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img_4211I’m often asked if the Amish cast a vote in local and national elections. Since I wasn’t sure, I asked some Amish folk when I was visiting northern Indiana. Their answer was typically brief, “Some do.”

When I pressed the point, the person told me that largely it will depend on the community that you live in. Some bishops encourage participation. Others suggest that they remain apart and not involve themselves in politics. It is never forbidden to vote.

What impressed me was when an Amish woman admitted, “We may vote, but we don’t sit around and watch the news or read the paper worrying over the outcome. We leave that to God.”

I don’t know about you, but I could do with a little less news watching myself.



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2 thoughts on “Do Amish Vote

  1. mimionlife

    I think a lot of stress would be relieved if we stopped watching the news so much. So many times, the news is not true news, just more opinions. 🙂 The Amish people are smart.

  2. Donita

    I think watching a lot less news is good. In these last weeks I’ve had to turn it off to keep from being depressed. It’s so biased. The Amish are right in saying it’s in Gods hands but I think he wants us to do our part as he leads