. We’ll see. He needs to be challenged in his work. He is finishing first grade and doing 4th and fifth-grade math and reading. His test scores were the highest his school had seen for a first grader. Blessings on you for taking this on!

    2. Freda Frost

      I homeschooled our oldest grandson. He is amazing, autistic, and my hero. Ethan has gone through so much and yet always brings so much joy. He has endured 9 procedures already stemming from being attacked by two dogs. All of the injuries were to his beautiful face. His favorite saying is “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” I also homeschooled our four children.

  1. Cynthia Hamilton

    A misdiagnosed/undiagnosed mystery disease led to become a writer. I figured it was something I could from bed, if it came to that. Because I had forgotten I couldn’t write if my life depended on it, I was feared up from that fear. I finished my first book exactly one year later and started the second the next day.
    Thanks for sharing your “10 Facts”!

  2. Anne L. Rightler

    Loved reading about your 10 facts! And I can’t wait to read #20! Congratulations. I do not like walking under railroad bridges or walking over sidewalk open grates (i walk around them!)

  3. Patti Gallagher

    I lived in NYC every summer for 10 years working for the Met Opera Guild. I was the Northeast Coordinator of the Creating Original Opera Program. I absolutely loved every minute of it!

    Please explain “white food”. Do you mean processed food like pasta, bread, pancakes etc? Or anything white like chicken, fish, cauliflower, potatoes? If it is the first option do you do gluten free?

  4. Mardell Grayhek

    Vanetta, I have lived in Washington State all my life…with just one brief summer in Utah and one in Haiti….always coming back home.

    I can’t wait to read What the Bishop Saw!

  5. Carlaine Bovio

    I have had the privilege of being able to be in all 48 states and Canada and have been able to take my daughter, niece and granddaughter with me in my tractor trailer. It was so much fun to be able to see all of the difference cultures and views along the way.

  6. Debra Earls

    I am the third generation owner of our family business that was opened in 1963. I have a saddle shop where we sell horse tack, boots, clothing, jewelry, purses, horse shoes, etc. Everything for the horse & rider.

  7. Kristin


    Since my life is fairly transparent and you’re probably already aware that I have six kids. Here’s a totally random fact. I got my scuba certification when I was 16. I haven’t been since I had kids but I would love to get back into it one day 🙂

  8. Linda McFarland

    I enjoy gardening and staying home puttering around the house. I enjoy being around people, too but definitely need my quiet, alone-time!

  9. Kay Bennett

    I am interested in you not eating white food? What does that mean?
    I have one eye that is two different colors and when I was younger people either thought it was bleeding or I was putting the evil eye on them.

  10. janet estridge

    I totally agree with you on #9. I enjoy being around people but there are times when I wish people would leave me alone for awhile.

  11. Mary Lou Hazelrrigg

    I am 67, married now for 40 years, have two children and 1 granddaughter, and I have always lived in Indiana. My Dad is a US Navy , Pearl Harbor survivor.

  12. Sabrina Templin

    I can’t believe no white food! That would be hard for me. I love my carbs and loooots of white food. Ice cream, potatoes, raw cauliflower,…lol I And piano I wish i had never stopped playing. And I need an English teacher! Bad! haha! Okay one fact about me. I lived in 14 houses by the time I was 14. 🙂

  13. Debbie O'Brien

    One thing about me hmmmmmmm……..I was a Correctional Officer in a county prison for 10 years.

  14. Pat Sylvester

    We have loved in a motorhome toured the country. I loved Texas except for the spring storms.

  15. Cheryl Baker

    Interesting facts. No white food? That’s probably a good thing. Some of my favorite foods are white – vanilla ice cream, mashed potatoes, and milk.

  16. Kim F

    Whenever asked in school, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I always replied, “a mother”. I have 4 grown children, 4 loving “in-law” children and 7 grandchildren so I guess I was successful <3

  17. Sally Fester

    I have 4 children, 14 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild and another on the way!!! I am a quilter and love crafts!! Oh also love to read!!!!

  18. Kathy Jongekryg

    I have 4 of my own children and 4 step children. We have 37 grandchildren and 3 greats. They range in age from 26 to 4 years. I love to read and belong to a book club. I have always lived in the country. I am scared of heights. Blessings to you

  19. Jeanne

    I have never ate a salad, never have and never will. I call it rabbit food and leave it for the rabbits.

  20. Linda Goad

    While my husband was in seminary we had the opportunity to go to Israel for archaeological digs. We had a total of eight seasons and it was great. To actually touch things from David’s time.

