What the Bishop Saw

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What The Bishop SawI had a nice surprise when I peeked over at my Amazon page this week – What the Bishop Saw is available in the Kindle store. The actual book releases on May 1, and the print as well as ebook will be available everywhere books are sold on that date. Until then, Kindle readers get an early chance to read this new cozy mystery. I think Amazon does this to help build reviews before the actual release date, which is fine by me!

What the Bishop Saw is a story of extraordinary talents, the bonds of love and friendship, and the unfailing grace of God.

San Luis Valley, Colorado

San Luis Valley, Colorado

Some of you have tried my Shipshewana Amish Mystery series or my Amish Village Mystery series. You know that these are books about community and how our faith supports us in the worst of times. They’re fun who-done-it stories. The fact that they’re set in a Plain community is an added twist.

This new series, titled The Amish Bishop Series, is set in Monte Vista, Colorado. Yes, there are Amish there, and I plan on visiting next month. I’ll bring you some live video, lots of pictures, and of course a few souvenirs. In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out the Kindle copy of WTBS or pre-order if your fav format.

Now it’s your turn? What do you enjoy about cozy mysteries? Leave a comment, and I’ll pull one name randomly to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate.




Announcements for this week:

  • Falling to Pieces is on sale for $1.99 in ebook format through April 13th – Amazon, B&N, CBD
  • Material Witness will be on sale for $1.99 April 13-16th – Amazon, B&N, CBD
  • Paperback versions of Material Witness are currently $5.79 in the Amazon store.
  • My rafflecopter giveaway is live – this month I’m giving away a mystery package! You can access here or simply go to my webpage and scan to the bottom of the page.

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27 thoughts on “What the Bishop Saw

  1. Anne L. Rightler

    Usually, cozy mysteries are warm and sweet, a little intrigue and not a lot of edge of the seat tension. They make for nice reads when you just don’t need the adrenaline rush of the high tension books. Often there are colorful characters too, set in a homey community. Just the book to pass a rainy afternoon with!

  2. Gerald E

    I love the cozy mysteries because they are so fun to read. Gentle, not high paced with some comedy, love interest, and also the spiritual aspect. I also love reading about how the Amish live their lives.

  3. Tiffany Hall

    I love a cozy mystery in that there is enough mystery to keep me turning the pages, but not so much that I am looking over my shoulder with every little noise! Lol! Amish books are my favorite genre to read, so throw the plain faith and community in with a little mystery and I am hooked for sure! Can’t wait to read this first book in this new series! Also, look forward to the pictures of this Amish community in Colorado! I would love to win this Amazon gift certificate to actually purchase What the Bishop Saw for myself to read! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Robin in NC

    I really enjoy your cozy mysteries because they’re thrilling & exciting without any need for ugly language, violence or hanky panky! I enjoy all your books for those same reasons! Thank you! rw620 AT aol DOT com

  5. Debra Earls

    I enjoy mysteries. I especially enjoy the cozy mystery series. I like when the characters are carried over from one book to the other. It’s fun to follow the same characters around & feel like you are a part of their world & community. I like trying to figure out who the suspect is that committed the crime. You don’t have to worry about foul language or anything vulgar happening. It’s fun to escape to Amish country.

  6. Donita Corman

    I love them because they relax me and I don’t have to think too hard on what’s going on in the story . They usually have characters I can relate to.

  7. Ann Fitz

    I love reading your books and getting them for the library. They are printed perfectly which makes them easy to read and there isn’t any description is sex. I do not have to skip thru and chec to see if it is good for the library .

  8. Maureen Hughes-Phillips

    I enjoy cozy mysteries for several reasons–they are a light, but interesting read, they (at least yours) are not filled with gratuitous sex and violence, and they are set against a background of faith. I have read and enjoyed each of your cozy mysteries and look forward to this new series.

  9. Joanne M Shevlin

    Love all and have read all your books, just ordered What the Bishop Saw. The Shipshewana(Not sure I spelled it correctly)series was my favorite.

  10. Linda D. McFarland

    I like cozy mysteries as they have an element of suspense but not over the top scary or gory. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. Kimberly Taylor

    I love cozy mysteries because I enjoy trying to figure out the suspect, without worrying I might regret reading something violent or vulgar.

  12. Mari R

    Cozy mysteries are fun and delightful stories that are filled with action and sometimes romance without all the tension of descriptive intense mysteries. I look forward to reading What the Bishop Saw. Love your books.

    Enjoy your trip to Colorado and the visit with the Amish there. I’ve read a little about the Amish in Colorado.

  13. Britney Adams

    I can’t wait to read this new story! I enjoy the quaint settings and quirky characters often found in cozy mysteries.

  14. Jennifer Wolfram Rumberger

    I love cozy mysteries because they are fun, have intrigue and are suspenseful without all the extra things that I feel are inappropriate to read. Thanks for continuing to write them! BTW, I loved the Amish Village Mystery series!

  15. Shirley Chapel

    I can’t really say what draws me to cozy mystery stories unless it might be my curiosity about who committed the crime or murder. I loved your Amish Village Mysteries. The covers were very attracting to the mystery that lurked within the story. The knitting needles behind the back. The poisoned pie. Indeed which pie contained the poison? The killer cup of coffee! The Amish Bishop Series beckons me also. A lot of times I think besides the cover that the title of the book gets my attention too. Than in the winter when it’s cold outside than a nice cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream pilled on top and a good cozy mystery and a fire in the fireplace makes for a nice evening.

  16. gee20dix

    I have read the cozy mysteries that you have written before and I love them. I love when I cannot put the book down because I am anxious to see who done it. I am going to wait as I love having your books in book form so that they can remain on my bookcase like all the other books I have read of yours.

  17. Janet Estridge

    I enjoy reading “cozy mysteries” because the books are squeaky clean, there is no violence, other than someone was killed but it doesn’t go into detail, and they all leave you wondering, “who did it”?

  18. Carlyn Casey


  19. Linda Manasia

    Absolutely a great read! I love the idea of an Amish mystery and I couldn’t put this one down. The main character is a very likeable, Christian and intelligent man. I hope to read more books dealing with Bishop Henry and Emma. Their story intrigues me.