  21. Bridget Wilson

    Here are 10 facts about me:
    1) I rode horses ever since I was 2
    2) I love ❤️ to read
    3) I live in Lone Jack MO
    4) I work at a vet clinic
    5) I have three dogs
    6) I loss two of my best friends
    7) The states that I have been in are: California, Coronado, South Carolina, Noth Carolina and Iowa
    8) I use to swim
    9) I started a journal
    10) I have ALL of Vannetta Chapman’s books Vannetta Chapman is my favorite

  22. Debbie Rhoades

    I am allergic to avocados, even though I dearly loved eating them. They make me have severe abdominal pain.

  23. Alice Boor

    I remember my family and I walking out of the library with a stack of books when I was a little girl. Now, whenever we move to a new town, one of my first things is to find the local library!

  24. Mary

    Fascinating. I would love to learn to play a piano, or guitar, and I dream of writing a book. So…Ten facts about me…
    1. I ALWAYS wanted to be a writer…still waiting at 70 (next month LOL).
    2. I have lived in Michigan (Troll & Yooper, multiple times), Missouri (twice…three times), Georgia, Alabama, N.Carolina (twice), Illinois, Nevada (twice), Colorado (twice), New Mexico, Japan, Kansas, Texas, and I’ve moved OVER 122 times in my life…whew… LOL
    3. I have a Bachelor’s in business (not a business person), and some post-graduate work toward a Master’s in Archaeology (YES!).
    4. I have 8 dogs (had 10, our 18 yr old dog just passed away, and we left one with our daughter).
    5. I was the first woman zoo keeper in the country, and second in the world (I was written up in the papers, a magazine, and on TV).
    6. I am SAR Tech II certified, and have training in several areas with FEMA, and volunteered in Kansas with CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).
    7. I have one K-9 SAR dog, and another one I’m training.
    8. I held a Real Estate license in N.C. and Kansas (NOT a business person LOL).
    9. I was in the WACs (Women’s Army Corps) eons ago.
    10. I was a burning twig snatched from the fire by a loving GOD who saved me many, many, years ago. I literally would not be alive today but for HIS Mercy and Grace.

  25. Bablynn Squires

    I have found my true self living in the country, with a garden, chicken, rabbits, two dogs and one daughter in the summer. This is a similar setting to what I grew up in, amazing isn’t it?! Have a lovely weekend. Love your books.

  26. Sharla Collier

    I had my thyroid removed a few months ago. Now working on monitoring and adjusting my medications. So thankful for you and your books!

    1. Patricia Bond

      I love to read. I was a PK kid and lived in 5 different counties in the state of Maryland and now live in southern PA Thanks for sharing the facts about you!

  27. Freda Frost

    I am blessed to have a loving, honest man whose love language is “acts of service”. This is truly from God, as I am always needing my hubby’s service for all the situations I find myself getting into on a regular basis.

  28. Cherie Saylor Garrett

    I teach reading and love to read. I also love Young Adult books which I will read this summer to share with my students.

  29. Joyce

    We have 3 wonderful grandsons, ages 5 and almost 3 year old twins who came into our family through embryo adoption. It’s a beautiful story and only God could be the author. AND I live in Erie County, Pennsylvania, not too far from Albion.

  30. Carol Carman

    I was soooo excited and blessed to be able to take a short road trip to Arcola, Illinois a couple of summers ago. My friend and I were there to see a theater production of one of Wanda Brunstetter’s books. (What fun!) We got to explore the town a little, but my most memorable time was when we took a little road off the main road and found an authentic Amish quilt shop. Meeting the owner and speaking with him (Amish) was delightful, and a dream-come-true for me! Seeing all the hand-made quilts and other goodies was such fun. I saw my first Bargello quilt and was inspired to take a class offered locally, and am now enjoying making my own Bargello!

  31. Donna Garrett

    I changes schools in the middle of my 1st grade year. I was WAY behind on reading, but caught up quickly and was in the Blue Bird group by the end of the year! I still love reading!

  32. dalicastillo

    I am deathly afraid of heights, so much so that when we went to Enchanted Rock, I got as far as the sign on the climbing wall, sat down clinging to the sign until my family did the climb and came back for me.

  33. Kate Kleinert

    I presently have 6 dogs that I am fostering for Senior Dog Haven and Hospice. Because of my learned medical experience taking care of my husband for several years before he passed, I usually am asked to take the hospice dogs.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Kate, your name was randomly chosen as my winner. I sent you an email, so please check your messages.

  34. deborawilder

    I joined the Air Force right after graduating from high school. I met my husband while we were both stationed at our first duty station, Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska.

  35. vannettachapman Post author

    I love reading interesting facts about you all. Our winner was Kate K. I’m posting a new blog in the next few minutes, so feel free to check it out and comment to be entered in this week’s drawing!

  36. Christine Cherepon

    To save money and make it more personal, my husband and I catered our daughter’s wedding. She got married on our anniversary, on 08/08/08.

  37. Mary Eckstein

    I finally bought a horse after wanting one for over 50 years and I have a Masters Degree in Chinese.